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Fragments From The Lost Writings Of Irenaeus - Irenæus

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Fragment I. I adjure thee, who shalt transcribe this book, by our Lord Jesus Christà

Fragment II. These opinions, Florinus, that I may speak in mild termsà

Fragment III. For the controversy is not merely as regards the dayà

Fragment IV. As long as any one has the means of doing good to his neighboursà

Fragment V. The will and the energy of God is the effective and foreseeing cause of everyà

Fragment VI. Since God is vast, and the Architect of the worldà

Fragment VII. This custom of not bending the knee upon Sundayà

Fragment VIII. For as the ark of the covenant. was gilded within and without with pure goldà

Fragment IX. Ever, indeed, speaking well of the deserving, but never ill of the undeservingà

Fragment X. It is indeed proper to God, and befitting His characterà

Fragment XI. The business of the Christian is nothing else than to be ever preparing for deathà

Fragment XII. We therefore have formed the belief that bodies also do rise again.à

Fragment XIII. For when the Greeks, having arrested the slaves of Christian catechumensà

Fragment XIV. How is it possible to say that the serpentà

Fragment XV. When, in times of old, Balaam spake these things in parablesà

Fragment XVI. Expounding again the law to that generation which followed those who were slain in theà

Fragment XVII. By these Christ was typified, and acknowledged, and brought into the worldà

Fragment XVIII. And this was not without meaning; but that by means of the number of theà

Fragment XIX. |Take unto thee Joshua 'Iesoun the son of Nun.à

Fragment XX. |And he laid his hands upon him.à

Fragment XXI. But he does not give, as Christ did, by means of breathingà

Fragment XXII. |Thou shall not go with them, neither shalt thou curse the people.à

Fragment XXIII. |And he mounted upon his donkey.à

Fragment XXIV. |God is not as a man.à

Fragment XXV. |To inflict vengeance from the Lord on Midian.à

Fragment XXVI. Know thou that every man is either empty or full.à

Fragment XXVII. The little boy, therefore, who guided Samson by the handà

Fragment XXVIII. |And the man of God said, Where did it fall? And he showed him theà

Fragment XXIX. The Gospel according to Matthew was written to the Jews.à

Fragment XXX. |The axe unto the root,| he says, urging us to the knowledge of the truthà

Fragment XXXI. Observe that, by means of the grain of mustard seed in the parableà

Fragment XXXII. Josephus says, that when Moses had been brought up in the royal palacesà

Fragment XXXIII. Inasmuch as certain men, impelled by what considerations I know notà

Fragment XXXIV. |And dipped himself,| says the Scripture., |seven times in Jordan.à

Fragment XXXV. If the corpse of Elisha raised a dead manà

Fragment XXXVI. TRUE knowledge, then, consists in the understanding of Christà

Fragment XXXVII. Those who have become acquainted with the secondary i.à

Fragment XXXVIII. The apostles ordained, that |we should not judge any one in respect to meat orà

Fragment XXXIX. Christ, who was called the Son of God before the agesà

Fragment XL. |And he found the jaw-bone of an ass.à

Fragment XLI. This indicates the persecution against the Church set on foot by the nations who stillà

Fragment XLII. Speaking always well of the worthy, but never ill of the unworthyà

Fragment XLIII. In these things there was signified by prophecy that the peopleà

Fragment XLIV. It is not an easy thing for a soulà

Fragment XLV. |And Balaam the son of Beor they slew with the sword.à

Fragment XLVI. |The god of the world;| that is, Satan, who was designated God to those whoà

Fragment XLVII. The birth of John the Baptist. brought the dumbness of Zacharias to an end.à

Fragment XLVIII. As therefore seventy tongues are indicated by number, and from dispersion the tongues are gatheredà

Fragment XLIX. Now therefore, by means of this which has been already brought forth a long timeà

Fragment L. For then there shall in truth be a common joy consummated to all those whoà

Fragment LI. Now, however, inasmuch as the books of these men may possibly have escaped your observationà

Fragment LII. The sacred books acknowledge with regard to Christ, that as He is the Son ofà

Fragment LIII. With regard to Christ, the law and the prophets and the evangelists have proclaimed thatà

Fragment LIV. The law and the prophets and evangelists have declared that Christ was born of aà

Fragment LV. |Then drew near unto Him the mother of Zebedee's childrenà

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