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On The Good Of Marriage - St. Augustine

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On the Good of Marriage


Section 1. Forasmuch as each man is a part of the human raceà

Section 3. This we now say, that, according to this condition of being born and dyingà

Section 4. There is this further, that in that very debt which married persons pay oneà

Section 6. Further, in the very case of the more immoderate requirement of the due ofà

Section 7. But I marvel, if, as it is allowed to put away a wife whoà

Section 8. |Honorable,| therefore, |is marriage in all, and the bed undefiled.à

Section 9. Truly we must consider, that God gives us some goodsà

Section 11. And yet not to these themselves is marriage a sinà

Section 12. For, whereas that natural use, when it pass beyond the compact of marriageà

Section 14. And not without just cause a doubt is raisedà

Section 15. For what Christian men of our time being free from the marriage bondà

Section 16. Therefore if haply, which whether it can take placeà

Section 18. For what food is unto the conservation of the manà

Section 19. Therefore as many women as there are nowà

Section 22. If, therefore, even they who are united in marriage only for the purpose ofà

Section 23. Nor, in that the Law orders a man to be purified even after intercourseà

Section 24. Marriage, I say, is a good, and may beà

Section 26. But, in order that it may be more clearly understoodà

Section 27. Therefore at that time, when the Law alsoà

Section 28. Therefore, if we compare the things themselves, we may no way doubt that theà

Section 32. Therefore the good of marriage throughout all nations and all men stands in theà

Section 33. And, the case being thus, enough and more than enough answer has been madeà

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