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On The Apparel Of Women - Tertullian

Title Page

Chapter I.--Introduction. Modesty in Apparel Becoming to Women,

Chapter II.--The Origin of Female Ornamentation, Traced Back to the Angels Who Had Fallen.

Chapter III.--Concerning the Genuineness of |The Prophecy of Enoch.|

Chapter IV.--Waiving the Question of the Authors, Tertullian Proposes to Consider the Things on Their Own Merits.

Chapter V.--Gold and Silver Not Superior in Origin or in Utility to Other Metals.

Chapter VI.--Of Precious Stones and Pearls.

Chapter VII.--Rarity the Only Cause Which Makes Such Things Valuable.

Chapter VIII.--The Same Rule Holds with Regard to Colours God's Creatures Generally Not to Be Used, Except for the Purposes to Which He Has Appointed Them.

Chapter IX.--God's Distribution Must Regulate Our Desires, Otherwise We Become the Prey of Ambition and Its Attendant Evils.

Chapter I.--Introduction. Modesty to Be Observed Not Only in Its Essence, But in Its Accessories.

Chapter II.--Perfect Modesty Will Abstain from Whatever Tends to Sin, as Well as from Sin Itself. Difference Between Trust and Presumption. If Secure Ourselves, We Must Not Put Temptation in the Way of Others. We Must Love Our Neighbour as Ourself.

Chapter III.--Grant that Beauty Be Not to Be Feared: Still It is to Be Shunned as Unnecessary and Vainglorious.

Chapter IV.--Concerning the Plea of |Pleasing the Husband.|

Chapter V.--Some Refinements in Dress and Personal Appearance Lawful, Some Unlawful. Pigments Come Under the Latter Head.

Chapter VI.--Of Dyeing the Hair.

Chapter VII.--Of Elaborate Dressing of the Hair in Other Ways, and Its Bearing Upon Salvation.

Chapter VIII.--Men Not Excluded from These Remarks on Personal Adornment.

Chapter IX.--Excess in Dress, as Well as in Personal Culture, to Be Shunned Arguments Drawn from I Cor. VII.

Chapter X.--Tertullian Refers Again to the Question of the Origin of All These Ornaments and Embellishments.

Chapter XI.--Christian Women, Further, Have Not the Same Causes for Appearing in Public, and Hence for Dressing in Fine Array as Gentiles. On the Contrary, Their Appearance Should Always Distinguish Them from Such.

Chapter XII.--Such Outward Adornments Meretricious, and Therefore Unsuitable to Modest Women.

Chapter XIII.--It is Not Enough that God Know Us to Be Chaste: We Must Seem So Before Men. Especially in These Times of Persecution We Must Inure Our Bodies to the Hardships Which They May Not Improbably Be Called to Suffer.


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