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Hymns From The Morningland - John Brownlie

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|I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live!|

Doxa en hupsistois Theo.

techthentos tou Christou.

hoi magoi ta dora prospherousin·

Euphrainesthe Dikaioi· ouranoi agalliasthe·

Ho Pater eudokesen,

Christos ho Basileus.

Augoustou monarchesantos epi tes ges,

nun panta peplerotai photos.

O wounded hands and feet!

When Jesus to the judgment hall

They brought Him to the hill of death

|Watch with Me,| The Master said,

They cried, |Let Him be crucified!|

O darkest night that ever fell!

Nailed to the cross the Saviour dies,

O Son of God, afflicted,

This be our prayer, O Saviour of our souls,

Lo, in its brightness the morning arising,

In the dark of early morn,

Glory to God! The morn appointed breaks,

Glory to God! the Christ hath left the tomb,

Rise, O glorious orb of day,--

Borne on the clouds the Christ arose

Lift up the gates,

Borne on the wings of light,

Like the beams that from the sun

Come, Holy Ghost, in might,

Spirit of God, in love descend,

Lord, may Thy Holy Spirit calm

O God, the Holy Ghost,

en Iordane, baptizomenou sou Kurie,

metemorphothes en to orei Christe ho Theos,

Idou, ho basileus sou erchetai.

agallestho ta drumou.


ton piston oiketen sou, anapauson

makaria he hodos, he poreue semeron, hoti

Psalm I

Psalm II




The New Year

Harvest Hymn

Now with my weeping would I cleanse my soul

O God of love, on bended knee,

O God, in mercy hear,

Come to the Christ in tears,

Forgive my heart its vain regrets,

Far let me flee from worldly sin,

Lord of mercy, at Thy gate,

Burdened with a heavy load,

Lord of a countless throng,

Let all the world abroad

Thou Saviour of our sinful race,

Where the Lord reveals His presence,

O Love of God, surpassing far

O God of our salvation,

O Jesus, when my guilty fears

Lord, I am Thine, for Thou hast died for me;

Lord, let our eyes the things unseen behold,

Wake to the songs that lips unsullied sing,

Bring to the Christ your fears,

Lord, soothe my anxious, troubled soul,

Surpassing great the gift of God

My hope is firmly set

The time is drawing near,

I will not yield my sword,

If in the cause of right I must,

The Christ on Olive's mount in prayer

Like music at the stilly hour,

O Lord, Thou in the hour of need,

My harp upon the willows, grave,

To Thee my soul enraptured sings,

Christos ho Logos me theoi sarkoumenos.

Deute kai mimesometha en te parouse heorte.


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