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On Lying - St. Augustine

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On Lying


Section 1. There is a great question about Lying, which often arises in the midst ofà

Section 6. On the other hand, those who say that we must never lieà

Section 7. Neither do they confess that they are awed by those citations from the Oldà

Section 9. But if no authority for lying can be allegedà

Section 10. As concerning purity of body; here indeed a very honorable regard seems to comeà

Section 11. But if any man supposes that the reason why it is right for aà

Section 12. Thus has the question been on both sides considered and treatedà

Section 22. What then, if a homicide seek refuge with a Christianà

Section 24. But one sometimes comes to a case of this kindà

Section 27. As, when we read in the Gospel, |Thou hast received a blow in theà

Section 28. It is also written, |But I say unto youà

Section 29. As that, |Take no thought for the morrowà

Section 30. Moreover, it was said to the Apostles that they should take nothing with themà

Section 31. Thus then what is written, |The mouth that liethà

Section 32. Manifestly also in the Gospel we find the mouth of the heartà

Section 35. Moreover what is written |Thou wilt destroy all that speak leasingà

Section 36. For, concerning FALSE witness, which is set down in the ten commands of theà

Section 38. Certain it is, albeit all this disputation go from side to sideà

Section 41. There resulteth then from all these this sentenceà

Section 43. So great blindness, moreover, hath occupied men's mindsà

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