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Vergilius - Irving Bacheller

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CHAPTER 1 Rome had passed the summits and stood looking into the dark valley of fourteen hundredà

CHAPTER 2 Those days it was near twelve o'clock by the great dial of history.à

CHAPTER 3 |He is more honored than Jupiter these days,| the philosopher was saying as Vergilius re-entered.à

CHAPTER 4 That evening Vergilius went to feast with the young Herodian princeà

CHAPTER 5 Arria and her mother sat with the emperor.à

CHAPTER 6 Now there were few barriers between the emperor and the people.à

CHAPTER 7 While Vergilius, going slowly, was thinking of these thingsà

CHAPTER 8 It was near the middle hour of the night.à

CHAPTER 9 It was the fifth anniversary of that resolution of the senate fathers to consecrate theà

CHAPTER 10 Arria met them in the atrium.à

CHAPTER 11 The dark was lifting as Vergilius entered the Field of Mars.à

CHAPTER 12 The characters of Herod and Augustus were as far apart as their capitals.à

CHAPTER 13 In travel-worn garb Vergilius went early to see the king.à

CHAPTER 14 Among the orderlies at the castle was one Davidà

CHAPTER 15 Next day among his letters were two of value in the history of Vergilius --à

CHAPTER 16 For the king there were three great perils: the peopleà

CHAPTER 17 Vergilius had thought wisely of his temptation.à

CHAPTER 18 It was the day before the nones of November in Rome.à

CHAPTER 19 When Appius told his mother and his sister what Augustus had said to himà

CHAPTER 20 Again the council of the covenant was in session.à

CHAPTER 21 Arria and her brother were far from the shores of Hellas and near the Isleà

CHAPTER 22 It was a clear morning and the tenth day before the kalends of January.à

CHAPTER 23 Now in Vergilius and in many of that time the human heart had dropped itsà

CHAPTER 24 The festival of games, in honor of Augustus, were about to begin at Caesarea.à

CHAPTER 25 The day was near its end.à

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