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Of The Work Of Monks - St. Augustine

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Of the Work of Monks.

Section 1. Thy bidding, holy brother Aurelius, it was meet that I should comply withalà

Section 3. Nor do they attend to this, that if another should sayà

Section 4. First then we ought to demonstrate that the blessed Apostle Paul willed the servantsà

Section 5. I would, however, proceed to a more searching and diligent consideration and handling ofà

Section 6. Which thing whoso thinks cannot have been done by the Apostlesà

Section 7. But lest any should fancy that this was granted only to the twelveà

Section 9. But he speaks more openly in the rest which he subjoinsà

Section 10. And he comes back again, and in all waysà

Section 12. But now, that as bearing with the infirmity of men he did thisà

Section 13. Of this weakness of his, he saith in another placeà

Section 14. Here peradventure some man may say, |If it was bodily work that the Apostleà

Section 15. But when he might use to work, that isà

Section 16. For he himself also, with an eye to the like necessities of saintsà

Section 17. On account then of these either occupations of the servants of Godà

Section 18. And a little after he saith, |For as touching the ministering to the saintsà

Section 19. As therefore the Apostle, nay rather the Spirit of God possessing and filling andà

Section 21. Moreover, if discourse must be bestowed upon anyà

Section 22. There also is said at what work the Apostle wrought.à

Section 23. Hence arises another question; for peradventure one may sayà

Section 24. This question I should briefly solve, if I should sayà

Section 26. That, namely, befalleth them which in undisciplined younger widowsà

Section 27. As it is, however, they, against the Apostle of Christà

Section 28. Here then shall these persons in their turn be in another more sublime degreeà

Section 29. But let us grant this also, that the whole year round there may inà

Section 31. For if they be urged from the Gospel that they should put nothing byà

Section 32. Some man will say: |What then does it profit a servant of Godà

Section 33. Wherefore even they which having relinquished or distributed their formerà

Section 35. And that which follows concerning birds of the air and lilies of the fieldà

Section 36. Since these things are so, suffer me awhileà

Section 37. We are not binding heavy burdens and laying them upon your shouldersà

Section 38. These things, my brother Aurelius, most dear unto meà

Section 40. And then that further device of theirs, if words can express ità

Section 41. Wherefore, they which will not do right thingsà

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