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Quiet Talks On Prayer - S. D. Gordon

Title Page

I. The Meaning And Mission Of Prayer

Five Outlets of Power.

In touch with a planet.

Intercession is Service.

The Spirit Switchboard.

The Broad Inner Horizon.

A Prehistoric Conflict.

Prayer is Projecting One's Spirit Personality.

Giving God a Fresh Footing.

Prayer a War Measure.

Three Forms of Prayer.

The Climax of Prayer.

Six Facts Underlying Prayer.

The Victor's Great Plan.

How God Gives.

A Very Old Question.

The Greatest Prayer.

II. Hindrances to Prayer

Breaking with God.

A Coaling Station for Satan's Fleet.

The Shortest Way to God.

Search Me.

God's Pathway to Human Hearts.

For the Sake of a Nation.

That More Might be Given and Gotten.

The Best Light for Studying a Thorn.

Shaping a Prayer on the Anvil of the Knees.

The Traitor Prince.

Praying is Fighting.

A double Wrestling Match.

Prayer Concerns Three.

A Stubborn Foe Routed.

III. How to Pray

God's Ambassadors.

Six Sweeping Statements.

Words With a Freshly Honed Razor-Edge.

The Controlling Purpose.

The Threefold Cord of Jesus' Life.

Touching the Hidden Keys.

Making God's Purpose Our Prayer.

The Trysting Place.

Our Prayer Teacher.

The Power of a Name.

The Birthplace of Faith.

A Trained Ear.

Through the Book to God.

A Spirit Illumined Mind.

Wide Reading.

A Mirror Held up to God's Face.

He Came to His Own.

The One Purpose of Prayer.

The Spirit's Prayer Room.

How to Find God's Will.

God's Door into a Home.

A Free Agent Enslaved.

The Place Where God is Not.

Saving the Life.

Giving God a Clear Road for Action.

IV. Jesus' Habits of Prayer

A Pen Sketch.

Dissolving Views.

Deepening Shadows.

Under the Olive Trees.

A Composite Picture.


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