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Commentary On Isaiah Volume 4 by Jean Calvin


1 Thus saith Jehovah; Keep ye judgment, And do righteousness; For my salvation is near, that it may come; And my righteousness, that it may be revealed.

2 Happy is the man who shall do this, And the son of man who shall take hold of this; Keeping the Sabbath, so that he may not profane it; And keeping his hand, that he may abstain from all that is evil.

3 And let not the son, that is a foreigner, speak, That is joined to Jehovah, saying, By separating hath Jehovah separated me from his people; And let not the eunuch say, I am a dry tree.

4 For thus saith Jehovah to the eunuchs, Who keep my Sabbaths, And choose the things that please me, And take hold of my covenant;

5 In my house And within my walls, I will give to them a place And a name Better than of sons And of daughters; I will give to them an everlasting name, Which shall not be cut off.

6 The children, I say, of the foreigner, Who shall be joined to Jehovah? That they may minister to him, And may love the name of Jehovah; That they may be his servants; Whosoever shall keep the Sabbath, so that he may not profane it, And shall embrace my covenant:

7 Them will I bring into the mountain of my holiness, And will make them joyful in my house of prayer; Their burnt-offerings And sacrifices Shall be acceptable on mine altar; For my house shall be called A house of prayer to all peoples,

8 Thus saith the Lord Jehovah, Who gathereth the outcasts of Israel: Still more will I gather upon him his gathered.

9 O all ye beasts of the field! Come to devour; O all ye beasts of the forest!

10 His watchmen are blind; All are ignorant; All are dumb dogs, that cannot bark; They lie down And sleep; They love slumber.

11 And those dogs, strong of appetite, know not to be satisfied; The shepherds themselves know not? nor understand; All of them look to their own ways; Every one to his gain from his end.

12 Come ye, I will fletch wine; We shall drink strong liquor; As today, so shall be tomorrow, Or better, And more abundant.

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