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Justins Hortatory Address To The Greeks - Justin Martyr

Title Page

Chapter I.--Reasons for addressing the Greeks.

Chapter II--The poets are unfit to be religious teachers.

Chapter III.--Opinions of the school of Thales.

Chapter IV.--Opinions of Pythagoras and Epicurus.

Chapter V.--Opinions of Plato and Aristotle.

Chapter VI.--Further disagreements between Plato and Aristotle.

Chapter VII.--Inconsistencies of Plato's doctrine.

Chapter VIII.--Antiquity, inspiration, and harmony of Christian teachers.

Chapter IX.--The antiquity of Moses proved by Greek writers.

Chapter X--Training and inspiration of Moses.

Chapter XI.--Heathen oracles testify of Moses.

Chapter XII.--Antiquity of Moses proved.

Chapter XIII.--History of the Septuagint.

Chapter XIV.--A warning appeal to the Greeks.

Chapter XV.--Testimony of Orpheus to monotheism.

Chapter XVI.--Testimony of the Sibyl.

Chapter XVII.--Testimony of Homer.

Chapter XVIII.--Testimony of Sophocles.

Chapter XIX.--Testimony of Pythagoras.

Chapter XX.--Testimony of Plato.

Chapter XXI.--The namelessness of God.

Chapter XXII.--Studied ambiguity of Plato.

Chapter XXIII.--Plato's self-contradiction.

Chapter XXIV.--Agreement of Plato and Homer.

Chapter XXV.--Plato's knowledge of God's eternity.

Chapter XXVI.--Plato indebted to the prophets.

Chapter XXVII.--Plato's knowledge of the judgment.

Chapter XXVIII.--Homer's obligations to the sacred writers.

Chapter XXIX.--Origin of Plato's doctrine of form.

Chapter XXX.--Homer's knowledge of man's origin.

Chapter XXXI.--Further proof of Plato's acquaintance with Scripture.

Chapter XXXII.--Plato's doctrine of the heavenly gift.

Chapter XXXIII.--Plato's idea of the beginning of time drawn from Moses.

Chapter XXXIV.--Whence men attributed to God human form.

Chapter XXXV.--Appeal to the Greeks.

Chapter XXXVI.--True knowledge not held by the philosophers.

Chapter XXXVII.--Of the Sibyl.

Chapter XXXVIII.--Concluding appeal.

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