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Ben-hur A Tale Of The Christ - Lew Wallace

Title Page

CHAPTER I The Jebel es Zubleh is a mountain fifty miles and more in lengthà

CHAPTER II The man as now revealed was of admirable proportionsà

CHAPTER III To speak in the style of the period, the meeting just described took place inà

CHAPTER IV The Egyptian and the Hindoo looked at each otherà

CHAPTER V The vivacious Greek broke forth in expressions of joy and congratulationsà

CHAPTER VI In an aperture of the western wall of Jerusalem hang the |oaken valves| called theà

CHAPTER VII Let us take our stand by the gate, just out of the edge of theà

CHAPTER VIII The reader is now besought to return to the court described as part of theà

CHAPTER IX To understand thoroughly what happened to the Nazarene at the khanà

CHAPTER X. At a certain hour in the evening the shouting and stir of the people inà

CHAPTER XI A mile and a half, it may be two milesà

CHAPTER XII The eleventh day after the birth of the child in the caveà

CHAPTER XIII That evening, before sunset, some women were washing clothes on the upper step of theà

CHAPTER XIV It was now the beginning of the third watchà


CHAPTER I It is necessary now to carry the reader forward twenty-one yearsà

CHAPTER II With the foregoing explanation in mind, the reader is invited to look into one ofà

CHAPTER III From the entrance to the Holy City, equivalent to what is now called St.à

CHAPTER IV The mother resumed her easy position against the cushionà

CHAPTER V The young Israelite proceeded then, and rehearsed his conversation with Messalaà

CHAPTER VI The good man, like the bad, must die; butà

CHAPTER VII Next day a detachment of legionaries went to the desolated palaceà


CHAPTER I The city of Misenum gave name to the promontory which it crownedà

CHAPTER II The tribune, standing upon the helmsman's deck with the order of the duumvir open inà

CHAPTER III The fourth day out, and the Astroea -- so the galley was named -- speedingà

CHAPTER IV In the Bay of Antemona, east of Cythera the islandà

CHAPTER V Every soul aboard, even the ship, awoke.à

CHAPTER VI The throes of recovery from drowning are more painful than the drowning.à


CHAPTER I The month to which we now come is Julyà

CHAPTER II When the city came into view, the passengers were on deckà

CHAPTER III Next day early, to the neglect of the cityà

CHAPTER IV Scarcely was Ben-Hur gone, when Simonides seemed to wake as from sleepà

CHAPTER V When Ben-Hur sallied from the great warehouse, it was with the thought that another failureà

CHAPTER VI Ben-Hur entered the woods with the processions.à

CHAPTER VII In front of Ben-Hur there was a forest of cypress-treesà

CHAPTER VIII As Ben-Hur descended the steps of the stand, an Arab arose upon the last oneà

CHAPTER IX As a rule, there is no surer way to the dislike of men than toà

CHAPTER X Beyond the village the country was undulating and cultivatedà

CHAPTER XI What time the lower horn of a new moon touched the castellated piles on Mountà

CHAPTER XII The palace across the river nearly opposite Simonides' place is said to have been completedà

CHAPTER XIII Sheik Ilderim was a man of too much importance to go about with a smallà

CHAPTER XIV If the reader will return now to the repast of the wise men at theirà

CHAPTER XV The shadows cast over the Orchard of Palms by the mountains at set of sunà

CHAPTER XVI |If I could answer you,| Balthasar said, in his simpleà

CHAPTER XVII Up a little way from the dower there was a cluster of palmsà


CHAPTER I The morning after the bacchanalia in the saloon of the palaceà

CHAPTER II About the time the couriers departed from Messala's door with the despatches it being yetà

CHAPTER III |Iras, the daughter of Balthasar, sends me with salutation and a messageà

CHAPTER IV Ilderim returned to the dowar next day about the third hour.à

CHAPTER V The sheik waited, well satisfied, until Ben-Hur drew his horses off the field for theà

CHAPTER VI The intercepted letter was conclusive upon a number of points of great interest to Ben-Hur.à

CHAPTER VII Malluch stopped at the door; Ben-Hur entered alone.à

CHAPTER VIII Simonides looked up, none the less a master.à

CHAPTER IX Next night, about the fourth hour, Ben-Hur stood on the terrace of the great warehouseà

CHAPTER X The day before the games, in the afternoon, all Ilderim's racing property was taken toà

CHAPTER XI Evening was hardly come upon Antioch, when the Omphalusà

CHAPTER XII The Circus at Antioch stood on the south bank of the riverà

CHAPTER XIII About three o'clock, speaking in modern style, the program was concluded except the chariot-race.à

CHAPTER XIV When the dash for position began, Ben-Hur, as we have seenà

CHAPTER XV Ben-Hur tarried across the river with Ilderim; for at midnightà

CHAPTER XVI Going next day to fill his appointment with Irasà


CHAPTER I Our story moves forward now thirty days from the night Ben-Hur left Antioch to goà

CHAPTER II |A woman of Israel, entombed here with her daughter.à

CHAPTER III About the hour Gesius, the keeper, made his appearance before the tribune in the Towerà

CHAPTER IV It was dark when, parting with the drover inside the gateà

CHAPTER V Nowadays travellers in the Holy Land looking for the famous place with the beautiful nameà

CHAPTER VI The morning of the first day of the seventh month -- Tishri in the Hebrewà


CHAPTER I The meeting took place in the khan of Bethany as appointed.à

CHAPTER II It was Ben-Hur's purpose to turn aside at the break of dayà

CHAPTER III The tent was cosily pitched beneath a tree where the gurgle of the stream wasà

CHAPTER IV The caravan, stretched out upon the Desert, was very picturesqueà

CHAPTER V The third day of the journey the party nooned by the river Jabbokà


CHAPTER I |Esther -- Esther! Speak to the servant below that he may bring me a cupà

CHAPTER II An hour or thereabouts after the scene upon the roofà

CHAPTER III The first person to go out of the city upon the opening of the Sheep'sà

CHAPTER IV During the third hour the road in front of the resting-place of the lepers becameà

CHAPTER V Ben-Hur pitched two tents out on the Upper Cedron east a short space of theà

CHAPTER VI Ben-Hur alighted at the gate of the khan from which the three Wise Men moreà

CHAPTER VII When Ben-Hur left the guest-chamber, there was not nearly so much life in his actionà

CHAPTER VIII The streets were full of people going and comingà

CHAPTER IX Next morning, about the second hour, two men rode full speed to the doors ofà

CHAPTER X When the party -- Balthasar, Simonides, Ben-Hur, Esther, and the two faithful Galileans -- reachedà

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