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The Instructor Paedagogus - Clement of Rome

Title Page

Chapter I. The Office of the Instructor.

Chapter II.--Our Instructor's Treatment of Our Sins.

Chapter III.--The Philanthropy of the Instructor.

Chapter IV.--Men and Women Alike Under the Instructor's Charge.

Chapter V.--All Who Walk According to Truth are Children of God.

Chapter VI.--The Name Children Does Not Imply Instruction in Elementary Principles.

Chapter VII.--Who the Instructor Is, and Respecting His Instruction.

Chapter VIII.--Against Those Who Think that What is Just is Not Good.

Chapter IX.--That It is the Prerogative of the Same Power to Be Beneficent and to Punish Justly Also the Manner of the Instruction of the Logos.

Chapter X.--That the Same God, by the Same Word, Restrains from Sin by Threatening, and Saves Humanity by Exhorting.

Chapter XI.--That the Word Instructed by the Law and the Prophets.

Chapter XII.--The Instructor Characterized by the Severity and Benignity of Paternal Affection.

Chapter XIII.--Virtue Rational, Sin Irrational.

Chap. I.--On Eating.

Chapter II.--On Drinking.

Chapter III.--On Costly Vessels.

Chapter IV.--How to Conduct Ourselves at Feasts.

Chapter V.--On Laughter.

Chapter VI.--On Filthy Speaking.

Chapter VII.--Directions for Those Who Live Together.

Chapter VIII.--On the Use of Ointments and Crowns.

Chap. IX.--On Sleep.

Chapter X. --Quænam de Procreatione Liberorum Tractanda Sint.

Chapter XI. --On Clothes.

Chap. XII.--On Shoes.

Chapter XIII--Against Excessive Fondness for Jewels and Gold Ornaments.

Chapter I.--On the True Beauty.

Chapter II.--Against Embellishing the Body.

Chapter III.--Against Men Who Embellish Themselves.

Chapter IV.--With Whom We are to Associate.

Chapter V.--Behaviour in the Baths.

Chapter VI.--The Christian Alone Rich.

Chapter VII.--Frugality a Good Provision for the Christian.

Chapter VIII.--Similitudes and Examples a Most Important Part of Right Instruction.

Chapter IX.--Why We are to Use the Bath.

Chapter X.--The Exercises Suited to a Good Life.

Chapter XI.--A Compendious View of the Christian Life.

Chapter XII.--Continuation: with Texts from Scripture.


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