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Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe

Title Page

CHAPTER ONE I was born in the year 1632, in the city of Yorkà

CHAPTER TWO On the first of September, 1651, I went on board a ship bound for London.à

CHAPTER THREE I was now set up for a Guinea traderà

CHAPTER FOUR As he was charitable in his proposal, so he was just in the performance toà

CHAPTER FIVE When I waked it was broad day, the weather clearà

CHAPTER SIX Into this fence or fortress, with infinite labor, I carried all my richesà

CHAPTER SEVEN After I had been there about ten or twelve days it came into my thoughtsà


CHAPTER NINE I found now that the seasons of the year might generally be dividedà

CHAPTER TEN In this journey my dog surprised a young kidà

CHAPTER ELEVEN But first I was to prepare more land, for I had now seed enough toà

CHAPTER TWELVE All the while these things were doing, you may be sure my thoughts run manyà

CHAPTER THIRTEEN I cannot say that after this, for five yearsà

CHAPTER FOURTEEN But being now in the eleventh year of my residenceà

CHAPTER FIFTEEN It happened one day, about noon, going towards my boatà

CHAPTER SIXTEEN I immediately went to work with this piece of groundà

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN In this disposition I continued for near a year after thisà

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN It was now the month of December, as I said aboveà

CHAPTER NINETEEN There are some secret moving springs in the affections whichà

CHAPTER TWENTY About a year and half after I had entertained these notionsà

CHAPTER TWENTY ONE After I had been two or three days returned to my castleà

CHAPTER TWENTY TWO During the long time that Friday had now been with meà

CHAPTER TWENTY THREE I had now not a moment to lose, for nineteen of the dreadful wretches satà

CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR It was just at the top of high-water when these people came on shoreà

CHAPTER TWENTY FIVE Upon this Will Atkins cried out, |For God's sakeà

CHAPTER TWENTY SIX When I came to England I was a perfect a stranger to all the worldà

CHAPTER TWENTY SEVEN It was about two hours before night when, our guide being something before usà

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