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On Modesty - Tertullian

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Chapter I. Modesty, the flower of manners

Chapter II.--God Just as Well as Merciful; Accordingly, Mercy Must Not Be Indiscriminate.

Chapter III.--An Objection Anticipated Before the Discussion Above Promised is Commenced.

Chapter IV.--Adultery and Fornication Synonymous.

Chapter V.--Of the Prohibition of Adultery in the Decalogue.

Chapter VI.--Examples of Such Offences Under the Old Dispensation No Pattern for the Disciples of the New. But Even the Old Has Examples of Vengeance Upon Such Offences.

Chapter VII.--Of the Parables of the Lost Ewe and the Lost Drachma.

Chapter VIII.--Of the Prodigal Son.

Chapter IX.--Certain General Principles of Parabolic Interpretation These Applied to the Parables Now Under Consideration, Especially to that of the Prodigal Son.

Chapter X.--Repentance More Competent to Heathens Than to Christians.

Chapter XI.--From Parables Tertullian Comes to Consider Definite Acts of the Lord.

Chapter XII.--Of the Verdict of the Apostles, Assembled in Council, Upon the Subject of Adultery.

Chapter XIII.--Of St. Paul, and the Person Whom He Urges the Corinthians to Forgive.

Chapter XIV.--The Same Subject Continued.

Chapter XV.--The Same Subject Continued.

Chapter XVI.--General Consistency of the Apostle.

Chapter XVII.--Consistency of the Apostle in His Other Epistles.

Chapter XVIII.--Answer to a Psychical Objection.

Chapter XIX.--Objections from the Revelation and the First Epistle of St. John Refuted.

Chapter XX.--From Apostolic Teaching Tertullian Turns to that of Companions of the Apostles, and of the Law.

Chapter XXI.--Of the Difference Between Discipline and Power, and of the Power of the Keys.

Chapter XXII.--Of Martyrs, and Their Intercession on Behalf of Scandalous Offenders.


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