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On Continence - St. Augustine

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On Continence

Section 1. It is difficult to treat of the virtue of the soulà

Section 2. And lest it should seem that necessary Continence was to be hoped for fromà

Section 4. For which cause our Lord Himself also with His own mouth saithà

Section 5. And on this account that, which, the parts that beget being bridled by modestyà

Section 7. This conflict none experience in themselves, save such as war on the side ofà

Section 8. Such soldiers the Apostolic trumpet enkindles for battle with that soundà

Section 9. And also, when he exhorts us, that we live not after the fleshà

Section 10. But in order that we fall not away from Continenceà

Section 12. When, therefore, you hear it said, |Sin shall not reign over youà

Section 13. In this so great conflict, wherein man under Grace livesà

Section 14. And some indeed, who are used to excuse their own sinsà

Section 16. But God wanted not power to make man such as that he should notà

Section 18. All we therefore, who believe in the Living and TRUE Godà

Section 19. For the flesh lusts after nothing save through the soulà

Section 20. There are therefore in us evil desires, by consenting not unto which we liveà

Section 21. That, therefore, the flesh lusteth against the Spirità

Section 22. I say not, therefore, with what error, but with what utter madnessà

Section 23. The Apostle has made known to us certain three unionsà

Section 25. But, say they, how is the flesh by a certain likeness compared unto theà

Section 26. Thus much will suffice to have treated on behalf of TRUE Continence against theà

Section 29. Thus the spirit of man, cleaving unto the Spirit of Godà

Section 30. But, after that he had made mention of these evilsà

Section 31. |But now do ye also,| saith he, |put down allà

Section 32. But whether keenly contending, that we be not overcomeà

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