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Of Holy Virginity - St. Augustine

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Of Holy Virginity

Section 2. This we have undertaken in our present discourseà

Section 4. Her virginity also itself was on this account more pleasing and acceptedà

Section 7. I have said this, lest haply married fruitfulness dare to vie with virgin chastityà

Section 8. Therefore no fruitfulness of the flesh can be compared to holy virginity even ofà

Section 10. For not even herein ought such as are married to compare themselves with theà

Section 12. Let marriages possess their own good, not that they beget sonsà

Section 14. It is, therefore, the present necessity that we are to avoidà

Section 15. After that the same Apostle adds, and saysà

Section 16. Yet he added, |But such shall have tribulation of the fleshà

Section 19. But lest any should think that of two worksà

Section 20. Far be it, therefore, that the Apostle so saidà

Section 21. Here some one will say, What has this to do with holy virginityà

Section 22. And now by plainest witnesses of divine Scripturesà

Section 23. Lastly, let us hear the Lord Himself delivering most plain judgment on this matter.à

Section 25. Nor indeed hath the Holy Spirit failed to speak what should be of openà

Section 27. Therefore go on, Saints of God, boys and girlsà

Section 28. Therefore let the rest of the faithful, who have lost virginityà

Section 29. But, lo, That Lamb goeth by a Virgin roadà

Section 30. Ye also who have not yet made this vowà

Section 31. Whence the greatness of this service, unto the undertaking of which we have accordingà

Section 32. Wherefore a few witnesses, which the Lord deigns to suggest to my mindà

Section 33. Whereas, then, all Christians have to guard humilityà

Section 35. Certainly we are to contemplate in Christ Himselfà

Section 36. Let them hear Thee, and let them come to Theeà

Section 37. But regard the troops of virgins, holy boys and girlsà

Section 38. I send thee not, soul that art religiously chasteà

Section 39. I fear, I say, greatly for thee, lestà

Section 40. And what members of the holy body, which is the Churchà

Section 41. Or are we indeed to believe that it is for any other reasonà

Section 42. Wherefore let this be the first thought for the putting on of humilityà

Section 43. Concerning continence also itself hath it not been most openly saidà

Section 44. Next let not man, now that he knoweth that by the grace of Godà

Section 46. But this is so great, that certain understand it to be the fruit anà

Section 47. But, as I had begun to say, whether the fruit an hundred-fold be virginityà

Section 48. What now shall I say concerning the very carefulness and watchfulness against sin? |Whoà

Section 49. Wherefore also the virgins of God without blame indeedà

Section 50. But, again, lest by occasion of this sentenceà

Section 52. Here some one will say, This is now not to write of virginityà

Section 53. Wherefore this do ye, virgins of God, this do yeà

Section 54. Lo, already ye are such, as that in the rest of your conduct alsoà

Section 55. If, therefore, ye despise marriages of sons of menà

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