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The Shows Or De Spectaculis - Tertullian

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Chapter I. Ye Servants of God, about to draw near to Godà

Chapter II. Then, again, every one is ready with the argument that all thingsà

Chapter III. Fortified by this knowledge against heathen views, let us rather turn to the unworthy reasoningsà

Chapter IV. Lest any one think that we are dealing in mere argumentative subtletiesà

Chapter V. In the matter of their origins, as these are somewhat obscure and but little knownà

Chapter VI. To the testimony of antiquity is added that of later games instituted in their turnà

Chapter VII. The two kinds of public games, then, have one originà

Chapter VIII. To follow out my plan in regard to placesà

Chapter IX. Now as to the kind of performances peculiar to the circus exhibitions.à

Chapter X. Let us pass on now to theatrical exhibitions, which we have already shown have aà

Chapter XI. In fulfilment of our plan, let us now go on to consider the combats.à

Chapter XII. It remains for us to examine the |spectacle| most noted of allà

Chapter XIII. We have, I think, faithfully carried out our plan of showing in how many differentà

Chapter XIV. Having sufficiently established the charge of idolatry, which alone ought to be reason enough forà

Chapter XV. Having done enough, then, as we have said, in regard to that principal argumentà

Chapter XVI. Since, then, all passionate excitement is forbidden us, we are debarred from every kind ofà

Chapter XVII. Are we not, in like manner, enjoined to put away from us all immodesty? Onà

Chapter XVIII. But if you argue that the racecourse is mentioned in Scriptureà

Chapter XIX. We shall now see how the Scriptures condemn the amphitheatre.à

Chapter XX. How vain, then -- nay, how desperate -- is the reasoning of personsà

Chapter XXI. The heathen, who have not a full revelation of the truthà

Chapter XXII. What wonder is there in it? Such inconsistencies as these are just such as weà

Chapter XXIII. Seeing, then, man's own reflections, even in spite of the sweetness of pleasureà

Chapter XXIV. In how many other ways shall we yet further show that nothing which is peculiarà

Chapter XXV. Seated where there is nothing of God, will one be thinking of his Maker? Willà

Chapter XXVI. Why may not those who go into the temptations of the show become accessible alsoà

Chapter XXVII. We ought to detest these heathen meetings and assembliesà

Chapter XXVIII. With such dainties as these let the devil's guests be feasted.à

Chapter XXIX. Even as things are, if your thought is to spend this period of existence inà

Chapter XXX. But what a spectacle is that fast-approaching advent of our Lordà

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