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The Commonitory Of Vincent Of Lerins - Vincent of Lérins

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The COMMONITORY OF Vincent of Lérins,


Chapter I. The Object of the Following Treatise.à

Chapter II. A General Rule for distinguishing the Truth of the Catholic Faith from the Falsehood ofà

Chapter III. What is to be done if one or more dissent from the rest.à

Chapter IV. The evil resulting from the bringing in of Novel Doctrine shown in the instances ofà

Chapter V. The Example set us by the Martyrs, whom no force could hinder from defending theà

Chapter VI. The example of Pope Stephen in resisting the Iteration of Baptism.à

Chapter VII. How Heretics, craftily cite obscure passages in ancient writers in support of their own novelties.à

Exposition of St. Paul's Words, Gal. i. 8.

Chapter IX. His warning to the Galatians a warning to all.à

Chapter X. Why Eminent Men are permitted by God to become Authors of Novelties in the Church.à

Chapter XI. Examples from Church History, confirming the words of Mosesà

Chapter XII. A fuller account of the Errors of Photinus, Apollinaris and Nestorius.à

Chapter XIII. The Catholic Doctrine of the Trinity and the Incarnation explained.à

Chapter XIV. Jesus Christ Man in Truth, not in Semblance.à

Chapter XV. The Union of the Divine with the Human Nature took place in the very Conceptionà

Chapter XVI. Recapitulation of what was said of the Catholic Faith and of divers Heresiesà

Chapter XVII. The Error of Origen a great Trial to the Church.à

Chapter XVIII. Tertullian a great Trial to the Church.à

Chapter XIX. What we ought to learn from these Examples.à

Chapter XX. The Notes of a TRUE Catholic.à

Exposition of St. Paul's Words.--1 Tim. vi. 20.

Chapter XXII. A more particular Exposition of 1 Tim.à

Chapter XXIII. On Development in Religious Knowledge.à

Chapter XXIV. Continuation of the Exposition of 1 Tim.à

Chapter XXV. Heretics appeal to Scripture that they may more easily succeed in deceiving.à

Chapter XXVI. Heretics, in quoting Scripture, follow the example of the Devil.à

Chapter XXVII. What Rule is to be observed in the Interpretation of Scripture.à

Chapter XXVIII. In what Way, on collating the consentient opinions of the Ancient Mastersà

Chapter XXIX. Recapitulation.à

Chapter XXX. The Council of Ephesus.à

Chapter XXXI. The Constancy of the Ephesine Fathers in driving away Novelty and maintaining Antiquity.à

Chapter XXXII. The zeal of Celestine and Sixtus, bishops of Romeà

Chapter XXXIII. The Children of the Catholic Church ought to adhere to the Faith of their Fathersà

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Appendix II.

Appendix III.

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