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Writings In Connection With The Donatist Controversy - St. Augustine

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writings in connection with the donatist controversy.

Introductory Essay.

Chapter I. --Bibliography.

Chapter II. --An Analysis of Augustin's Writings Against the Donatists.



The Seven Books of Augustin, Bishop of Hippo On Baptism, Against the Donatists

He proves that baptism can be conferred outside the Catholic communion by heretics or schismaticsà

Chapter 1. -- 1. In the treatise which we wrote against the published epistle of Parmenianus toà

Chapter 2. -- 3. And so the Donatists in some matters are with usà

Chapter 3. -- 4. There are two propositions, moreover, which we affirmà

Chapter 4. -- 5. Further, if any one fails to understand how it can be that weà

Chapter 5. -- 6. I prefer, he says, to receive Christ's baptism where both parties agree thatà

Chapter 6. -- 8. Between us, then, and what we may call the genuine Donatistsà

Chapter 7. -- 9. For, in the next place, that I may not seem to rest onà

Chapter 8. -- 10. Nor indeed were the prayers of the Gentile Cornelius unheardà

Chapter 9. -- 12. Let them see how many things, and what important thingsà

Chapter 10. -- 13. But they think within themselves that they show very great subtlety in askingà

Chapter 11. -- 15. They ask also, |Whether sins are remitted in baptism in the party ofà

Chapter 12. -- 18. What if he approached baptism itself in deceit? were his sins remittedà

Chapter 13. -- 21. For it often happens that a man has an enemy whom he hatesà

Chapter 14. -- 22. It is to no purpose, then, that they say to usà

Chapter 15. -- 23. For it is the Church that gives birth to allà

Chapter 16. -- 25. But the same mother which brought forth Abelà

Chapter 17. -- 26. Therefore, whether they seem to abide withinà

Chapter 18. -- 27. On the question of baptism, then, I think that I have argued atà

Chapter 19. -- 29. But that I may not seem to be uttering these praises of theà

In which Augustin proves that it is to no purpose that the Donatists bring forwardà

Chapter 1. -- 1. How much the arguments make for usà

Chapter 2. -- 3. |When, on the calends of September, very many bishops from the provinces ofà

Chapter 3. -- 4. Now let the proud and swelling necks of the heretics raise themselvesà

Chapter 4. -- 5. Wherefore the holy Cyprian, whose dignity is only increased by his humilityà

Chapter 5. -- 6. And so it is that often something is imperfectly revealed to the moreà

Chapter 6. -- 7. What then, ye Donatists, what have ye to say to this? If ourà

Chapter 7. -- 10. Wherefore, then, have ye severed yourselves? If there is any sense left inà

Chapter 8. -- 13. Nor do I think that the blessed Cyprian had any other motive inà

Chapter 9. -- 14. |This, moreover,| says he, |Agrippinus, a man of excellent memoryà

Chapter 10. -- 15. But what attitude do they assume, when it is shown that the holyà

Chapter 11. -- 16. For this reason, then, we hold them to be enemiesà

Chapter 12. -- 17. What answer they can give about the followers of Maximianus whom they haveà

Chapter 13. -- 18. But who can fail to understand what they may be saying in theirà

Chapter 14. -- 19. But which is the worse, not to be baptized at allà

Chapter 15. -- 20. Since the Catholic Church, both in the time of the blessed Cyprian andà

Augustin undertakes the refutation of the arguments which might be derived from the epistle ofà

Chapter 1. -- 1. I think that it may now be considered clear to every oneà

Chapter 2. -- 2. Nevertheless, I see what may still be required of meà

Chapter 3. -- 4. Let us therefore, seeing that we adhere to the example of Cyprianà

Chapter 4. -- 6. Next his colleagues proceed to deliver their several opinions.à

Chapter 5. -- 7. But if any one should ask what I hold in the meantimeà

Chapter 6. -- 9. Libosus also of Vaga says: |The Lord says in the gospelà

Chapter 7. -- 10. Zosimus also of Tharassa said: |When a revelation of the truth has beenà

Chapter 8. -- 11. Likewise Felix of Buslacene said: |In admitting heretics without the baptism of theà

Chapter 9. -- 12. Likewise Honoratus of Tucca said: |Since Christ is the Truthà

Chapter 10. -- 13. Therefore Cyprian writes to Jubaianus as followsà

Chapter 11. -- 16. But Cyprian was right in not being moved by what Jubaianus wroteà

Chapter 12. -- 17. But the blessed Cyprian shows that it was no new or sudden thingà

Chapter 13. -- 18. But as regards the remission of sinsà

Chapter 14. -- 19. Nor is it material, when we are considering the question of the genuinenessà

Chapter 15. -- 20. Accordingly, if Marcion consecrated the sacrament of baptism with the words of theà

Chapter 16. -- 21. But when it is said that |the Holy Spirit is given by theà

Chapter 17. -- 22. |For as regards the fact that to preserve the figure of unity theà

Chapter 18--23. |As my Father hath sent me,| says our Lordà

Chapter 19. -- 25. They indeed who say that baptism is not to be repeatedà

In which he treats of what follows in the same epistle of Cyprian to Jubaianus.à

Chapter 1. -- 1. The comparison of the Church with Paradise shows us that men may indeedà

Chapter 2. -- 2. All the more, then, because |we are fighting for the honor and unity|à

Chapter 3. -- 4. And if they would have obeyed himà

Chapter 4. -- 6. We do not, therefore, |acknowledge the baptism of hereticsà

Chapter 5. -- 8. |Further,| Cyprian goes on to say, |in vain do someà

Chapter 6. -- 9. But as regards his saying, |Nor let any one affirm that what theyà

Chapter 7. -- 11. For in fact, as to what some opposed to the reasoning of Cyprianà

Chapter 8. -- 12. In short, we may see how great an evil in itself is envyà

Chapter 9. -- 13. By this patience of Christian love he not only endured the difference ofà

Chapter 10. -- 15. But some one may say that the tares within may more easily beà

Chapter 11. -- 18. What shall we say of what is also wonderfulà

Chapter 12. -- 19. But he urges that |we find that the apostlesà

Chapter 13. -- 20. There is therefore |no fellowship between righteousness and unrighteousnessà

Chapter 14. -- 22. But we must not despair of the conversion of any manà

Chapter 15. -- 23. To go on to the point which he pursues at great lengthà

Chapter 16. -- 24. Some one says, Does it then make no differenceà

Chapter 17. -- 25. |Can the power of baptism,| says Cyprianà

Chapter 18. -- 26. Nor indeed, is it of heresies alone that the apostle says |that theyà

Chapter 19. -- 27. Let us therefore not flatter the Catholic who is hemmed in with allà

Chapter 20. -- 28. But on the question whether we ought to prefer a Catholic of theà

Chapter 21. -- 29. With regard to the objection brought against Cyprianà

Chapter 22. -- 30. That the place of baptism is sometimes supplied by martyrdom is supported byà

Chapter 23. -- 31. But what is the precise value of the sanctification of the sacrament whichà

Chapter 24. -- 32. And if any one seek for divine authority in this matterà

Chapter 25. -- 33. By all these considerations it is proved that the sacrament of baptism isà

Chapter 26. -- 34. A few things still remain to be noticed in the epistle to Jubaianusà

He examines the last part of the epistle of Cyprian to Jubaianusà

Chapter 1. -- 1. We have the testimony of the blessed Cyprianà

Chapter 2. -- 2. But now that we have begun a disputation with a man of peaceà

Chapter. 3. -- 3. But in what Cyprian adds, saying, |Nor yet because men once have erredà

Chapter 4. -- 4. But since now, as I said beforeà

Chapter 5. -- 5. Wherefore, even if heretics should be truly anxious to correct their error andà

Chapter 6. -- 7. For when this is done occasionally in the case of individualsà

Chapter 7. -- 8. Truly, when I look at the actual words of Cyprianà

Chapter 8. -- 9. Wherefore, as the apostle said of the lawà

Chapter 9. -- 10. Now we must see what is said of the baptism of John.à

Chapter 10. -- 12. I ask, therefore, if sins were remitted by the baptism of Johnà

Chapter 11. -- 13. For we must look at the point which especially concerns the matter beforeà

Chapter 12. -- 14. Accordingly, I too might use the words of the blessed Cyprian to turnà

Chapter 13. -- 15. For the Lord Jesus might, if He had so thought fità

Chapter 14. -- 16. Accordingly we find the apostles using the expressionsà

Chapter 15. -- 17. That therefore the baptism of John was not the same as the baptismà

Chapter 16. Wherefore, Since it is manifest that the baptism remains in the baptized person when heà

Chapter 17. -- 22. But, having considered and handled all these pointsà

Chapter 18. -- 24. Whence Cyprian himself again admonishes us with the greatest fullnessà

Chapter 19. -- 25. Wherefore, as regards those who received the persons who came from heresy inà

Chapter 20.

Chapter 21. -- 29. But as to what he says, that |he who comes to the Churchà

Chapter 22. -- 30. Accordingly we agree with Cyprian that |heretics cannot give remission of sinsà

Chapter 23. -- 31. Cyprian writes also to Pompeius about this selfsame matterà

Chapter 24. -- 34. I remember that I have already discussed at sufficient length the question ofà

Chapter 25. -- 36. I am unwilling to go on to handle again what Cyprian poured forthà

Chapter 26. -- 37. To go on to what he saysà

Chapter 27. -- 38. And in that the Church is thus described in the Song of Songsà

Chapter 28. -- 39. Hence, therefore, we have now set before us an easier and more simpleà

In which is considered the Council of Carthage, held under the authority and presidency ofà

Chapter 1. -- 1. It might perhaps have been sufficient, that after the reasons have been soà

Chapter 2. -- 3. Again, if any one not having charityà

Chapter 3. -- 5. But I think that we have sufficiently shownà

Chapter 4. -- 6. And so it is clear that no good ground is shown herein whyà

Chapter 5. -- 7. Wherefore all bad men are separated in the spirit from the goodà

Chapter 6. -- 9. First, then, let us record for further consideration the case proposed for decisionà

Chapter 7. -- 10. I have already, I think, argued to the best of my powerà

Chapter 8. -- 11. Cæcilius of Bilta said: |I know of one baptism in the one Churchà

Chapter 9. -- 13. The elder Felix of Migirpa said: |I think that every one coming fromà

Chapter 10. -- 15. To the declaration of Polycarp of Adrumetumà

Chapter 11. -- 16. Novatus of Thamugadis said: |Though we know that all Scripture gives its testimonyà

Chapter 12. -- 18. Nemesianus of Tubunæ said: |That the baptism which is given by heretics andà

Chapter 13. -- 20. Januarius of Lambæse said: |Following the authority of the holy Scripturesà

Chapter 14. -- 22. Lucius of Castra Galbæ said: |Since the Lord hath said in His gospelà

Chapter 15. -- 24. Crescens of Cirta said: |The letters of our most beloved Cyprian to Jubaianusà

Chapter 16. -- 26. Nicomedes of Segermi said: |My judgment is that heretics coming to the Churchà

Chapter 17. -- 28. Monnulus of Girba said: |The truth of our motherà

Chapter 18. -- 30. Secundinus of Cedias said: |Since our Lord Christ saidà

Chapter 19. -- 32. Felix of Bagai said: |As when the blind leads the blindà

Chapter 20. -- 34. Polianus of Mileum said: |It is right that a heretic should be baptizedà

Chapter 21. -- 36. Theogenes of Hippo Regius said: |According to the sacrament of the heavenly graceà

Chapter 22. -- 38. Dativus of Badiæ said |We, so far as lies within our powerà

Chapter 23. -- 40. Successus of Abbir Germaniciana said: |Heretics may either do nothing or everything.à

Chapter 24. -- 42. Fortunatus of Thuccabori said: |Jesus Christ our Lord and Godà

Chapter 25. -- 46. Sedatus of Tuburbo said: |Inasmuch as waterà

Chapter 26. -- 49. Privatianus of Sufetula said: |He who says that heretics have the power ofà

Chapter 27. -- 51. Privatus of Sufes said: |What can be said of the man who approvesà

Chapter 28. -- 53. Hortensianus of Lares said: |How many baptisms there areà

Chapter 29. -- 55. Cassius of Macomades said: |Since there cannot be two baptismsà

Chapter 30. -- 57. Another Januarius of Vicus Cæsaris said: |If error does not obey truthà

Chapter 31. -- 59. Another Secundinus of Carpis said: |Are heretics Christians or not? If they areà

Chapter 32. -- 61. Victoricus of Thabraca said: |If heretics may baptizeà

Chapter 33. -- 63. Another Felix of Uthina said: |No one can doubtà

Chapter 34. -- 65. Quietus of Burug said: |We who live by faith ought with believing observanceà

Chapter 35. -- 67. Castus of Sicca said: He who presumes to follow custom in despite ofà

Chapter 36. -- 69. Eucratius of Theni said: |Our God and Lord Jesus Christà

Chapter 37. -- 71. Libosus of Vaga said: |The Lord says in the gospelà

Chapter 38. -- 73. Lucius of Thebaste said: |I declare my judgment that hereticsà

Chapter 39. -- 75. Eugenius of Ammedera said: |I too pronounce this same judgmentà

Chapter 40. -- 77. Also another Felix of Ammacura said: |I tooà

Chapter 41. -- 79. Also another Januarius of Muzuli said: |I wonder thatà

Chapter 42. -- 81. Adelphius of Thasbalte said: |It is surely without cause that they find faultà

Chapter 43. -- 83. Demetrius of the Lesser Leptis said: |We uphold one baptismà

Chapter 44. -- 85. Vincentius of Thibari said: |We know that heretics are worse than heathens.à

In which the remaining judgments of the Council of Carthage are examined.à

Chapter 1. -- 1. Let us not be considered troublesome to our readersà

Chapter 2. -- 2. Marcus of Mactaris said: |It is not to be wondered at if hereticsà

Chapter 3. -- 4. Satius of Sicilibba said: |If heretics receive forgiveness of their sins in theirà

Chapter 4. -- 6. Victor of Gor said: |Seeing that sins are forgiven only in the baptismà

Chapter 5. -- 8. Aurelius of Utica said: |Since the apostle says that we ought not toà

Chapter 6. -- 10. Iambus of Germaniciana said: |Those who approve the baptism of heretics disapprove oursà

Chapter 7. -- 12. Lucianus of Rucuma said: |It is writtenà

Chapter 8. -- 14. Pelagianus of Luperciana said: |It is writtenà

Chapter 9. -- 16. Jader of Midila said: |We know that there is but one baptism inà

Chapter 10. -- 18. Likewise another Felix of Marazana said: |There is one faithà

Chapter 11. -- 20. Paul of Bobba said: |I for my part am not moved if someà

Chapter 12. -- 22. Pomponius of Dionysiana said: |It is manifest that heretics cannot baptize and giveà

Chapter 13. -- 24. Venantius of Tinisa said: |If a husbandà

Chapter 14. -- 26. Aymnius of Ausuaga said: |We have received one baptismà

Chapter 15. -- 28. Saturninus of Victoriana said: |If heretics may baptizeà

Chapter 16. -- 30. Another Saturninus of Tucca said: |The Gentilesà

Chapter 17. -- 32. Marcellus of Zama said: |Since sins are remitted only in the baptism ofà

Chapter 18. -- 34. Irenæus of Ululi said: |If the Church does not baptize a hereticà

Chapter 19. -- 36. Donatus of Cibaliana said: |I acknowledge one Churchà

Chapter 20. -- 38. Zozimus of Tharassa said: |When a revelation has been made of the truthà

Chapter 21. -- 40. Julianus of Telepte said: |It is writtenà

Chapter 22. -- 42. Faustus of Timida Regia said: |Let not these persons flatter themselves who favorà

Chapter 23. -- 44. Geminius of Furni said: |Certain of our colleagues may prefer heretics to themselvesà

Chapter 24. -- 46. Rogatianus of Nova said: |Christ established the Churchà

Chapter 25. -- 48. Therapius of Bulla said: |If a man gives up and betrays the baptismà

Chapter 26. -- 50. Also another Lucius of Membresa said: |It is writtenà

Chapter 27. -- 52. Also another Felix of Buslaceni said: |In admitting heretics to the Church withoutà

Chapter 28. -- 54. Another Saturninus of Abitini said: |If Antichrist can give to any one theà

Chapter 29. -- 56. Quintus of Aggya said: |He who has a thing can give ità

Chapter 30. -- 58. Another Julianus of Marcelliana said: |If a man can serve two mastersà

Chapter 31. -- 60. Tenax of Horrea Celiæ said: |There is one baptismà

Chapter 32. -- 62. Another Victor of Assuras said: |It is writtenà

Chapter 33. -- 64. Donatulus of Capse said: |I also have always entertained this opinionà

Chapter 34. -- 66. Verulus of Rusiccade said: |A man that is a heretic cannot give thatà

Chapter 35. -- 68. Pudentianus of Cuiculi said: |My recent ordination to the episcopate induced meà

Chapter 36. -- 70. Peter of Hippo Diarrhytus said: |Since there is one baptism in the Catholicà

Chapter 37. -- 72. Likewise another Lucius of Ausafa said: |According to the motion of my mindà

Chapter 38. -- 74. Felix of Gurgites said: |I give my judgmentà

Chapter 39. -- 76. Pusillus of Lamasba said: |I believe that baptism is not unto salvation exceptà

Chapter 40. -- 78. Salvianus of Gazaufala said: |It is generally known that heretics have nothingà

Chapter 41. -- 80. Honoratus of Tucca said: |Since Christ is the truthà

Chapter 42. -- 82. Victor of Octavus said: |As ye yourselves also knowà

Chapter 43. -- 84. Clarus of Mascula said: |The sentence of our Lord Jesus Christ is manifestà

Chapter 44. -- 86. Secundianus of Thambei said: |We ought not to deceive heretics by our tooà

Chapter 45. -- 88. Also another Aurelius of Chullabi said: |The Apostle John has laid down inà

Chapter 46. -- 90. Litteus of Gemelli said: |If the blind lead the blindà

Chapter 47. -- 92. Natalis of Oëa said: |It is not only I myself who am presentà

Chapter 48. -- 94. Junius of Neapolis said: |I do not depart from the judgment which weà

Chapter 49. -- 96. Cyprian of Carthage said: |My opinion has been set forth with the greatestà

Chapter 50. -- 98. It is indeed worth while to consider the whole of the passage inà

Chapter 51. -- 99. Taking all these things, therefore, into considerationà

Chapter 52. -- 100. Of all these several classes, then, no one doubts respecting those firstà

Chapter 53. -- 101. The question is also commonly raised, whether baptism is to be held validà

Chapter 54. -- 103. But now I think that it is fully time for me to bringà


Written in the form of a letter addressed to the Catholicsà

Chapter 1. -- 1. Ye know that we have often wished to bring forward into open notorietyà

Chapter 2. -- 3. Whence, then, is a man to be cleansed who receives baptismà

Chapter 3.

Chapter 4. -- 5. Wherefore, if they were in error, and would have perished had they notà

Chapter 5. -- 6. We ask, therefore, since he says, |He who receives faith from the faithlessà

Chapter 6. -- 7. Wherefore, whether a man receive the sacrament of baptism from a faithful orà

Chapter 7. -- 8. But if it is perfect madness to hold such a view for ità

Chapter 8. -- 9. When he hears, |Every good tree bringeth good fruità

Chapter 9. -- 10. Again, when he hears, |He that is washed by one deadà

Chapter 10. -- 11. Lastly, if they are willing to give the name of dead neither toà

Chapter 11. -- 12. Of these I would ask, whether by coming to their sea they wereà

Chapter 12. -- 13. But our brethren themselves, the sons of the aforesaid churchesà

Chapter 13. -- 14. If, in the interests of the unity of the party of Donatusà

Chapter 14. -- 15. Therefore, brethren, let it suffice us that they should be admonished and correctedà

Chapter 15. -- 16. Look at the states of Musti and Assuraà

Chapter 16. -- 17. As for the words which follow in his letterà

Chapter 17. -- 18. Then he further adds: |Both are without the life of baptismà

Chapter 18. -- 20. He says: |You who are a most abandoned traditor have come out inà

Chapter 19. -- 21. What, then, does he mean by quoting in his letter the words withà

Chapter 20. -- 22. Wherefore all this about the generation of vipersà

Chapter 21. -- 23. Lastly, it has been said, as he himself has also quotedà

Chapter 22. -- 24. What if the holy and TRUE Church of Christ were to convince andà

Chapter 23. -- 25. In conclusion, the Testament is said to have been given to the flamesà

Chapter 24. -- 26. But let us turn to the consideration of your fruits.à

Chapter 25. -- 27. I think that I have left unanswered none of the statements in theà

Chapter 26. -- 28. But it is possible that you may expect of me that I shouldà

Chapter 27. -- 29. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, though that error is exposed and overcome in manyà

Chapter 28. Finally, they think that the question of baptism is hiddenà

Chapter 29. -- 31. These things, brethren, I would have you retain as the basis of yourà

In which Augustin replies to all the several statements in the letter of Petilianusà

Chapter 1. -- 1. That we made a full and sufficient answer to the first part ofà

Chapter 2. -- 4. Petilianus said: |Those who have polluted their souls with a guilty laverà

Chapter 3. -- 6. Petilianus said: |For what we look to is the conscience of the giverà

Chapter 4. -- 8. Petilianus said: |For he who receives faith from the faithlessà

Chapter 5. -- 10. Petilianus said: |For everything consists of an origin and rootà

Chapter 6. -- 12. Petilianus said: |This being the case, brethrenà

Chapter 7. -- 14. Petilianus said: |And again, He who is baptized by one that is deadà

Chapter 8. -- 17. Petilianus said: |We must consider, I sayà

Chapter 9. -- 21. Petilianus said: |Hemmed in, therefore, by these offensesà

Chapter 10. -- 23. Petilianus said: |Did the apostle persecute any one? or did Christ betray anyà

Chapter 11. -- 25. Petilianus said: |Yet some will be found to sayà

Chapter 12. -- 27. Petilianus said: |The Lord Jesus said to the Jews concerning Himselfà

Chapter 13. -- 29. Petilianus said: Over and over again He reproaches the FALSE speakers and liarsà

Chapter 14. -- 31. Petilianus said: |In the third place, alsoà

Chapter 15. -- 34. Petilianus said: |David also spoke of you as persecutors in the following termsà

Chapter 16. -- 36. Petilianus said: |The Lord Christ also warns usà

Chapter 17. -- 38. Petilianus said: |Thus, thus, thou wicked persecutorà

Chapter 18. -- 40. Petilianus said: |Nor is it, after allà

Chapter 19. -- 42. Petilianus said: |The Lord Jesus Christ commands usà

Chapter 20. -- 44. Petilianus said: |The Lord Christ cries again from heaven to Paulà

Chapter 21. -- 47. Petilianus said: |Accordingly, as we have saidà

Chapter 22. -- 49. Petilianus said: |It may be urged that Christ said to His apostlesà

Chapter 23. -- 51. Petilianus said: |But if you say that we give baptism twice overà

Chapter 24. -- 56. Petilianus said: |But you will answer that you abide by the same declarationà

Chapter 25. -- 58. Petilianus said: |For when you in your guilt perform what is falseà

Chapter 26. -- 60. Petilianus said: |For if you mix what is FALSE with what is trueà

Chapter 27. -- 62. Petilianus said: |It will be urged against usà

Chapter 28. -- 64. Petilianus said: |But yet, if I may be allowed the comparisonà

Chapter 29. -- 66. Petilianus said: |But to pass rapidly through these minor pointsà

Chapter 30. -- 68. Petilianus said: |Or if any one chance to recollect the chants of aà

Chapter 31. -- 70. Petilianus said: |For there is no power but of Godà

Chapter 32. -- 72. Petilianus said: |For although there is only one baptismà

Chapter 33. -- 77. Petilianus said: |But that I may thoroughly investigate the baptism in the nameà

Chapter 34. -- 79. Petilianus said: |For if the apostles were allowed to baptize those whom Johnà

Chapter 35. -- 81. Petilianus said: |Nor indeed will it be possible that the Holy Spirit shouldà

Chapter 36. -- 83. Petilianus said: |Which Holy Spirit certainly cannot come on youà

Chapter 37. -- 85. Petilianus said: |But that the truth of this may be made manifest fromà

Chapter 38. -- 90. Petilianus said: |If you declare that you hold the Catholic Churchà

Chapter 39. -- 92. Petilianus said: |But there is no fellowship of darkness with lightà

Chapter 40. -- 95. Petilianus said: |Paul the apostle also bids usà

Chapter 41. -- 97. Petilianus said: |And, again, he taught us that schisms should not ariseà

Chapter 42. -- 99. Petilianus said: |If Paul uttered these words to the unlearned and to theà

Chapter 43. -- 101. Petilianus said: |Can it be that the traitor Judas hung himself for youà

Chapter 44. -- 103. Petilianus said: |For we, as it is writtenà

Chapter 45. -- 105. Petilianus said: |But if these are the partiesà

Chapter 46. -- 107. Petilianus said: |In the first Psalm David separates the blessed from the impiousà

Chapter 47. -- 109. Petilianus said: |But the same Psalmist has sung the praises of our baptism.à

Chapter 48. -- 111. Petilianus said: |Yet that you should not call yourselves holyà

Chapter 49. -- 113. Petilianus said: |For, granting that you faithless ones are acquainted with the lawà

Chapter 50. -- 115. Petilianus said: |But that we may destroy your arguments one by oneà

Chapter 51. -- 117. Petilianus said: |If you wretched men claim for yourselves a seatà

Chapter 52. -- 119. Petilianus said: |If you suppose that you can offer sacrificeà

Chapter 53. -- 121. Petilianus said: |If you make prayer to Godà

Chapter 54. -- 123. Petilianus said: |But if it should so happenà

Chapter 55. -- 125. Petilianus said: |Even though you do very virtuous actionsà

Chapter 56. -- 127. Petilianus said: |But even if, as you yourselves supposeà

Chapter 57. -- 129. Petilianus said: |It is written, Thou shalt not commit adultery.à

Chapter 58. -- 131. Petilianus said: |It is written, Thou shalt not bear FALSE witness against thyà

Chapter 59. -- 133. Petilianus said: |It is written, Thou shalt not covet anything that is thyà

Chapter 60. -- 135. Petilianus said: |Under what law, then, do you make out that you areà

Chapter 61. -- 137. Petilianus said: |But the Lord Christ saysà

Chapter 62. -- 139. Petilianus said: |And again it is writtenà

Chapter 63. -- 141. Petilianus said: |But wherein do you fulfill the commandments of God? The Lordà

Chapter 64. -- 143. Petilianus said: |Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.à

Chapter 65. -- 145. Petilianus said: |Blessed are they that mournà

Chapter 66. -- 147. Petilianus said: |Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousnessà

Chapter 67. -- 149. Petilianus said: |Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.à

Chapter 68. -- 151. Petilianus said: |Blessed are the pure in heartà

Chapter 69. -- 153. Petilianus said: |Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the childrenà

Chapter 70. -- 155. Petilianus said: |Though the Apostle Paul saysà

Chapter 71. -- 157. Petilianus said: |To you the prophet saysà

Chapter 72. -- 159. Petilianus said: |Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sakeà

Chapter 73. -- 161. Petilianus said: |Since then you are not blessed by falsifying the commands ofà

Chapter 74. -- 163. Petilianus said: |But these things do not alarm us Christiansà

Chapter 75. -- 165. Petilianus said: |O wretched traditors! Thus indeed it was fitting that Scripture shouldà

Chapter 76. -- 167. Petilianus said: |But to us the Lord Christà

Chapter 77. -- 169. Petilianus said: |Paul also, the apostle, whilst he was suffering fearful persecutions atà

Chapter 78. -- 171. Petilianus said: |For what kind of faith is that which is in youà

Chapter 79. -- 173. Petilianus said: |And again, Charity suffereth longà

Chapter 80. -- 175. Petilianus said: |Lastly, what is the justification of persecution? I ask youà

Chapter 81. -- 177. Petilianus said: |But I answer you, on the other handà

Chapter 82. -- 179. Petilianus said: |But the holy apostle said thisà

Chapter 83. -- 181. Petilianus said: |If then there are not some to whom all this powerà

Chapter 84. -- 183. Petilianus said: |But if authority had been given by some law for personsà

Chapter 85. -- 185. Petilianus said: |For the Lord Christ saysà

Chapter 86. -- 188. Petilianus said: |Is it then the case that God has ordered the massacreà

Chapter 87. -- 190. Petilianus said: |For neither has the Lord God at any time rejoiced inà

Chapter 88. -- 192. Petilianus said: |We advise you, therefore, if so be that you will hearà

Chapter 89. -- 194. Petilianus said: |Here you have the fullest possible proof that a Christian mayà

Chapter 90. -- 196. Petilianus said: |Therefore I say, He ordained that we should undergo death forà

Chapter 91. -- 198. Petilianus said: |But you scatter thorns and taresà

Chapter 92. -- 200. Petilianus said: |Where is the saying of the Lord Christà

Chapter 93. -- 202. Petilianus said: |But what have you to do with the kings of thisà

Chapter 94. -- 214. Petilianus said: |Where is the law of God? where is your Christianityà

Chapter 95. -- 216. Petilianus said: |If you wish that we should be your friendsà

Chapter 96. -- 218. Petilianus said: |But what reason is thereà

Chapter 97. -- 220. Petilianus said: |Choose, in short, which of the two alternatives you prefer.à

Chapter 98. -- 223. Petilianus said: |Lastly, as we have often said beforeà

Chapter 99. -- 225. Petilianus said: |On you, yes you, you wretched menà

Chapter 100. -- 227. Petilianus said: |But we who are poor in spirit are not apprehensive forà

Chapter 101. -- 229. Petilianus said: |Inasmuch as we live in the fear of Godà

Chapter 102. -- 231. Petilianus said: |You, therefore, who prefer rather to be washed with the mostà

Chapter 103. -- 234. Petilianus said: |Imitate indeed the prophets, who feared to have their holy soulsà

Chapter 104. -- 236. Petilianus said: |David also said, The oil of the sinner shall not anointà

Chapter 105. -- 238. Petilianus said: |But he thus praises the ointment of concord among brethrenà

Chapter 106. -- 240. Petilianus said: |Woe unto you, therefore, whoà

Chapter 107. -- 242. Petilianus said: |And that none who is a layman may claim to beà

Chapter 108. -- 244. Petilianus said: |By this sentence, again, the apostle places in the same categoryà

Chapter 109. -- 246. Petilianus said: |Come therefore to the Churchà

In this book Augustin refutes the second letter which Petilianus wrote to him after havingà

Chapter 1. -- 1. Being able to read, Petilianus, I have read your letterà

Chapter 2. -- 3. Hear therefore, all ye who have read his revilingsà

Chapter 3. -- 4. These comparisons of the gospel you doubtless recognize.à

Chapter 4. -- 5. Nor would I therefore be understood to urge that ecclesiastical discipline should beà

Chapter 5. -- 6. Do you, therefore, holy scions of our one Catholic motherà

Chapter 6. -- 7. Furthermore, whether concerning Christ, or concerning His Churchà

Chapter 7. -- 8. Whilst we bear the testimony of God to this and the like effectà

Chapter 8. -- 9. Nor is it only you that are safeà

Chapter 9. -- 10. Therefore, as I have often said beforeà

Chapter 10. -- 11. Let these things suffice you, my beloved Christian brethren of the Catholic Churchà

Chapter 11. -- 12. What wonder is it then, if, when I draw in the grain thatà

Chapter 12. -- 13. For I am a man of the threshing-floor of Christà

Chapter 13. -- 14. If, therefore, I am a servant of the Lordà

Chapter 14. -- 15. Furthermore, if I have obtained from youà

Chapter 15. -- 17. Read now the most profuse revilings which he has poured forth whilst puffedà

Chapter 16. -- 19. Let him go now, and with panting lungs and swollen throat find faultà

Chapter 17. -- 20. Let him further go on, in his discourse of many but manifestly emptyà

Chapter 18. -- 21. Certainly in all these things, as you can learn or refresh your memoryà

Chapter 19. -- 22. For perhaps some one of you will say to meà

Chapter 20. -- 23. All these statements in my letter Petilianus set before himself for refutation.à

Chapter 21. -- 24. But see, when he is reduced to straits in the argumentà

Chapter 22. -- 26. Lastly, if these two or three wordsà

Chapter 23. -- 27. And, in the first place, with regard to that first expressionà

Chapter 24. -- 28. Whatever, therefore, he finds in these two wordsà

Chapter 25. -- 29. And yet Petilianus, to avoid answering what I have saidà

Chapter 26. -- 31. But why do we make inquiry into these points? Why do we bothà

Chapter 27. -- 32. But this is not what we are now inquiring.à

Chapter 28. -- 33. This is what we look upon with horror in your partyà

Chapter 29. -- 34. I entreat of you, pay attention to thisà

Chapter 30. -- 35. Accordingly this precedent is wholly without bearing on the matter in hand.à

Chapter. 31. -- 36. |And where,| he says, |is the word that I addedà

Chapter 32. -- 37. What shall we say of what he himself advanced in his epistleà

Chapter 33. -- 38. See now how Petilianus, to avoid answering this questionà

Chapter 34. -- 39. Petilianus quotes also the warning of the Apostle Johnà

Chapter 35.

Chapter 36. -- 42. But after this, when Petilianus came to that objection of oursà

Chapter 37. -- 43. Furthermore, according to our tenets, neither he of whom Petilianus said that heà

Chapter 38. -- 44. For, to pass over others dwelling in different quarters of the earthà

Chapter 39. -- 45. But as for you, when the case of the followers of Maximianus isà

Chapter 40. -- 46. For if the baptism which Prætextatus and Felicianus administered in the communion ofà

Chapter 41. -- 49. Lastly, he has ended his epistle with an exhortation and warning to hisà

Chapter 42. -- 51. For what I just now said is put with the greatest clearness inà

Chapter 43. -- 52. These things, I think, I put with clearness and truth in my formerà

Chapter 44. -- 53. Then a little after, as he had saidà

Chapter 45. -- 54. But that neither he nor any one of you might say thatà

Chapter 46. -- 55. Now, seeing that when Petilianus attributes this to me as though it wereà

Chapter 47. -- 57. Furthermore, in like manner as those who denied the resurrection of the deadà

Chapter 48. -- 58. When we ask, therefore, by what means the man is to be cleansedà

Chapter 49. -- 59. Do not therefore any longer say, |The conscience of one that gives inà

Chapter 50. -- 60. But if it is clear that Petilianus has made no answer to thoseà

Chapter 51. -- 63. Next, listen for a short time to the kind of way in whichà

Chapter 52. -- 64. But if you wish to see that the object of Petilianus in hisà

Chapter 53. -- 65. Then who is there that could fail to perceive from what a veinà

Chapter 54. -- 66. Finally, again, a little afterwards, when he resolved and was firmly purposedà

Chapter 55. -- 67. A minister, therefore, that is a dispenser of the word and sacrament ofà

Chapter 56. -- 68. And if this is rightly said of the gospelà

Chapter 57. -- 69. Furthermore, if, while I have continued without intermission to prove how entirely theà

Chapter 58. -- 70. For when he quoted a passage from the gospel as making against usà

Chapter 59. But according to all these four hypotheses, the truth is on the side of the communion of the Catholic Churchà


A Treatise

Chapter 1. -- 1. I must express my satisfaction, and congratulationsà

Chapter 2. -- 6. I would add, moreover, that they themselvesà

Chapter 3. -- 12. But those who are unacquainted with their habits think that they only killà

Chapter 4. -- 15. And indeed, before those laws were put in force by the emperors ofà

Chapter 5. -- 19. But as to the argument of those men who are unwilling that theirà

Chapter 6. -- 21. It is indeed better as no one ever could deny that men shouldà

Chapter 7. -- 25. However, before those laws were sent into Africa by which men are compelledà

Chapter 8. -- 32. But they, as we have sometimes said before in other placesà

Chapter 9. -- 35. As to the charge that they bring against usà

Chapter 10. -- 43. But this, they say, is the very thing which disquiets usà

Chapter 11. -- 48. But as to what they say, arguing as followsà



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