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On Idolatry - Tertullian

Title Page

Chapter I.--Wide Scope of the Word Idolatry.

Chapter II.--Idolatry in Its More Limited Sense. Its Copiousness.

Chapter III.--Idolatry: Origin and Meaning of the Name.

Chapter IV.--Idols Not to Be Made, Much Less Worshipped. Idols and Idol-Makers in the Same Category.

Chapter V. --Sundry Objections or Excuses Dealt with.

Chapter VI.--Idolatry Condemned by Baptism. To Make an Idol Is, in Fact, to Worship It.

Chapter VII.--Grief of the Faithful at the Admission of Idol-Makers into the Church; Nay, Even into the Ministry.

Chapter VIII.--Other Arts Made Subservient to Idolatry. Lawful Means of Gaining a Livelihood Abundant.

Chapter IX.--Professions of Some Kinds Allied to Idolatry. Of Astrology in Particular.

Chapter X.--Of Schoolmasters and Their Difficulties.

Chapter XI.--Connection Between Covetousness and Idolatry. Certain Trades, However Gainful, to Be Avoided.

Chapter XII.--Further Answers to the Plea, How Am I to Live?

Chapter XIII.--Of the Observance of Days Connected with Idolatry.

Chapter XIV.--Of Blasphemy. One of St. Paul's Sayings.

Chapter XV.--Concerning Festivals in Honour of Emperors, Victories, and the Like

Chapter XVI.--Concerning Private Festivals.

Chapter XVII.--The Cases of Servants and Other Officials. What Offices a Christian Man May Hold.

Chapter XVIII.--Dress as Connected with Idolatry.

Chapter XIX.--Concerning Military Service.

Chapter XX.--Concerning Idolatry in Words.

Chapter XXI.--Of Silent Acquiescence in Heathen Formularies.

Chapter XXII.--Of Accepting Blessing in the Name of Idols.

Chapter XXIII.--Written Contracts in the Name of Idols. Tacit Consent.

Chapter XXIV.--General Conclusion.


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