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The Canons Of Dordt - Various

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Article 1 As all men have sinned in Adam, lie under the curseà

Article 2 But in this the love of God was manifestedà

Article 3 And that men may be brought to believe, God mercifully sends the messengers of theseà

Article 4 The wrath of God abides upon those who believe not this gospel.à

Article 5 The cause or guilt of this unbelief as well as of all other sins isà

Article 6 That some receive the gift of faith from Godà

Article 7 Election is the unchangeable purpose of God, whereby, before the foundation of the worldà

Article 8 There are not various decrees of election, but one and the same decree respecting allà

Article 9 This election was not founded upon foreseen faith and the obedience of faithà

Article 10 The good pleasure of God is the sole cause of this gracious electionà

Article 11 And as God Himself is most wise, unchangeable, omniscientà

Article 12 The elect in due time, though in various degrees and in different measuresà

Article 13 The sense and certainty of this election afford to the children of God additional matterà

Article 14 As the doctrine of divine election by the most wise counsel of God was declaredà

Article 15 What peculiarly tends to illustrate and recommend to us the eternal and unmerited grace ofà

Article 16 Those in whom a living faith in Christ, an assured confidence of soulà

Article 17 Since we are to judge of the will of God from His Wordà

Article 18 To those who murmur at the free grace of election and the just severity ofà

Rejection of Errors

Paragraph 1 Who teach: That the will of God to save those who would believe and wouldà

Paragraph 2 Who teach: That there are various kinds of election of God unto eternal lifeà

Paragraph 3 Who teach: That the good pleasure and purpose of Godà

Paragraph 4 Who teach: That in the election unto faith this condition is beforehand demanded that manà

Paragraph 5 Who teach: That the incomplete and non-decisive election of particular persons to salvation occurred becauseà

Paragraph 6 Who teach: That not every election unto salvation is unchangeableà

Paragraph 7 Who teach: That there is in this life no fruit and no consciousness of theà

Paragraph 8 Who teach: That God, simply by virtue of His righteous willà

Paragraph 9 Who teach: That the reason why God sends the gospel to one people rather thanà

Second Head of Doctrine

Article 1 God is not only supremely merciful, but also supremely just.à

Article 2 Since, therefore, we are unable to make that satisfaction in our own personsà

Article 3 The death of the Son of God is the only and most perfect sacrifice andà

Article 4 This death is of such infinite value and dignity because the person who submitted toà

Article 5 Moreover, the promise of the gospel is that whosoever believes in Christ crucified shall notà

Article 6 And, whereas many who are called by the gospel do not repent nor believe inà

Article 7 But as many as truly believe, and are delivered and saved from sin and destructionà

Article 8 For this was the sovereign counsel and most gracious will and purpose of God theà

Article 9 This purpose, proceeding from everlasting love towards the electà

Rejection of Errors

Paragraph 1 Who teach: That God the Father has ordained His Son to the death of theà

Paragraph 2 Who teach: That it was not the purpose of the death of Christ that Heà

Paragraph 3 Who teach: That Christ by His satisfaction merited neither salvation itself for anyoneà

Paragraph 4 Who teach: That the new covenant of grace, which God the Fatherà

Paragraph 5 Who teach: That all men have been accepted unto the state of reconciliation and untoà

Paragraph 6 Who use the difference between meriting and appropriating, to the end that they may instilà

Paragraph 7 Who teach: That Christ neither could die, nor needed to dieà

Third and Fourth Heads of Doctrine

Article 1 Man was originally formed after the image of God.à

Article 2 Man after the fall begat children in his own likeness.à

Article 3 Therefore all men are conceived in sin, and are by nature children of wrathà

Article 4 There remain, however, in man since the fall, the glimmerings of natural understandingà

Article 5 Neither can the decalogue delivered by God to His peculiar peopleà

Article 6 What, therefore, neither the innate understanding nor the law could doà

Article 7 This mystery of His will God revealed to but a small number under the Oldà

Article 8 As many as are called by the gospel are unfeignedly called.à

Article 9 It is not the fault of the gospel, nor of Christ offered thereinà

Article 10 But that others who are called by the gospel obey the call and are convertedà

Article 11 But when God accomplishes His good pleasure in the electà

Article 12 And this is that regeneration so highly extolled in Scriptureà

Article 13 The manner of this operation cannot be fully comprehended by believers in this life.à

Article 14 Faith is therefore to be considered as the gift of Godà

Article 15 God is under no obligation to confer this grace upon anyà

Article 16 But as man by the fall did not cease to be a creature endowed withà

Article 17 As the almighty operation of God whereby He brings forth and supports this our naturalà

Rejection of Errors

Paragraph 1 Who teach: That it cannot properly be said that original sin in itself suffices toà

Paragraph 2 Who teach: That the spiritual gifts or the good qualities and virtuesà

Paragraph 3 Who teach: That in spiritual death the spiritual gifts are not separate from the willà

Paragraph 4 Who teach: That the unregenerate man is not really nor utterly dead in sinà

Paragraph 5 Who teach: That the corrupt and natural man can so well use the common graceà

Paragraph 6 Who teach: That in the TRUE conversion of man no new qualitiesà

Paragraph 7 Who teach: That the grace whereby we are converted to God is only a gentleà

Paragraph 8 Who teach: That God in the regeneration of man does not use such powers ofà

Paragraph 9 Who teach: That grace and free will are partial causes which together work the beginningà

Fifth Head of Doctrine

Article 1 Those whom God, according to His purpose, calls to the communion of His Sonà

Article 2 Hence spring forth the daily sins of infirmity, and blemishes cleave even to the bestà

Article 3 By reason of these remains of indwelling sin, and also because of the temptations ofà

Article 4 Although the weakness of the flesh cannot prevail against the power of Godà

Article 5 By such enormous sins, however, they very highly offend Godà

Article 6 But God, who is rich in mercy, according to His unchangeable purpose of electionà

Article 7 For in the first place, in these falls He preserves in them the incorruptible seedà

Article 8 Thus it is not in consequence of their own merits or strengthà

Article 9 Of this preservation of the elect to salvation and of their perseverance in the faithà

Article 10 This assurance, however, is not produced by any peculiar revelation contrary to or independent ofà

Article 11 The Scripture moreover testifies that believers in this life have to struggle with various carnalà

Article 12 This certainty of perseverance, however, is so far from exciting in believers a spirit ofà

Article 13 Neither does renewed confidence of persevering produce licentiousness or a disregard of piety in thoseà

Article 14 And as it has pleased God, by the preaching of the gospelà

Article 15 The carnal mind is unable to comprehend this doctrine of the perseverance of the saintsà

Rejection of Errors

Paragraph 1 Who teach: That the perseverance of the TRUE believers is not a fruit of electionà

Paragraph 2 Who teach: That God does indeed provide the believer with sufficient powers to persevereà

Paragraph 3 Who teach: That the TRUE believers and regenerate not only can fall from justifying faithà

Paragraph 4 Who teach: That TRUE believers and regenerate can sin the sin unto death or againstà

Paragraph 5 Who teach: That without a special revelation we can have no certainty of future perseveranceà

Paragraph 6 Who teach: That the doctrine of the certainty of perseverance and of salvation from itsà

Paragraph 7 Who teach: That the faith of those who believe for a time does not differà

Paragraph 8 Who teach: That it is not absurd that one having lost his first regeneration isà

Paragraph 9 Who teach: That Christ has in no place prayed that believers should infallibly continue inà

Conclusion And this is the perspicuous, simple, and ingenuous declaration of the orthodox doctrine respecting theà

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