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Dialogue Of Justin Philosopher And Martyr With Trypho - Justin Martyr

Title Page

Chapter I.--Introduction.

Chapter II.--Justin describes his studies in philosophy.

Chapter III.--Justin narrates the manner of his conversion.

Chapter IV.--The soul of itself cannot see God.

Chapter V.--The soul is not in its own nature immortal.

Chapter VI.--These things were unknown to Plato and other philosophers.

Chapter VII.--The knowledge of truth to be sought from the prophets alone.

Chapter VIII.--Justin by his colloquy is kindled with love to Christ.

Chapter IX.--The Christians have not believed groundless stories.

Chapter X.--Trypho blames the Christians for this alone--the non-observance of the law.

Chapter XI.--The law abrogated; the New Testament promised and given by God.

Chapter XII.--The Jews violate the eternal law, and interpret ill that of Moses.

Chapter XIII.--Isaiah teaches that sins are forgiven through Christ's blood.

Chapter XIV.--Righteousness is not placed in Jewish rites but in the conversion of the heart given in baptism by Christ.

Chapter XV.--In what the true fasting consists.

Chapter XVI.--Circumcision given as a sign, that the Jews might be driven away for their evil deeds done to Christ and the Christians.

Chapter XVII.--The Jews sent persons through the whole earth to spread calumnies on Christians.

Chapter XVIII.--Christians would observe the law, if they did not know why it was instituted.

Chapter XIX.--Circumcision unknown before Abraham.

Chapter XX.--Why choice of meats was prescribed.

Chapter XXI.--Sabbaths were instituted on account of the people's sins, and not for a work of righteousness.

Chapter XXII.--So also were sacrifices and oblations.

Chapter XXIII.--The opinion of the Jews regarding the law does an injury to God.

Chapter XXIV.--The Christians' circumcision far more excellent.

Chapter XXV.--The Jews boast in vain that they are sons of Abraham.

Chapter XXVI.--No salvation to the Jews except through Christ.

Chapter XXVII.--Why God taught the same things by the prophets as by Moses.

Chapter XXVIII.--True righteousness is obtained by Christ.

Chapter XXIX.--Christ is useless to those who observe the law.

Chapter XXX.--Christians possess the true righteousness.

Chapter XXXI.--If Christ's power be now so great, how much greater at the second advent!

Chapter XXXII.--Trypho objecting that Christ is described as glorious by Daniel, Justin distinguishes two advents.

Chapter XXXIII.--Ps. cx. is not spoken of Hezekiah He proves that Christ was first humble, then shall be glorious.

Chapter XXXIV.--Nor does Ps. lxxii. apply to Solomon, whose faults Christians shudder at.

Chapter XXXV.--Heretics confirm the Catholics in the faith.

Chapter XXXVI.--He proves that Christ is called Lord of Hosts.

Chapter XXXVII.--The same is proved from other Psalms.

Chapter XXXVIII.--It is an annoyance to the Jew that Christ is said to be adored Justin confirms it, however, from Ps. xlv.

Chapter XXXIX.--The Jews hate the Christians who believe this How great the distinction is between both!

Chapter XL.--He returns to the Mosaic laws, and proves that they were figures of the things which pertain to Christ.

Chapter XLI.--The oblation of fine flour was a figure of the Eucharist.

Chapter XLII.--The bells on the priest's robe were a figure of the apostles.

Chapter XLIII.--He concludes that the law had an end in Christ, who was born of the Virgin.

Chapter XLIV.--The Jews in vain promise themselves salvation, which cannot be obtained except through Christ.

Chapter XLV.--Those who were righteous before and under the law shall be saved by Christ.

Chapter XLVI.--Trypho asks whether a man who keeps the law even now will be saved Justin proves that it contributes nothing to righteousness.

Chapter XLVII.--Justin communicates with Christians who observe the law Not a few Catholics do otherwise.

Chapter XLVIII.--Before the divinity of Christ is proved, he [Trypho] demands that it be settled that He is Christ.

Chapter XLIX.--To those who object that Elijah has not yet come, he replies that he is the precursor of the first advent.

Chapter L.--It is proved from Isaiah that John is the precursor of Christ.

Chapter LI.--It is proved that this prophecy has been fulfilled.

Chapter LII.--Jacob predicted two advents of Christ.

Chapter LIII.--Jacob predicted that Christ would ride on an ass, and Zechariah confirms it.

Chapter LIV.--What the blood of the grape signifies.

Chapter LV.--Trypho asks that Christ be proved God, but without metaphor Justin promises to do so.

Chapter LVI.--God who appeared to Moses is distinguished from God the Father.

Chapter LVII.--The Jew objects, why is He said to have eaten, if He be God? Answer of Justin.

Chapter LVIII.--The same is proved from the visions which appeared to Jacob.

Chapter LIX.--God distinct from the Father conversed with Moses.

Chapter LX.--Opinions of the Jews with regard to Him who appeared in the bush.

Chapter LXI--Wisdom is begotten of the Father, as fire from fire.

Chapter LXII.--The words |Let Us make man| agree with the testimony of Proverbs.

Chapter LXIII.--It is proved that this God was incarnate.

Chapter LXIV.--Justin adduces other proofs to the Jew, who denies that he needs this Christ.

Chapter LXV.--The Jew objects that God does not give His glory to another Justin explains the passage.

Chapter LXVI.--He proves from Isaiah that God was born from a virgin.

Chapter LXVII.--Trypho compares Jesus with Perseus; and would prefer [to say] that He was elected [to be Christ] on account of observance of the law. Justin speaks of the law as formerly.

Chapter LXVIII.--He complains of the obstinacy of Trypho; he answers his objection; he convicts the Jews of bad faith.

Chapter LXIX.--The devil, since he emulates the truth, has invented fables about Bacchus, Hercules, and Æsculapius.

Chapter LXX.--So also the mysteries of Mithras are distorted from the prophecies of Daniel and Isaiah.

Chapter LXXI.--The Jews reject the interpretation of the LXX., from which, moreover, they have taken away some passages.

Chapter LXXII.--Passages have been removed by the Jews from Esdras and Jeremiah.

Chapter LXXIII.--[The words] |From the wood| have been cut out of Ps. xcvi.

Chapter LXXIV.--The beginning of Ps. xcvi. is attributed to the Father [by Trypho] But [it refers] to Christ by these words: |Tell ye among the nations that the Lord,| etc.

Chapter LXXV.--It is proved that Jesus was the name of God in the book of Exodus.

Chapter LXXVI.--From other passages the same majesty and government of Christ are proved.

Chapter LXXVII.--He returns to explain the prophecy of Isaiah.

Chapter LXXVIII.--He proves that this prophecy harmonizes with Christ alone, from what is afterwards written.

Chapter LXXIX.--He proves against Trypho that the wicked angels have revolted from God.

Chapter LXXX.--The opinion of Justin with regard to the reign of a thousand years Several Catholics reject it.

Chapter LXXXI.--He endeavours to prove this opinion from Isaiah and the Apocalypse.

Chapter LXXXII.--The prophetical gifts of the Jews were transferred to the Christians.

Chapter LXXXIII.--It is proved that the Psalm, |The Lord said to My Lord,| etc., does not suit Hezekiah.

Chapter LXXXIV.--That prophecy, |Behold, a virgin,| etc., suits Christ alone.

Chapter LXXXV.--He proves that Christ is the Lord of Hosts from Ps. xxiv., and from his authority over demons.

Chapter LXXXVI.--There are various figures in the Old Testament of the wood of the cross by which Christ reigned.

Chapter LXXXVII.--Trypho maintains in objection these words: |And shall rest on Him,| etc They are explained by Justin.

Chapter LXXXVIII.--Christ has not received the Holy Spirit on account of poverty.

Chapter LXXXIX.--The cross alone is offensive to Trypho on account of the curse, yet it proves that Jesus is Christ.

Chapter XC.--The stretched-out hands of Moses signified beforehand the cross.

Chapter XCI.--The cross was foretold in the blessings of Joseph, and in the serpent that was lifted up.

Chapter XCII.--Unless the scriptures be understood through God's great grace, God will not appear to have taught always the same righteousness.

Chapter XCIII.--The same kind of righteousness is bestowed on all Christ comprehends it in two precepts.

Chapter XCIV.--In what sense he who hangs on a tree is cursed.

Chapter XCV.--Christ took upon Himself the curse due to us.

Chapter XCVI.--That curse was a prediction of the things which the Jews would do.

Chapter XCVII.--Other predictions of the cross of Christ.

Chapter XCVIII.--Predictions of Christ in Ps. xxii.

Chapter XCIX.--In the commencement of the Psalm are Christ's dying words.

Chapter C.--In what sense Christ is [called] Jacob, and Israel, and Son of Man.

Chapter CI.--Christ refers all things to the Father

Chapter CII.--The prediction of the events which happened to Christ when He was born Why God permitted it.

Chapter CIII.--The Pharisees are the bulls: the roaring lion is Herod or the devil.

Chapter CIV.--Circumstances of Christ's death are predicted in this Psalm.

Chapter CV.--The Psalm also predicts the crucifixion and the subject of the last prayers of Christ on Earth.

Chapter CVI.--Christ's resurrection is foretold in the conclusion of the Psalm.

Chapter CVII.--The same is taught from the history of Jonah.

Chapter CVIII.--The resurrection of Christ did not convert the Jews But through the whole world they have sent men to accuse Christ.

Chapter CIX.--The conversion of the Gentiles has been predicted by Micah.

Chapter CX.--A portion of the prophecy already fulfilled in the Christians: the rest shall be fulfilled at the second advent.

Chapter CXI.--The two advents were signified by the two goats Other figures of the first advent, in which the Gentiles are freed by the blood of Christ.

Chapter CXII.--The Jews expound these signs jejunely and feebly, and take up their attention only with insignificant matters.

Chapter CXIII.--Joshua was a figure of Christ.

Chapter CXIV.--Some rules for discerning what is said about Christ The circumcision of the Jews is very different from that which Christians receive.

Chapter CXV.--Prediction about the Christians in Zechariah The malignant way which the Jews have in disputations.

Chapter CXVI.--It is shown how this prophecy suits the Christians.

Chapter CXVII.--Malachi's prophecy concerning the sacrifices of the Christians It cannot be taken as referring to the prayers of Jews of the dispersion.

Chapter CXVIII.--He exhorts to repentance before Christ comes; in whom Christians, since they believe, are far more religious than Jews.

Chapter CXIX.--Christians are the holy people promised to Abraham They have been called like Abraham.

Chapter CXX.--Christians were promised to Isaac, Jacob, and Judah.

Chapter CXXI.--From the fact that the Gentiles believe in Jesus, it is evident that He is Christ.

Chapter CXXII.--The Jews understand this of the proselytes without reason.

Chapter CXXIII.--Ridiculous interpretations of the Jews. Christians are the true Israel.

Chapter CXXIV.--Christians are the sons of God.

Chapter CXXV.--He explains what force the word Israel has, and how it suits Christ.

Chapter CXXVI.--The various names of Christ according to both natures It is shown that He is God, and appeared to the patriarchs.

Chapter CXXVII.--These passages of Scripture do not apply to the Father, but to the Word.

Chapter CXXVIII.--The Word is sent not as an inanimate power, but as a person begotten of the Father's substance.

Chapter CXXIX.--That is confirmed from other passages of Scripture.

Chapter CXXX.--He returns to the conversion of the Gentiles, and shows that it was foretold.

Chapter CXXXI.--How much more faithful to God the Gentiles are who are converted to Christ than the Jews.

Chapter CXXXII.--How great the power was of the name of Jesus in the Old Testament.

Chapter CXXXIII.--The hard-heartedness of the Jews, for whom the Christians pray.

Chapter CXXXIV.--The marriages of Jacob are a figure of the Church.

Chapter CXXXV.--Christ is king of Israel, and Christians are the Israelitic race.

Chapter CXXXVI.--The Jews, in rejecting Christ, rejected God who sent him.

Chapter CXXXVII.--He exhorts the Jews to be converted.

Chapter CXXXVIII.--Noah is a figure of Christ, who has regenerated us by water, and faith, and wood: [i.e., the cross.]

Chapter CXXXIX.--The blessings, and also the curse, pronounced by Noah were prophecies of the future.

Chapter CXL.--In Christ all are free. The Jews hope for salvation in vain because they are sons of Abraham.

Chapter CXLI.--Free-will in men and angels.

Chapter CXLII.--The Jews return thanks, and leave Justin.

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