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The Life Of Flavius Josephus - Flavius Josephus

Title Page

Section 1. The family from which I am derived is not an ignoble oneà

Section 2. Now, my father Matthias was not only eminent on account of is nobilityà

Section 3. But when I was in the twenty-sixth year of my ageà

Section 4. And now I perceived innovations were already begunà

Section 5. I was then afraid, lest, by inculcating these things so oftenà

Section 6. But, upon his coming and fighting, he was beatenà

Section 7. So when Gessius had been beaten, as we have said alreadyà

Section 8. When I had therefore received these instructions, I came into Galileeà

Section 9. There were three factions in this city. The first was composed of men ofà

Section 10. And this was the state Tiberias was now in.à

Section 11. But Gamala persevered in its allegiance to the Romansà

Section 12. Now, as soon as I was come into Galileeà

Section 13. When I understood this state of things, I was greatly provokedà

Section 14. But when I had dismissed my fellow legatesà

Section 15. I was now about the thirtieth year of my ageà

Section 16. Now the multitude of the Galileans had that great kindness for meà

Section 17. But when John was come to the city of Tiberiasà

Section 18. But before I had spoken all I designedà

Section 19. Now, as soon as the inhabitants of that city understood the perfidiousness of theà

Section 20. But now John was afraid for himself, since his treachery had proved unsuccessful.à

Section 21. But now another great number of the Galileans came together again with their weaponsà

Section 22. But the inhabitants of this city having determined to continue in their allegiance toà

Section 23. At this time it was that two great menà

Section 24. Now king Agrippa sent an army to make themselves masters of the citadel ofà

Section 25. But when John, the son of Levi, whoà

Section 26. There were some bold young men of the village of Dabarittaà

Section 27. Now, when all Galilee was filled with this rumorà

Section 28. When he had said this, and the multitude had openly applauded him for whatà

Section 29. When, therefore, silence was made by the whole multitudeà

Section 30. However, these robbers and other authors of this tumultà

Section 31. But there were still some that irritated the multitude against meà

Section 32. But as for the inhabitants of the city of Tiberiasà

Section 33. But now, when the people of Tiberias perceived that there were no forces comeà

Section 34. And by this stratagem it was that I gradually got all the senate ofà

Section 35. Now the men of Tiberias, after I was gone to Taricheaeà

Section 36. But before this, it happened that Philip, the son of Jacimusà

Section 37. Now there was one Joseph, the son of a female physicianà

Section 38. But the hatred that John, the son of Levià

Section 39. When Simon heard Ananus say this, he desired that the messengers would conceal theà

Section 40. Now, when they had given Jonathan and his companions these instructionsà

Section 41. Now, as my father wrote me an account of thisà

Section 42. But wonderful it was what a dream I saw that very nightà

Section 43. When I heard this, and saw what sorrow the people were inà

Section 44. About this time it was that Jonathan and his fellow legates came.à

Section 45. When I had written thus, and given the letter to be carried by theà

Section 46. When Jonathan and his partners had received this letterà

Section 47. When I had laid these commands upon themà

Section 48. Now, as soon as Jonathan and his companions heard of my comingà

Section 49. When Jonathan and his companions heard this, they were in fear of their ownà

Section 50. While I was thus speaking, the united voices of all the people joined togetherà

Section 51. When the multitude heard these things, they were greatly provoked at Jonathanà

Section 52. But when I was come near Sogane, I caused the multitude to make aà

Section 53. Now Jonathan and his colleagues, having failed of accomplishing what they would have doneà

Section 54. So I suspected nothing, and went away to Taricheseà

Section 55. As for myself, although I knew of their designà

Section 56. Now there was one whose name was Ananias a wicked man he wasà

Section 57. Now Jesus, who was the ruler, commanded that they should exclude all that cameà

Section 58. When I had said this, Jonathan and his colleagues held their peaceà

Section 59. But as I was gone out a little wayà

Section 60. Now, in a few days, those ambassadors whom he had sentà

Section 61. Now, when they had received that letter, and were thereby greatly disturbedà

Section 62. However, the governors of Tiberias took care to have their city secured with wallsà

Section 63. And now being desirous to catch Simon by a wileà

Section 64. But on the next day, I brought ten thousand armed men with meà

Section 65. And now I am come to this part of my narrationà

Section 66. Now, when I had settled the affairs of Tiberiasà

Section 67. But about this time it was that the people of Sepphoris grew insolentà

Section 68. Nay, indeed, Tiberias had like to have been plundered by the Galileans also uponà

Section 69. When I heard this, I was in doubt what to doà

Section 70. About this time it was that Justus, the son of Pistusà

Section 71. Now, when the people of Sepphoris had, in so surprising a mannerà

Section 72. As soon as I had gotten intelligence of thisà

Section 73. When Sylla and his party were informed what happened to meà

Section 74. It was not now long before Vespasian came to Tyreà

Section 75. For when the siege of Jotapata was overà

Section 76. But when Titus had composed the troubles in Judeaà


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