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Homilies On The Gospel Of Saint Matthew - St. Chrysostom

Title Page

Preface to the American Edition.

the homilies of St. john Chrysostom, archbishop of constantinople, on the gospel of st. matthew.

Preface to the Oxford Edition.

Introductory Essay.

I. The Place of Chrysostom in the History of Exegesis.

II. Extent and Character of Chrysostom's Exegetical Labors.

Homilies of St. John Chrysostom, archbishop of constantinople, on the gospel according to st. matthew.

Homily I. God hath made manifest

Homily II. Matt. I. 1.

Homily III. Matt. I. 1.

Homily IV. Matt. I. 17.

Homily V. Matt. I. 22, 23.

Homily VI. Matt. II. 1, 2.

Homily VII. Matt. II. 4, 5.

Homily VIII. Matt. II. 2.

Homily IX. Matt. II. 16.

Homily X. Matt. III. 1, 2.

Homily XI. Matt. III. 7.

Homily XII. Matt. III. 13.

Homily XIII. Matt. IV. 1.

Homily XIV. Matt. IV. 12.

Homily XV. Matt. V. 1, 2.

Homily XVI. Matt. V. 17.

Homily XVII. Matt. V. 27, 28.

Homily XVIII. Matt. V. 38, 39, 40.

Homily XIX. Matt. VI. 1.

Homily XX. Matt. VI. 16.

Homily XXI. Matt. VI. 24.

Homily XXII. Matt. VI. 28, 29.

Homily XXIII. Matt. VII. 1.

Homily XXIV. Matt. VII. 21.

Homily XXV. Matt. VII. 28.

Homily XXVI. Matt. VIII. 5.

Homily XXVII. Matt. VIII. 14.

Homily XXVIII. Matt. VIII. 23, 24.

Homily XXIX. Matt. IX. 1, 2.

Homily XXX. Matt. IX. 9.

Homily XXXI. Matt. IX. 18.

Homily XXXII. Matt. IX. 27-30.

Homily XXXIII. Matt. X. 16.

Homily XXXIV. Matt. X. 23.

Homily XXXV. Matt. X. 34.

Homily XXXVI. Matt. XI. 1.

Homily XXXVII. Matt. X. 7, 8, 9.

Homily XXXVIII. Matt. XI. 25, 26.

Homily XXXIX. Matt. XII. 1.

Homily XL. Matt. XII. 9, 10.

Homily XLI. Matt. XII. 25, 26.

Homily XLII. Matt. XII. 33.

Homily XLIII. Matt. XII. 38, 39.

Homily XLIV. Matt. XII. 46-49.

Homily XLV. Matt. XIII. 10, 11.

Homily XLVI. Matt. XIII. 24-30.

Homily XLVII. Matt. XIII. 34, 35.

Homily XLVIII. Matt. XIII. 53.

Homily XLIX. Matt. XIV. 13.

Homily L. Matt. XIV. 23, 24.

Homily LI. Matt. XV. 1.

Homily LII. Matt. XV. 21, 22.

Homily LV. Matt. XVI. 24.

Homily LVI. Matt. XVI. 28.

Homily LVII. Matt. XVII. 10.

Homily LIX. Matt. XVIII. 7.

Homily LX. Matt. XVIII. 15.

Homily LXI. Matt. XVIII. 21.

Homily LXII. Matt. XIX. 1.

Homily LXIII. Matt. XIX. 16.

Homily LXIV. Matt. XIX. 27.

Homily LXV. Matt. XX. 17-19.

Homily LXVI. Matt. XX. 29, 30.

Homily LXVII. Matt. XXI. 12, 13.

Homily LXVIII. Matt. XXI. 33-44.

Homily LXIX. Matt. XXII. 1-14.

Homily LXX. Matt. XXII. 15.

Homily LXXI. Matt. XXII. 34-36.

Homily LXXII. Matt. XXIII. 1-3.

Homily LXXIII. Matt. XXIII. 14.

Homily LXXIV. |Woe unto you, because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish their sepulchers, and say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.|

Homily LXXV. Matt. XXIV. 1, 2.

Homily LXXVI. Matt. XXIV. 16-18.

Homily LXXVII. Matt. XXIV. 33, 34.

Homily LXXVIII. Matt. XXV. 1-30.

Homily LXXX. Matt. XXVI. 6, 7.

Homily LXXXI. Matt. XXVI. 17, 18.

Homily LXXXII. Matt. XXVI. 26-28.

Homily LXXXIII. Matt. XXVI. 36-38.

Homily LXXXIV. Matt. XXVI. 51-54.

Homily LXXXV. Matt. XXVI. 67, 68.

Homily LXXXVI. Matt. XXVII. 11, 12.

Homily LXXXVII. Matt. XXVII. 27-29.

Homily LXXXVIII. Matt. XXVII. 45-48.

Homily LXXXIX. Matt. XXVII. 62-64.

Homily XC. Matt. XXVIII. 11-14.


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