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Select Letters Of Saint Gregory Nazianzen - St. Cyril of Jerusalem

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A Selection from the Letters of Saint Gregory Nazianzen, Sometime

To Nectarius, Bishop of Constantinople. (Ep. CCII.)

To Cledonius the Priest Against Apollinarius. (Ep. CI.)

Against Apollinarius; The Second Letter to Cledonius. (Ep. CII.)

Ep. CXXV. To Olympius.

Ep. I. To Basil His Comrade.

Ep. II.

Ep. IV.

Ep. V.

Ep. VI.


Ep. XIX.

Ep. XVI. To Eusebius, Bishop of Cæsarea.

Ep. XVII. To Eusebius, Archbishop of Cæsarea.

Ep. XVIII. To Eusebius of Cæsarea.

Ep. XL. To the Great Basil.

Ep. XLI. To the People of Cæsarea, in His Father's Name.

Ep. XLIII. To the Bishops.

Ep. XLII. To Eusebius, Bishop of Samosata.

Ep. XLV. To Basil.

Ep. XLVI. To Basil.

Ep. XLVII. To Basil.

Ep. XLVIII. To Basil.

Ep. XLIX. To Basil. (The Praises of Quiet.)

Ep. L. To Basil.

Ep. LVIII. To Basil.

Ep. LIX. To Basil.

Ep. LX. To Basil.

Section 1. Letters to His Brother Cæsarius.

Ep. XIV. and XXIII. Under the Emperor Valens Cæsarius returned to public life and was made Quæstor of Bithynia.à

Ep. XXIII. Do not be surprized if I ask of you a great favourà

Ep. XX. In a. d. 368 the City of Nicæa in Bithynia was almost entirely destroyed byà

Section 2. To S. Gregory of Nyssa.

Ep. I. There is one good point in my character, and I will boast myself of oneà

Ep. LXXII. When S.à

Ep. LXXIII. As to the subject of your letter, these are my sentiments.à

Ep. LXXIV. Although I am at home, my love is expatriated with youà

Ep. LXXVI. Basil the Great diedà

Ep. LXXXI. You are distressed by your travels, and think yourself unsteadyà

Ep. CLXXXII. Gregory after his resignation of the Patriarchal See of Constantinople had retired to Nazianzusà

Ep. CXCVII. A Letter of Condolence on the Death of His Sister Theosebia.

Section 3. To Eusebius Bishop of Samosata. Ep. XLII.

Ep. XLIV. Eusebius, having in response to the appeal referred to aboveà

Ep. LXIV. In the year 374 Eusebius and other orthodox Bishops of the East were banished byà

Ep. LXV. Eusebius having replied to the former letter Gregory wrote againà

Ep. LXVI. The following letter is sometimes attributed to Basil, and is found in his works asà

Section 4. To Sophronius, Prefect of Constantinople.

Ep. XXI. Gold is changed and transformed into various forms at various timesà

Ep. XXII. Is for Amphilochius, written at the same time and in consequence of the same troubleà

Ep. XXIX. Of the same year.à

Ep. XXXVII. A letter of recommendation for Eudoxius a Rhetorician for whom Gregory had a warm regard.à

Ep. XXXIX. A recommendation of one Amazonius, whose learning was much respected by Gregory.à

Ep. XCIII. Written soon after Gregory's resignation of the Archbishopric.à

Ep. CXXXV. Damasus, summoned a new Synod of Eastern Bishops to meet at Constantinopleà

Section 5. To Amphilochius the Younger. Ep. IX.

Ep. XIII. See the first letter to Sophronius.à

Ep. XXV. Amphilochius was acquitted of the charges made against himà

Ep. XXVI. What a very small quantity of vegetables you have sent me! They must surely beà

Ep. XXVII. You make a joke of it; but I know the danger of an Ozizalean starvingà

Ep. XXVIII. In visiting the mountain cities which border on Pamphylia I fished up in the Mountainsà

Ep. LXII. The Armenian referred to is probably Eustathius Bishop of Sebasteà

Ep. LXIII. To Amphilochius the Elder.

Ep. CLXXI. To Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconium.

Ep. CLXXXIV. Bosporius, Bishop of Colonia in Cappadocia Secunda, who had apparently taken a prominent part inà

Section 6. To Nectarius Archbishop of Constantinople.

Ep. LXXXVIII. It was needful that the Royal Image should adorn the Royal City.à

Ep. XCI. A letter of no great importance, except as shewing the friendly feelings which Gregory continuedà

Ep. CLI. Written about a.à

Ep. CLXXXV. See Introduction to Ep.à

Ep. CLXXXVI. A letter of introduction for a relative.à

Ep. CCII. An important letter on the Apollinarian controversy has already been given above.à

Section 7. To Theodore, Bishop of Tyana.

Ep. LXXVII. I hear that you are indignant at the outrages which have been committed on usà

Ep. CXV. Sent about Easter a.à

Ep. CXXI. Written a little later, as a letter of thanks for an Easter Gift.à

Ep. CXXII. You owe me, even as a sick man, tendingà

Ep. CXXIII. To excuse himself for postponing his acceptance of an invitation.à

Ep. CXXIV. A little later on, when the weather was more settledà

Ep. CLII. On his retirement from Constantinople Gregory had at the request of the Bishops of theà

Ep. CLIII. To Bosporius, Bishop of Colonia.

Ep. CLVII. To Theodore, Archbishop of Tyana.

Ep. CLXIII. George a layman of Paspasus, was sent by Theodore of Tyana to Saint Gregory thatà

Ep. CLXXXIII. Helladius, Archbishop of Cæsarea, contested the validity of the election of Eulalius to the Bishopricà

Ep. CXXXIX. This letter is written at a somewhat earlier date in reference to the consent heà

Section 8. To Nicobulus.

Ep. XII. (About a.d. 365).

Ep. LI. An answer to a request made by Nicobulus for a treatise on the art ofà

Ep. LII. Nicobulus asked Gregory to publish a collection of his letters.à

Ep. LIII. Gregory put a collection of Basil's letters with his ownà

Ep. LIV. On Laconicism.à

Ep. LV. An Invitation.à

Section 9. To Olympius.

Ep. CIV. All The Other favours which I have received I know to be due to yourà

Ep. CV. The time is swift, the struggle great, and my sickness severerà

Ep. CVI. Here is another laying before you a letter, of whichà

Ep. CXXV. Given above, § 1.à

Ep. CXXVI. While Gregory was at Xantharis an opportunity presented itself for seeing Olympiusà

Ep. CXXXI. In 382 Gregory was summoned to a Synod at Constantinopleà

Ep. CXL. Again I write when I ought to come: but I gain confidence to do soà

Ep. CXLI. The people of Nazianzus had in some way incurred the loss of civic rightsà

Ep. CXLII. Though my desire to meet you is warm, and the need of your petitioners isà

Ep. CXLIII. What does much experience, and experience of good do for men? It teaches kindnessà

Ep. CXLIV. Verianus, a citizen of Nazianzus, had been offended by his son-in-lawà

Ep. CXLV. To Verianus.

To Olympius. Ep. CXLVI.


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