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Commentary On Jeremiah And Lamentations Volume 1 by Jean Calvin


1 Be assembled, ye children of Benjamin, From the midst of Jerusalem, And in Tekoa sound the trumpet; In Beth-haccerem also set up a sign; For evil is seen from the north, And great distress.

2 To a quiet and delicate woman Have I likened the daughter of Sion:

3 To her shall come shepherds and their flocks; They shall pitch their tents near her around, Feed shall each in his own place.

4 Prepare ye war against her: |Arise ye, and let us ascend at mid-day; Alas for us! for declined has the day, For extended are the evening shadows:

5 Arise, and let us ascend in the night, And let us demolish her palaces.| (1:319)

6 For thus saith Jehovah of hosts, -- Cut ye down wood, And form against. Jerusalem a mound; It is a city of visitation, Entire oppression is in the midst of her:

7 As a fountain casts out its waters, So she casts out her wickedness; Violence and plunder is heard of in her; Before me continually is grief and smiting.

8 Be thou instructed, O Jerusalem, Lest my soul be torn from thee, Lest I make thee a desert, A land not inhabited.

9 Thus saith Jehovah of hosts, -- By gleaning they shall glean, as a vine, The remnant of Israel: Turn back thine hand, As a grape-gatherer into the baskets. (1:326)

10 To whom shall I speak and protest, That they may hear? Behold, uncircumcised is their ear, And they cannot hear; Behold, the word of Jehovah is to them a reproach; They delight not in it.

11 Of Jehovah's indignation therefore am I full, I am wearied with refraining To pour it on the children in the streets, And on the assembly of young men also; For the husband with his wife shall be taken, The aged with the full of days:

12 And turned shall be their houses to aliens, Their fields and their wives in like manner; For I will stretch out my hand On the inhabitants of the land, saith Jehovah:

13 For from the least to the greatest of them, Every one is given to covetousness; And from the prophet to the priest, Every one acts deceitfully;

14 And healed have they the wound Of the daughter of my people slightly By saying, |Peace, peace,| when there was no peace. (1:336)

15 Were they ashamed, that they had done abomination? Even of shame they were not ashamed, And how to blush they knew not: Fall therefore shall they among the fallen; At the time of their visitation They shall perish, saith Jehovah. (1:339)

16 Thus said Jehovah, -- Stand in the ways and see, Inquire also concerning the old paths, Which is the right way, and walk ye in it, That ye may find rest to your soul: And they said, |We will not walk in it.|

17 I also set over them watchmen, That they might, attend to the sound of the trumpet; But they said, |We will not attend.|

18 Hear therefore, ye nations, And know, thou assembly, what shall be to them:

19 Hear, thou land; behold I bring an evil On this people, the fruit of their thoughts; Because to my words they have not hearkened, And my law have they despised.

20 To what purpose is this to me? Incense cometh from Sheba, And the sweet came from a far country; Your burnt-offerings are not acceptable, And your sacrifices are not pleasant to me.

21 Therefore thus saith Jehovah, -- Behold, I lay before this people stumblingblocks; And stumble shall fathers and sons alike; Neighbor and friend, they shall perish.

22 Thus saith Jehovah, -- Behold, a people shall corns from the north country, And a great nation shall be roused From the sides of the earth:

23 On the bow and spear shall they lay hold; They are cruel and will not spare; Their voice, like the sea, will roar, And on horses shall they mount; Arrayed shall they be as men for war, Against thee, O daughter of Sion.

24 We have heard its fame; Relaxed are our hands, Anguish has laid hold on us, The pain as of one in travail.

25 Go not forth into the field, Nor walk by the way; For the sword of the enemy Is a terror on every side.

26 Daughter of my people! gird on sackcloth, And roll thyself in the dust; Make thee mourning, as for an only son, Most bitter lamentation; For suddenly shall come on thee the spoiler.

27 A tower have I made thee to my people, -- A fortress; that thou mightest know And try their ways:

28 All are entire apostates, Walking in detraction; Brass and iron are they; All of them are corrupters. (1:358)

29 Burnt are the bellows by the fire, Entire is the lead, In vain has melted the melter; For the wicked have not been refined:

30 Reprobate silver shall they call them, Because rejected them has Jehovah (1:360)

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