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Jerome And Gennadius Lives Of Illustrious Men - Various

Title Page

Jerome and Gennadius Lives of Illustrious Men.

I. Introduction.

2. Literature.

3. Manuscripts.

4. Editions.

5. Translations.

6. The Present Translation.

II. Jerome. Lives of Illustrious Men. Preface.

List of Writers.

Chapter I. Simon Peter

Chapter II. James

Chapter III. Matthew

Chapter IV. Jude

Chapter V. Paul

Chapter VI. Barnabas

Chapter VII. Luke

Chapter VIII. Mark

Chapter IX. John

Chapter X. Hermas

Chapter XI. Philo

Chapter XII. Lucius Annæus Seneca

Chapter XIII. Josephus

Chapter XIV. Justus

Chapter XV. Clement

Chapter XVI. Ignatius

Chapter XVII. Polycarp

Chapter XVIII. Papias

Chapter XIX. Quadratus

Chapter XX. Aristides

Chapter XXI. Agrippa

Chapter XXII. Hegesippus

Chapter XXIII. Justin

Chapter XXIV. Melito

Chapter XXV. Theophilus

Chapter XXVI. Apollinaris

Chapter XXVII. Dionysius

Chapter XXVIII. Pinytus

Chapter XXIX. Tatian

Chapter XXX. Philip

Chapter XXXI. Musanus

Chapter XXXII. Modestus

Chapter XXXIII. Bardesanes

Chapter XXXIV. Victor

Chapter XXXV. Irenæus

Chapter XXXVI. Pantaenus

Chapter XXXVII. Rhodo

Chapter XXXVIII. Clemens

Chapter XXXIX. Miltiades

Chapter XL. Apollonius

Chapter XLI. Serapion

Chapter XLII. Apollonius

Chapter XLIII. Theophilus

Chapter XLIV. Bacchylus

Chapter XLV. Polycrates

Chapter XLVI. Heraclitus

Chapter XLVII. Maximus

Chapter XLVIII. Candidus

Chapter XLIX. Appion

Chapter L. Sextus

Chapter LI. Arabianus

Chapter LII. Judas

Chapter LIII. Tertullian

Chapter LIV. Origen

Chapter LV. Ammonius

Chapter LVI. Ambrosius

Chapter LVII. Trypho

Chapter LVIII. Minucius

Chapter LIX. Gaius

Chapter LX. Beryllus

Chapter LXI. Hippolytus

Chapter LXII. Alexander

Chapter LXIII. Julius Africanus

Chapter LXIV. Geminus

Chapter LXV. Theodorus

Chapter LXVI. Cornelius

Chapter LXVII. Cyprian

Chapter LXVIII Pontius

Chapter LXIX. Dionysius

Chapter LXX. Novatianus

Chapter LXXI. Malchion

Chapter LXXII. Archelaus

Chapter LXXIII. Anatolius

Chapter LXXIV. Victorinus

Chapter LXXV. Pamphilus

Chapter LXXVI. Pierius

Chapter LXXVII. Lucianus

Chapter LXXVIII. Phileas

Chapter LXXIX. Arnobius

Chapter LXXX. Firmianus

Chapter LXXXI. Eusebius

Chapter LXXXII. Reticius

Chapter LXXXIII. Methodius

Chapter LXXXIV. Juvencus

Chapter LXXXV. Eustathius

Chapter LXXXVI. Marcellus

Chapter LXXXVII. Athanasius

Chapter LXXXVIII. Anthony

Chapter LXXXIX. Basil

Chapter XC. Theodorus

Chapter XCI. Eusebius

Chapter XCII. Triphylius

Chapter XCIII. Donatus

Chapter XCIV. Asterius

Chapter XCV. Lucifer

Chapter XCVI. Eusebius

Chapter XCVII Fortunatianus

Chapter XCVIII. Acacius

Chapter XCIX. Serapion

Chapter C. Hilary

Chapter CI. Victorinus

Chapter CII. Titus

Chapter CIII. Damasus

Chapter CIV. Apollinarus

Chapter CV. Gregory

Chapter CVI. Pacianus

Chapter CVII. Photinus

Chapter CVIII. Phoebadius

Chapter CIX. Didymus

Chapter CX. Optatus

Chapter CXI. Acilius Severus

Chapter CXII. Cyril

Chapter CXIII. Euzoius

Chapter CXIV. Epiphanius

Chapter CXV. Ephraim

Chapter CXVI. Basil

Chapter CXVII. Gregory

Chapter CXVIII. Lucius

Chapter CXIX. Diodorus

Chapter CXX. Eunomius

Chapter CXXI. Priscillianus

Chapter CXXII. Latronianus

Chapter CXXIII. Tiberianus

Chapter CXXIV. Ambrose

Chapter CXXV. Evagrius

Chapter CXXVI. Ambrose

Chapter CXXVII. Maximus

Chapter CXXVIII. Gregory

Chapter CXXIX. John

Chapter CXXX. Gelasius

Chapter CXXXI. Theotimus

Chapter CXXXII. Dexter

Chapter CXXXIII. Amphilochius

Chapter CXXXIV. Sophronius

Chapter CXXXV. Jerome

III. Gennadius.

Chapter I. James

Chapter II. Julius

Chapter III. Paulonas

Chapter IV. Vitellius

Chapter V. Macrobius

Chapter VI. Heliodorus

Chapter VII. Pachomius

Chapter VIII. Theodorus

Chapter IX. Oresiesis

Chapter X. Macarius

Chapter XI. Evagrius

Chapter XII. Theodorus

Chapter XIII. Prudentius

Chapter XIV. Audentius

Chapter XV. Commodianus

Chapter XVI. Faustinus

Chapter XVII. Rufinus

Chapter XVIII. Tichonius

Chapter XIX. Severus

Chapter XX. Antiochus

Chapter XXI. Severianus

Chapter XXII. Niceas

Chapter XXIII. Olympius

Chapter XXIV. Bachiarius

Chapter XXV. Sabbatius

Chapter XXVI. Isaac

Chapter XXVII. Ursinus

Chapter XXVIII. Macarius

Chapter XXIX. Heliodorus

Chapter XXX. John bishop of Constantinople

Chapter XXXI. Another John

Chapter XXXII. Paul the bishop wrote a short work On penitence

Chapter XXXIII. Helvidius

Chapter XXXIV. Theophilus

Chapter XXXV. Eusebius

Chapter XXXVI. Vigilantius

Chapter XXXVII. Simplicianus

Chapter XXXVIII. Vigilius

Chapter XXXIX. Augustine

Chapter XL. Orosius

Chapter XLI. Maximus

Chapter XLII. Petronius

Chapter XLIII. Pelagius

Chapter XLIV. Innocentius

Chapter XLV. Caelestius

Chapter XLVI. Julianus

Chapter XLVII. Lucianus

Chapter XLVIII. Avitus

Chapter XLIX. Paulinus

Chapter L. Eutropius

Chapter LI. Another Evagrius

Chapter LII. Vigilius

Chapter LIII. Atticus

Chapter LIV. Nestorius

Chapter LV. Caelestinus

Chapter LVI. Theodotus

Chapter LVII. Fastidius

Chapter LVIII. Cyril

Chapter LIX. Timotheus

Chapter LX. Leporius

Chapter LXI. Victorinus

Chapter LXII. Cassianus

Chapter LXIII. Philip

Chapter LXIV. Eucherius

Chapter LXV. Vincentius

Chapter LXVI. Syagrius

Chapter LXVII. Isaac

Chapter LXVIII. Salvianus

Chapter LXIX. Paulinus

Chapter LXX. Hilary

Chapter LXXI. Leo

Chapter LXXII. Mochimus

Chapter LXXIII. Timotheus

Chapter LXXIV. Asclepius

Chapter LXXV. Peter

Chapter LXXVI. Paul

Chapter LXXVII. Pastor

Chapter LXXVIII. Victor

Chapter LXXIX. Voconius

Chapter LXXX. Musaeus

Chapter LXXXI. Vincentius

Chapter LXXXII. Cyrus

Chapter LXXXIII. Samuel

Chapter LXXXIV. Claudianus

Chapter LXXXV. Prosper

Chapter LXXXVI. Faustus

Chapter LXXXVII. Servus Dei

Chapter LXXXVIII. Victorius

Chapter LXXXIX. Theodoretus

Chapter XC. Gennadius

Chapter XCI. Theodulus

Chapter XCII. Sidonius

Chapter XCIII. John

Chapter XCIV. Gelasius

Chapter XCV. Honoratus

Chapter XCVI. Cerealis

Chapter XCVII. Eugenius

Chapter XCVIII. Pomerius

Chapter XCIX. Gennadius

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