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The Master-christian - Marie Corelli

Title Page

I. All the bells were ringing the Angelus.à

II. Lovely to a poet or an artist's eye is the unevenly-built and picturesque square ofà

III. Meanwhile a somewhat embarrassing interview had taken place between the Archbishop of Rouen and Cardinalà

IV. As the terrors of imagined suffering are always worse than actual painà

V. |He has trusted me,| said the Cardinal, -- |I have found himà

VI. The Cardinal was still in his room alone with the boy Manuelà

VII. Meanwhile, unconscious of the miracle his prayer had wroughtà

VIII. |A strange lad!| said Abbe Vergniaud, abruptly.à

IX. Low beetling brows, -- a sensual, cruel mouth with a loosely projecting under-lipà

X. The next day, and the next after that, were passed by the Cardinal in gratifyingà

XI. Meanwhile, Angela Sovrani was detained in her studio by the fascinating company and bewildering chatterà

XII. A moment's flashing glance of half-amused dismay at Angelaà

XIII. The Church of Notre Dame de Lorette in Paris with its yellow stucco columnsà

XIV. No one ever afterwards quite knew how the crowd in the church broke up andà

XV. The Cardinal was seated, -- he rose as Moretti appeared.à

XVI. As he thus spoke, slowly and with an exquisite softnessà

XVII. In one of the few remaining streets of Rome which the vandal hand of theà

XVIII. Aubrey Leigh was a man who had chosen his own way of lifeà

XIX. Set square and dark against the pale blue of the Italian sky the Palazzo Sovranià

XX. On the first floor of an ancient mansion, in a street which slopes down towardsà

XXI. Gherardi sat for two or three minutes in absolute silence.à

XXII. Cardinal Felix Bonpre sat alone in the largest and loneliest room of the large andà

XXIII. Meanwhile, the Marquis Fontenelle had been nearly a fortnight in Romeà

XXIV. The next morning dawned with all the strange half mystical glow of light and colourà

XXV. The death of the famous actor Miraudin was a nine days' wonderà

XXVI. November was now drawing to a close, and St.à

XXVII. Society soon learned the news of the Countess Hermenstein's betrothal to the |eccentric Englishmanà

XXVIII. There are certain moments in life which seem weighted with the history of ages --à

XXIX. While the foregoing scene was taking place at the Vaticanà

XXX. Meanwhile Cardinal Bonpre had once more reached his own apartmentsà

XXXI. Meanwhile Florian Varillo had not gone to Naples.à

XXXII. Away in Paris, a vast concourse of people were assembled round an open grave inà

XXXIII. The chain of circumstance had lengthened by several links round the radiant life of Sylvieà

XXXIV. Still the Countess Sylvie was silent.à

XXXV. During these various changes in the lives of those with whom he had been moreà

XXXVI. The same night which saw the red glare of the burning monastery reflected from endà

XXXVII. A few days later the fashionable world of Europe was startled by the announcement ofà

XXXVIII. With the entry of Angela's great picture |The Coming of Christ| into Londonà

XXXIX. The night darkened steadily down over London, -- a chill dreary night of heavy fogà


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