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The Extant Works And Fragments Of Hippolytus - Hippolytus.

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Fragments from Commentaries on Various Books of Scripture.

On Genesis.

II. From the Commentary of the Holy Hippolytus of Rome Upon Genesis.

III. Quoted in Jerome, Epist. 36, ad Damasum, Num. xviii. (from Galland).

On Numbers. By the Holy Bishop and Martyr Hippolytus, from Balaam's Blessings.

On Kings.

On the Psalms. The Argument Prefixed by Hippolytus, Bishop of Rome, to His Exposition of the Psalms.

On Psalm II. From the Exposition of the Second Psalm, by the Holy Bishop Hippolytus.

On Psalm XXII. Or XXIII. From the Commentary by the Holy Bishop and Martyr Hippolytus, on |The Lord is My Shepherd.|

On Psalm XXIII. Or XXIV. From the Commentary by the Same, on Ps. xxiii.

On Psalm CIX. Or CX. From the Commentary by the Same on the Great Song.


On Proverbs. From the Commentary of St. Hippolytus on Proverbs.

Another Fragment. St. Hippolytus on Prov. ix. 1, |Wisdom Hath Builded Her House.|

On the Song of Songs.

On the Prophet Isaiah. I.

On the Prophet Isaiah. II.

On the Prophet Isaiah. III>

On Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

On Daniel. I. Preface by the most holy Hippolytus, (Bishop) of Rome.

On Daniel. II. The interpretation by Hippolytus, (bishop) of Rome, of the visions of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar, taken in conjunction.

On Daniel. III. Scholia on Daniel.

On Daniel. IV. Other Fragments on Daniel.

On Daniel. V. On the Song of the Three Children.

On Daniel. VI. On Susannah.

On Matthew. Matt. vi. 11.

On Luke. Chap. ii. 7 And if you please, we say that the Word was the first-born of God, who came down from heaven to the blessed Mary, and was made a first-born man in her womb, in order that the first-born of God might be manifested in union with a first

Doubtful Fragments on the Pentateuch.

The Law.

Section I. Of the Creation of Heaven and Earth. |In the Beginning God Created,| Etc.

Sections II., III. And the Lord Said: |And I Will Bring the Waters of the Flood Upon the Earth to Destroy All Flesh,| Etc.

Section IV. On Gen. vii. 6

Section V. On Gen. viii. I

Section X. On Deut. xxxiii. II

On the Psalms. I.

Other Fragments on the Psalms. II.

III. On Psalm lv. 15

IV. On Psalm lviii. 11

V. On Psalm lix. 11. Concerning the Jews.

VI. On Psalm lxii. 6

VII. On Psalm lxviii. 18. Of the Enlargement of the Church.

VIII. On Psalm lxxxix. 4. Of the Gentiles.

IX. On the Words in Psalm xcvi. 11: |Let the Sea Roar (Be Moved), and the Fulness Thereof.|

X. On Psalm cxix. 30-32

XI. On the Words in Psalm cxxvii. 7: |On the Wrath of Mine Enemies.| Etc.

XII. On the Words in Psalm cxxxix. 15: |My Substance or (Bones) Was Not Hid from Thee, Which Thou Madest in Secret.|

Treatise on Christ and Antichrist.

Expository Treatise Against the Jews.

Against Plato, on the Cause of the Universe.

Against the Heresy of One Noetus.

Against Beron and Helix.

Fragment II. The God of all things therefore became truly, according to the Scripturesà

Fragment III. Now, with the view of explaining, by means of an illustrationà

Fragment IV. For, in the view of apostles and prophets and teachersà

Fragment V. For lately a certain person, Beron, along with some othersà

Fragment VI. Among Christians it is settled as the doctrine of pietyà

Fragment VII. But if it the flesh did not become of like nature with that the deityà

Fragment VIII. Into this error, then, have they been carried, by believingà

The Discourse on the Holy Theophany.

Fragments of Discourses or Homilies. I.

Fragment II. From the Discourse of St.à

Fragment III. St. Hippolytus, Bishop and Martyr, in his Homily on the Paschal Supper.à

Fragment IV. 1. Take me, O Samuel, the heifer brought to Bethlehemà

Fragment V. And for this reason three seasons of the year prefigured the Saviour Himselfà

Fragment VI. And an ark of imperishable wood was the Saviour Himself.à

Fragment VII. 1. He who rescued from the lowest hell the first-formed man of earth when heà

Fragment VIII. Under the figure of Egypt he described the worldà

Fragment IX. Now Hippolytus, the martyr and bishop of the Province of.à

Fragment X. Now a person might say that these men, and those who hold a different opinionà

Fragment XI. 1. The body of the Lord presented both these to the worldà

Fragment I. Now Hippolytus, a martyr for piety, who was bishop of the place called Portusà

Fragment II. From the same.

Fragment III. Hippolytus, Bishop and Martyr, in a letter to a certain queen.

The story of a maiden of Corinth, and a certain Magistrianus.


Containing Dubious and Spurious Pieces.

Piece I. Since, then, the blessed prophets have been eyes to usà

Piece II. Hence, too, they indicated the day of the consummation to usà

Piece III. Where, then, ye friends of Christ, shall I begin? and with what shall I makeà

Piece IV. Wherefore let us direct our discourse to a second witness.à

Piece V. Mark the agreement of prophet with prophet.à

Piece VI. But not to expend our argument entirely in going over the words of all theà

Piece VII. Wherefore all shall walk after their own will.à

Piece VIII. And what am I to say with respect to menà

Piece IX. Now after He was taken up again to the Fatherà

Piece X. And the apostles, who speak of God, in establishing the truth of the advent ofà

Piece XI. Finally, hear Paul as he speaks boldly, and mark how clearly he discovers theseà

Piece XII. But having now done with this account of the consummationà

Piece XIII. Wherefore, bringing the visions of Daniel into conjunction with theseà

Piece XIV. Now, since these things which are thus spoken mystically by the prophet seem to allà

Piece XV. Then after the lioness, the prophet sees a second beast like a bearà

Piece XVI. Next he tells us of the |fourth beast, dreadful and terribleà

Piece XVII. You see how Daniel interpreted to Nabuchodonosor the dominion of the kingdomsà

Piece XVIII. As the Lord Jesus Christ made His sojourn with us in the flesh which Heà

Piece XIX. But seeing now that we must make proof of what is alleged at greater lengthà

Piece XX. For in every respect that deceiver seeks to make himself appear like the Son ofà

Piece XXI. For through the Scriptures we are instructed in two advents of the Christ and Saviour.à

Piece XXII. But as, in accordance with the train of our discussionà

Piece XXIII. Above all, moreover, he will love the nation of the Jews.à

Piece XXIV. And all this he will do corruptly and deceitfullyà

Piece XXV. And at first, indeed, that deceitful and lawless oneà

Piece XXVI. For he will appoint princes over them from among the demons.à

Piece XXVII. Then, after all these things, the heavens will not give their dewà

Piece XXVIII. Then that abominable one will send his commands throughout every government by the hand atà

Piece XXIX. Of such kind, in the time of that hater of all goodà

Piece XXX. Blessed shall they be who overcome the tyrant then.à

Piece XXXI. But let us revert to the matter in hand.à

Piece XXXII. But many who are hearers of the divine Scripturesà

Piece XXXIII. You see in what manner of fasting and prayer the saints will exercise themselves atà

Piece XXXIV. And the churches, too, will wail with a mighty lamentationà

Piece XXXV. Notwithstanding, not even then will the merciful and benignant God leave the race of menà

Piece XXXVI. As these things, therefore, of which we have spoken before are in the futureà

Piece XXXVII. For at that time the trumpet shall sound, and awake those that sleep from theà

Piece XXXVIII. Then shall the holy angels run on their commission to gather together all the nationsà

Piece XXXIX. And why should we add many words concerning those who are sisted before the bar?à

Piece XL. Then shall the son of perdition be brought forwardà

Piece XLI. Then He shall gather together all nations, as the holy Gospel so strikingly declares.à

Piece XLII. Come, ye saints, who disciplined yourselves in mountains and caves and dens of the earthà

Piece XLIII. Then shall the righteous answer, astonished at the mighty and wondrous fact that Heà

Piece XLIV. Then shall the King of kings make answer againà

Piece XLV. Ye have heard of the ceaseless joy, ye have heard of the immoveable kingdomà

Piece XLVI. For I was an hungered, and ye gave me no meatà

Piece XLVII. At last the assembly is dissolved, the spectacle of this life ceasethà

Piece XLVIII. Then shall they also make answer to the dread Judgeà

Piece XLIX. |Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee the crown of life.à

Hippolytus on the Twelve Apostles:

The same Hippolytus on the Seventy Apostles.

Heads of the Canons of Abulide or Hippolytus,

Canons of the Church of Alexandria.


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