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Commentary On Zechariah Malachi by Jean Calvin


1 Behold, the day of Jehovah cometh! And divided shall be thy spoils in the midst of thee:

2 For I will gather all nations Against Jerusalem for war; And taken shall be the city And plundered shall be the houses, And the women shall be ravished; And go forth shall half of the city into exile; And the residue of the people Shall not be cut off from the city.

3 And go forth shall Jehovah; And he will fight against these nations, As in the day when he fought in the day of battle:

4 And stand shall his feet in that day On the mount of Olives, Which is nigh Jerusalem on the east; And rent shall be the mount of Olives in the middle, From east to west there shall be a great valley; And recede shall half of the mount to the north And half of it to the south:

5 And ye shall flee through the valley of the mountains, For reach shall the valley of the mountains to Azal; And ye shall flee as ye fled from the earthquake In the days of Uzziah, king of Judah: And come shall Jehovah my God; -- All the saints shall be with the. (416)

6 And it shall be, that in that day There shall not be clear light nor thick darkness;

7 But it shall be one day, known to Jehovah, Neither day nor night; Bur it shall be, that in the evening There will be light.

8 And it shall be in that day That go forth shall living waters from Jerusalem; Half of them towards the eastern sea, And halt of them towards the western sea; In summer and winter shall they be:

9 And Jehovah shall be king over the whole earth; In that day there shall be one Jehovah, And his name shall be one.

10 Turned shall be the whole land to a plain, From Geba to Rimmon, south of Jerusalem; And raised shall it be and inhabited in its own place, From the gate of Benjamin, To the place of the first gate, to the gate of the corners, And from the citadel of Hananeel, To the wine-vats of the king.

11 And they shall dwell in it, And there shall be no more utter destruction;.

12 And this shall be the plague, With which Jehovah shall smite all the people, Who shall fight against Jerusalem; -- Melt away shall their flesh, While they stand on their feet, And their eyes shall melt away in their sockets, Their tongue also shall melt away in their mouth.

13 And it shall be, that in that day A great tumult from Jehovah shall be among them, And lay hold shall each one On the hand of his companion, And rise up shall his hand Against the hand of his neighbour.

14 And even Judah shall fight against Jerusalem, And collected shall be the forces of all nations around, Gold also and silver and garments in great abundance.

15 And the plague of the horse, mule, camel, and ass, And of every beast which shall be in their camps, Shall be even as this plague.

16 And it shall be, that every one who shall remain, Of all the nations which shall come against Jerusalem, Shall ascend from year to year To worship the king, Jehovah of hosts, And to celebrate the feast of tabernacles.

17 And it shall be as to those who will not ascend, Of the families of the earth unto Jerusalem, To worship the king, Jehovah of hosts, That upon them there shall not be rain:

18 And if the family of Egypt shall not ascend and come, It shall not be on them; (447) There shall also be the plague, With which Jehovah shall smite all the nations, Who shall not ascend To celebrate the feast of tabernacles.

19 Such will be the punishment of Egypt, And the punishment of all the nations, Which will not ascend To celebrate the feast of tabernacle.

20 In that day there shall be on the blinders of horses, Holiness unto Jehovah; And it shall be, that the pots in the house of Jehovah, Shall be like the vessels before the altar:

21 And every pot in Jerusalem and Judah, Shall be holiness to Jehovah of hosts; And come shall all who shall sacrifice, And take them and seethe in them: And there shalt not be a Canaanite any more, In the house of Jehovah of hosts, in that day.

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