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The Treatise On The Resurrection Of The Dead - Athenagoras

Title Page

Chapter I.--Defence of the Truth Should Precede Discussions Regarding It.

Chapter II.--A Resurrection is Not Impossible.

Chapter III.--He Who Could Create, Can Also Raise Up the Dead.

Chapter IV.--Objection from the Fact that Some Human Bodies Have Become Part of Others.

Chapter V.--Reference to the Processes of Digestion and Nutrition.

Chapter VI.--Everything that is Useless or Hurtful is Rejected.

Chapter VII.--The Resurrection-Body Different from the Present.

Chapter VIII.--Human Flesh Not the Proper or Natural Food of Men.

Chapter IX.--Absurdity of Arguing from Man's Impotency.

Chapter X.--It Cannot Be Shown that God Does Not Will a Resurrection.

Chapter XI.--Recapitulation.

Chapter XII.--Argument for the Resurrection From the Purpose Contemplated in Man's Creation.

Chapter XIII.--Continuation of the Argument.

Chapter XIV.--The Resurrection Does Not Rest Solely on the Fact of a Future Judgment.

Chapter XV.--Argument for the Resurrection from the Nature of Man.

Chapter XVI--Analogy of Death and Sleep, and Consequent Argument for the Resurrection.

Chapter XVII.--The Series of Changes We Can Now Trace in Man Renders a Resurrection Probable.

Chapter XVIII.--Judgment Must Have Reference Both to Soul and Body: There Will Therefore Be a Resurrection.

Chapter XIX.--Man Would Be More Unfavourably Situated Than the Beasts If There Were No Resurrection.

Chapter XX.--Man Must Be Possessed Both of a Body and Soul Hereafter, that the Judgment Passed Upon Him May Be Just.

Chapter XXI.--Continuation of the Argument.

Chapter XXII.--Continuation of the Argument.

Chapter XXIII.--Continuation of the Argument.

Chapter XXIV.--Argument for the Resurrection from the Chief End of Man.

Chapter XXV.--Argument Continued and Concluded.

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