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On Fasting In Opposition To The Psychics - Tertullian

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Chapter I.--Connection of Gluttony and Lust. Grounds of Psychical Objections Against the Montanists.

Chapter II.--Arguments of the Psychics, Drawn from the Law, the Gospel, the Acts, the Epistles, and Heathenish Practices.

Chapter III.--The Principle of Fasting Traced Back to Its Earliest Source.

Chapter IV.--The Objection is Raised, Why, Then, Was the Limit of Lawful Food Extended After the Flood? The Answer to It.

Chapter V.--Proceeding to the History of Israel, Tertullian Shows that Appetite Was as Conspicuous Among Their Sins as in Adam's Case. Therefore the Restraints of the Levitical Law Were Imposed.

Chapter VI.--The Physical Tendencies of Fasting and Feeding Considered The Cases of Moses and Elijah.

Chapter VII.--Further Examples from the Old Testament in Favour of Fasting.

Chapter VIII.--Examples of a Similar Kind from the New.

Chapter IX.--From Fasts Absolute Tertullian Comes to Partial Ones and Xerophagies.

Chapter X.--Of Stations, and of the Hours of Prayer.

Chapter XI.--Of the Respect Due to |Human Authority;| And of the Charges of |Heresy| And |Pseudo-Prophecy.|

Chapter XII--Of the Need for Some Protest Against the Psychics and Their Self-Indulgence.

Chapter XIII.--Of the Inconsistencies of the Psychics.

Chapter XIV.--Reply to the Charge of |Galaticism.|

Chapter XV.--Of the Apostle's Language Concerning Food.

Chapter XVI.--Instances from Scripture of Divine Judgments Upon the Self-Indulgent; And Appeals to the Practices of Heathens.

Chapter XVII.--Conclusion.


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