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The Instructions Of Commodianus - Commodianus

Title Page

Introductory Note to the Instructions of Commodianus.


II.--God's Indignation.

III.--The Worship of Demons.



VI.--Of the Same Jupiter's Thunderbolt.

VII.--Of the Septizonium and the Stars.

VIII.--Of the Sun and Moon.



XI.--Apollo the Soothsaying and False.

XII.--Father Liber--Bacchus.

XIII.--The Unconquered One.



XVI.--Of the Gods and Goddesses.

XVII.--Of Their Images.

XVIII.--Of Ammydates and the Great God.

XIX.--Of the Vain Nemesiaci.

XX.--The Titans.

XXI.--The Montesiani.

XXII.--The Dulness of the Age.

XXIII.--Of Those Who are Everywhere Ready.

XXIV.--Of Those Who Live Between the Two.

XXV.--They Who Fear and Will Not Believe.

XXVI.--To Those Who Resist the Law of Christ the Living God.

XXVII.--O Fool, Thou Dost Not Die to God.

XXVIII.--The Righteous Rise Again.

XXIX.--To the Wicked and Unbelieving Rich Man.

XXX.--Rich Men, Be Humble.

XXXI.--To Judges.

XXXII.--To Self-Pleasers.

XXXIII.--To the Gentiles.

XXXIV.--Moreover, to Ignorant Gentiles.

XXXV.--Of the Tree of Life and Death.

XXXVI.--Of the Foolishness of the Cross.

XXXVII.--The Fanatics Who Judaize.

XXXVIII.--To the Jews.

XXXIX.--Also to the Jews.

XL.--Again to the Same.

XLI.--Of the Time of Antichrist.

XLII.--Of the Hidden and Holy People of the Almighty Christ, the Living God.

XLIII.--Of the End of This Age.

XLIV.--Of the First Resurrection.

XLV.--Of the Day of Judgment.

XLVI.--To Catechumens.

XLVII.--To the Faithful.

XLVIII.--O Faithful, Beware of Evil.

XLIX.--To Penitents.

L.--Who Have Apostatized from God.

LI.--Of Infants.


LIII.--To the Soldiers of Christ.

LIV.--Of Fugitives.

LV.--Of the Seed of the Tares.

LVI.--To the Dissembler.

LVII.--That Worldly Things are Absolutely to Be Avoided.

LVIII.--That the Christian Should Be Such.

LIX.--To the Matrons of the Church of the Living God.

LX.--To the Same Again.

LXI.--In the Church to All the People of God.

LXII.--To Him Who Wishes for Martyrdom.

LXIII.--The Daily War.

LXIV.--Of the Zeal of Concupiscence.

LXV.--They Who Give from Evil.

LXVI.--Of a Deceitful Peace.

LXVIII.--To Ministers.

LXIX.--To God's Shepherds.

LXX.--I Speak to the Elder-Born.

LXXI.--To Visit the Sick.

LXXII.--To the Poor in Health.

LXXIII.--That Sons are Not to Be Bewailed.

LXXIV.--Of Funeral Pomp.

LXXV.--To the Clerks.

LXXVI.--Of Those Who Gossip, and of Silence.

LXXVII.--To the Drunkards.

LXXVIII.--To the Pastors.

LXXIX.--To the Petitioners.

LXXX.--The Name of the Man of Gaza.


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