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The Demonstration Of The Apostolic Preaching - Irenæus

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Chapter 1 The Holy Spirit in relation to Prophecy.à

Chapter 2 The Holy Spirit in relation to the Father and the Son.à

Chapter 3 The Holy Spirit and the Incarnation of the Word.à

Chapter 1 The Holy Spirit in relation to Prophecy.à

Chapter 2 The Holy Spirit in relation to the Father and the Son.à

Chapter 3 The Holy Spirit and the Incarnation of the Word.à

Chapter 1 Knowing, my beloved Marcianus, your desire to walk in godlinessà

Chapter 3 Now, that we may not suffer ought of this kindà

Chapter 5 Thus then there is shown forth One God, the Fatherà

Chapter 8 And by the Spirit the Father is called Most High and Almighty and Lord ofà

Chapter 9 Now this world is encompassed by seven heavens, in which dwell powers and angels andà

Chapter 10 Now this God is glorified by His Word who is His Son continuallyà

Chapter 11 But man He formed with His own hands, taking from the earth that which wasà

Chapter 13 And, whilst man dwelt in Paradise, God brought before him all living things and commandedà

Chapter 14 And Adam and Eve -- for that is the name of the woman --à

Chapter 15 But, lest man should conceive thoughts too high, and be exalted and upliftedà

Chapter 16 This commandment the man kept not, but was disobedient to Godà

Chapter 17 And when they were put out of Paradise, Adam and his wife.à

Chapter 18 And for a very long while wickedness extended and spreadà

Chapter 19 Until judgment came upon the world from God by means of a floodà

Chapter 20 Now of these one fell under a curse, and the two others inherited a blessingà

Chapter 22 Now after the Flood God made a covenant with all the worldà

Chapter 23 And they arose and came from the land of the eastà

Chapter 24 In process of tithe, that is to say, in the tenth generation after the Floodà

Chapter 26 And in the wilderness Moses received the Law from Godà

Chapter 27 And when they were near to the land, which God had promised to Abraham andà

Chapter 28 When the forty years were fulfilled, the people drew near to the Jordanà

Chapter 29 And, when Moses had finished his course, it was said to him by Godà

Chapter 32 Whence then is the substance of the first formed man? From the Will and theà

Chapter 33 And just as through a disobedient virgin man was stricken down and fell into deathà

Chapter 34 And the trespass which came by the tree was undone by the tree of obedienceà

Chapter 35 Moreover He fulfilled the promise made to Abraham, which God had promised himà

Chapter 36 And He fulfilled the promise to David; for to him God had promised that ofà

Chapter 37 Thus then He gloriously achieved our redemption, and fulfilled the promise of the fathersà

Chapter 38 But God the Father was very merciful: He sent His creative Wordà

Chapter 40 Thus then the Word of Godà

Chapter 41 And His forerunner was John the Baptist, who prepared and made ready the people beforehandà

Chapter 42 For such is the state of those who have believedà

Chapter 43 So then we must believe God in all thingsà

Chapter 44 And again Moses tells how the Son of God drew near to hold converse withà

Chapter 45 And Jacob, when he went into Mesopotamia, saw Him in a dreamà

Chapter 46 He it is who spake with Moses in the bushà

Chapter 47 So then the Father is Lord and the Son is Lordà

Chapter 48 And again David says:à

Chapter 49 And again Isaiah the prophet says:à

Chapter 50 So then right fitly Christ says through David that He converses with the Fatherà

Chapter 51 Here, first of all, is seen that the Son of God pre-existedà

Chapter 52 That Christ, then, being Son of God before all the worldà

Chapter 53 And that this Christ, who was with the Fatherà

Chapter 54 For this cause then is He Saviour.à

Chapter 55 He calls Him Wonderful Counselor, meaning of the Fatherà

Chapter 56 And again Isaiah says:à

Chapter 57 That the Son of God should be born, and in what way He was toà

Chapter 58 And again Moses says: There shall rise a star out of Jacobà

Chapter 59 Moreover Isaiah himself yet further says.à

Chapter 60 Now, Not according to opinion shall he judge, and not according to speech shall heà

Chapter 61 Now as to the union and concord and peace of the animals of different kindsà

Chapter 62 Wherefore again the prophet says:à

Chapter 63 And again the prophet Micah speaks of the place where Christ should be bornà

Chapter 64 And again David says that of his race Christ.à

Chapter 65 And the manner of His entry into Jerusalem, which was the capital of Judæaà

Chapter 66 So then, that the Son of God should be bornà

Chapter 67 At this point let us speak of His healings.à

Chapter 68 And that He shall be despised and tormented and in the end put to deathà

Chapter 69 Now what follows in Isaiah is this:à

Chapter 70 Then he says:à

Chapter 71 And in another place Jeremiah says:à

Chapter 72 And again the same prophet says thus concerning the sufferings of Christà

Chapter 73 And again David says thus concerning the death and resurrection of Christà

Chapter 74 And again David says thus concerning the sufferings of Christà

Chapter 76 And Zechariah says thus:à

Chapter 77 Again He says in the Twelve Prophets,à

Chapter 78 And in Jeremiah He thus declares His death and descent into hellà

Chapter 80 And again David says:à

Chapter 82 And at His crucifixion, when He asked a drinkà

Chapter 83 And that, being raised from the dead, He was to ascend into heavenà

Chapter 84 And the same says David again:à

Chapter 85 And being raised from the dead and exalted at the Father's right handà

Chapter 86 If then the prophets prophesied that the Son of God was to appear upon theà

Chapter 88 And that after His ascension He was to be exalted above allà

Chapter 89 That He would not send back the redeemed to the legislation of Moses -- forà

Chapter 90 Therefore, when you urge against us that we turn away from the religion

Chapter 91 And that these promises the calling from among the Gentiles should inherità

Chapter 92 And that He should become visible amongst us -- for the Son of God becameà

Chapter 93 And that this race was to become an holy people was declared in the Twelveà

Chapter 94 So then by the new calling a change of hearts in the Gentiles came toà

Chapter 95 Moreover Moses in Deuteronomy says that the Gentiles should be the headà

Chapter 97 By the invocation of the name of Jesus Christà

Chapter 99 So that none should imagine God the Father to be other than our Creatorà

Chapter 100 So then in respect of the three points of our seal error has strayed widelyà

ADDITIONAL NOTE. A new installment has now appeared of the Patrologia Orientalis XII.à





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