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The Belgic Confession - Various

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The Belgic Confession The Belgic Confession was originally composed in 1561 by Guido de Bres for the churchesà

Article I There Is Only One Godà

Article II By What Means God Is Made Known unto Usà

Article III The Written Word of Godà

Article IV Canonical Books of the Holy Scriptureà

Article V Whence the Holy Scriptures Derive Their Dignity and Authorityà

Article VI The Difference Between the Canonical and Apocryphal Booksà

Article VII The Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures to Be the Only Rule of Faithà

Article VIII God Is One in Essence, Yet Distinguished in Three Personsà

Article IX The Proof of the Foregoing Article of the Trinity of Persons in One Godà

Article X Jesus Christ Is TRUE and Eternal Godà

Article XI The Holy Spirit Is TRUE and Eternal Godà

Article XII The Creation of All Things, Especially the Angelsà

Article XIII The Providence of God and His Government of All Thingsà

Article XIV The Creation and Fall of Man, and His Incapacity to Perform What Is Truly Goodà

Article XV Original Sinà

Article XVI Eternal Electionà

Article XVII The Recovery of Fallen Manà

Article XVIII The Incarnation of Jesus Christà

Article XIX The Union and Distinction of the Two Natures in the Person of Christà

Article XX God Has Manifested His Justice and Mercy in Christà

Article XXI The Satisfaction of Christ, Our Only High Priest, for Usà

Article XXII Our Justification Through Faith in Jesus Christà

Article XXIII Wherein Our Justification Before God Consistsà

Article XXIV Mans Sanctification and Good Worksà

Article XXV The Abolishing of the Ceremonial Lawà

Article XXVI Christ's Intercessionà

Article XXVII The Catholic Christian Churchà

Article XXVIII Every One Is Bound to Join Himself to the TRUE Churchà

Article XXIX The Marks of the TRUE Church, and Wherein it Differs from the FALSE Churchà

Article XXX The Government of the Church and its Officesà

Article XXXI The Ministers, Elders, and Deaconsà

Article XXXII The Order and Discipline of the Churchà

Article XXXIII The Sacramentsà

Article XXXIV Holy Baptismà

Article XXXV The Holy Supper of Our Lord Jesus Christà

Article XXXVI The Magistracy Civil Governmentà

Article XXXVII The Last Judgmentà

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