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The Day Boy And The Night Girl - George MacDonald

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Chapter 1 THERE was once a witch who desired to know everything.à

Chapter 2 THIS witch got two ladies to visit her.à

Chapter 3 BEHIND the castle the hill rose abruptly; the northeastern towerà

Chapter 4 WATHO at length had her desire, for witches often get what they wantà

Chapter 5 FIVE or six months after the birth of Photogenà

Chapter 6 THE hollow in which the castle of Watho lay was a cleft in a plainà

Chapter 7 THE little education she intended Nycteris to have, Watho gave her by word of mouth.à

Chapter 8 WATHO, having given orders, took it for granted they were obeyedà

Chapter 9 BUT alas! out was very much like in, for the same enemyà

Chapter 10 IT was some time before she had a second opportunity of going outà

Chapter 11 KNOWING nothing of darkness, or stars, or moon, Photogen spent his days in hunting.à

Chapter 12 ALTHOUGH Nycteris took care not to stay out long at a timeà

Chapter 13 A beautiful moth brushed across the great blue eyes of Nycteris.à

Chapter 14 THERE Nycteris sat, and there the youth lay all night longà

Chapter 15 But no sooner had the sun reached the noonsteadà

Chapter 16 WATHO was herself ill, as I have said, and was the worse temperedà

Chapter 17 FROM that dreadful morning Nycteris had never got to be herself again.à

Chapter 18 FIXING her telescope on the motionless form, that she might see it at once whenà

Chapter 19 AT the very moment when Photogen caught up Nycterisà

Chapter 20 THERE was now no occasion to fly a step farther.à

Chapter 21 Auroraà

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