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Hymns Of The Early Church - John Brownlie

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Thine be the glory, God of Light,

With beauty decked the morn ascends,

Rise, thou glorious orb of day,

Up, up, my soul! with gladness rise,

The crimson blush of morning glows

The morn awakes; from eastern hills


Lo, in its brightness the morning arising,

From the hills the light is streaming,

ater arches, aperanton Cento from se ton aphthiton monarchen

The morn in beauty breaks,

Se kai nun eulogoumen

Fades the glory of the west--

See where the orb of day

There is no darkness where Thou art,

Lord, upon our night descending,

Lord, let my evening prayer

O Lord of light, Thy beams display,

kurie eleeson. 'Antilabou, soson, eleeson kai diaphulaxon emas Litany of the Deacon

The day fades into night,

A crown of gold surpassing rare,

epseusamen se ten aletheian, loge


In the early morning,

Lo, the clouds of night are rending,

Herdsmen keeping lonely vigil

oi magoi ta d?ra prospherousin oi poimenes to thauma keruttousin

Doxa en upsistois The?

techthentos tou Christou

Deute agalliasometha t? churio, to paron musterion ekdiegoumenoi

PUER NATUS IN BETHLEHEM From a Latin MS. of the Early 14th Century

Out from the rising of the sun,

ti soi prosenenkomen, Christe

Over trackless regions,

Doxa en upsistois The?

angeloi meta poimenon doxazousi

Glory in the highest!

Christos gennatai

Palm Sunday

O God of love, whose mercy came

Christos o Logos me theoi sarkoumenos


tas esperinas em?n euchas

anastasin Christou theasamenoi

He led them forth to Bethany,

See the King of kings ascending

kai ten pros upsos ouranou theian anlepsin

Past the cross with all its shame,


To God the Holy Ghost

Spirit of Light, Thy glory pour,

basileu ouranie, paraklete

Spirit of God, in love descend,

Lord, may Thy Holy Spirit calm

Ergo, os palai mathetais epengeilo

Anointing of the sick

tachus eis antilepsin, nomos uparchon Christi

eleous pege, uparchon 'peragathe

ton piston oiketen sou, anapouson os eusplanchnos

Almighty God, great Source of all,

Great love Divine, whose compass broad

Great Son of God, supremely brave,

Preparation for Worship

Almighty God! Thy power controls

tes patroas doxes sou

phos ilaron agais doxes

otan elthes o theos epi ges

ten achranton eikona sou proskunoumen


o Soter emon, anatole anatol?n


os egerthe o kurios, thanatosas ton thanaton

Darkly the tempest swept




per tes anothen eirenes, kai tes soterias ton psuchon emon, tou Kuriou deethomen


High on the throne of the Ancient of Days,

Ah, that blest abode above,

I sought the Lord at early morn,

Let a shining robe be mine,

I am alone, yet not alone,

Oh, the Cross, the Saviour dying,

I wandered sore distressed,

Once the Lord, for our salvation,

Close beside the heart that loves me

My soul doth wait on God,

The chariots of the Lord are strong,

O heavenly land beyond the sun!

There is no friend like Jesus,

When I heard the Saviour calling

I would not have a hand to guide

O Jesus, let me hear Thy voice,

Come, rest awhile; 'tis eventide--

We bless Thee, Lord, that Thou hast spread

Hark the voice of angels.

O, come in early morning,

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