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On Monogamy - Tertullian

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Chapter I.--Different Views in Regard to Marriage Held by Heretics,

Chapter II.--The Spiritualists Vindicated from the Charge of Novelty.

Chapter III.--The Question of Novelty Further Considered in Connection with the Words of the Lord and His Apostles.

Chapter IV.--Waiving Allusion to the Paraclete, Tertullian Comes to the Consideration of the Ancient Scriptures, and Their Testimony on the Subject in Hand.

Chapter V.--Connection of These Primeval Testimonies with Christ.

Chapter VI.--The Case of Abraham, and Its Bearing on the Present Question.

Chapter VII.--From Patriarchal, Tertullian Comes to Legal, Precedents.

Chapter VIII.--From the Law Tertullian Comes to the Gospel He Begins with Examples Before Proceeding to Dogmas.

Chapter IX.--From Examples Tertullian Passes to Direct Dogmatic Teachings He Begins with the Lord's Teaching.

Chapter X.--St. Paul's Teaching on the Subject.

Chapter XI.--Further Remarks Upon St. Paul's Teaching.

Chapter XII.--The Explanation of the Passage Offered by the Psychics Considered.

Chapter XIII.--Further Objections from St. Paul Answered.

Chapter XIV.--Even If the Permission Had Been Given by St. Paul in the Sense Which the Psychics Allege, It Was Merely Like the Mosaic Permission of Divorce--A Condescension to Human Hard-Heartedness.

Chapter XV.--Unfairness of Charging the Disciples of the New Prophecy with Harshness The Charge Rather to Be Retorted Upon the Psychics.

Chapter XVI.--Weakness of the Pleas Urged in Defence of Second Marriage.

Chapter XVII.--Heathen Examples Cry Shame Upon This |Infirmity of the Flesh.|


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