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Commentary On Joel Amos Obadiah by Jean Calvin

Amos 2:13

13. Behold, I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves.

13. Ecce ego angustians (vel, angustiatus, constrictus, vel, constringens) in loco vestro (vel, sub vobis,) sicuti constringitur plaustrum quod plenum est manipulo (id est, manipulis.)

The verb yq, oik, in Hebrew is often transitive, and it is also a neuter. This place then may admit of two interpretations. The first is, that God was pressed under the Israelites, as a wagon groans under too much weight; and so God expostulates by Isaiah, that he was weighed down by the Israelites, Ye constrain me,' he says, to labor under your sins' (Isaiah 1:14) The sense then, that God was pressed down under them, may be viewed as not unsuitable: and yet the more received interpretation is this, |Behold, I will bind you fast as a wagon is bound.| I am, however, more inclined to take the first meaning, -- that God here reprehends the Israelites, because he had been pressed down by them: for tchtykm, tacheticam, properly signifies, |Under you,| which some render, but strainedly, |Is your place:| for when the verb is transitive, they say, that tchtykm, tacheticam, must be rendered |In your place:| but this is frigid and forced; and the whole passage will run better, if we say, |I am bound fast under you, as though ye were a wagon full of sheaves; | that is, |Ye are to me intolerable.| For God carried that people on his shoulders; and when they loaded him with the burden of iniquities, it is no wonder that he said that they were like a wagon -- a wagon filled with many sheaves: |Ye are light as wind, but ye are also to me very burdensome, and I am forced at length to shake you off:| and this he afterwards shows.

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