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The Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Title Page

Chapter 1 ALEXEY Fyodorovitch Karamazov was the third son of Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazovà

Chapter 2 YOU can easily imagine what a father such a man could be and how heà

Chapter 3 VERY shortly after getting his four-year-old Mitya off his hands Fyodor Pavlovitch married a secondà

Chapter 4 HE was only twenty, his brother Ivan was in his twenty-fourth year at the timeà

Chapter 5 SOME of my readers may imagine that my young man was a sicklyà

Chapter 6 IT was a warm, bright day the end of August.à

Chapter 7 THEY entered the room almost at the same moment that the elder came in fromà

Chapter 8 NEAR the wooden portico below, built on to the outer wall of the precinctà

Chapter 9 A visitor looking on the scene of his conversation with the peasants and his blessingà

Chapter 10 THE elder's absence from his cell had lasted for about twenty-five minutes.à

Chapter 11 DMITRI FYODOROVITCH, a young man of eight and twentyà

Chapter 12 ALYOSHA helped Father Zossima to his bedroom and seated him on his bed.à

Chapter 13 MIUSOV, as a man of breeding and delicacy, could not but feel some inward qualmsà

Chapter 14 THE Karamazovs' house was far from being in the centre of the townà

Chapter 15 THERE was one circumstance which struck Grigory particularly, and confirmed a very unpleasant and revoltingà

Chapter 16 ALYOSHA remained for some time irresolute after hearing the command his father shouted to himà

Chapter 17 |I was leading a wild life then.à

Chapter 18 |NOW,| said Alyosha, |I understand the first half.à

Chapter 19 HE did in fact find his father still at table.à

Chapter 20 BUT Balaam's ass had suddenly spoken.à

Chapter 21 THE controversy was over.à

Chapter 22 GRIGORY and Smerdyakov ran into the room after Dmitri.à

Chapter 23 ALYOSHA left his father's house feeling even more exhausted and dejected in spirit than whenà

Chapter 24 IT was not much more than three-quarters of a mile from the town to theà

Chapter 25 ALYOSHA was roused early, before daybreak.à

Chapter 26 FIRST of all, Alyosha went to his father.à

Chapter 27 |THANK goodness he did not ask me about Grushenkaà

Chapter 28 ALYOSHA soon reached Madame Hohlakov's house, a handsome stone house of two storiesà

Chapter 29 BUT in the drawing-room the conversation was already over.à

Chapter 30 HE certainly was really grieved in a way he had seldom been before.à

Chapter 31 |THE air is fresh, but in my apartment it is not so in any senseà

Chapter 32 MADAME HOHLAKOV was again the first to meet Alyosha.à

Chapter 33 HE had no time to lose indeed.à

Chapter 34 IVAN was not, however, in a separate room, but only in a place shut offà

Chapter 35 |I MUST make one confession| Ivan began.à

Chapter 36 |EVEN this must have a preface -- that isà

Chapter 37 AND Ivan, on parting from Alyosha, went home to Fyodor Pavlovitch's house.à

Chapter 38 AND in the same nervous frenzy, too, he spoke.à

Chapter 39 WHEN with an anxious and aching heart Alyosha went into his elder's cellà

Chapter 40 I SPENT a long time, almost eight years, in the military cadet school at Petersburgà

Chapter 41 The Russian Monk and his possible Significance.à

Chapter 42 THE body of Father Zossima was prepared for burial according to the established Ritual.à

Chapter 43 FATHER PAISSY, of course, was not wrong when he decided that his |dear boy| wouldà

Chapter 44 GRUSHENKA lived in the busiest part of the townà

Chapter 45 IT was very late, according to the monastery ideasà

Chapter 46 BUT Dmitri, to whom Grushenka, flying away to a new lifeà

Chapter 47 SO he must drive at full speed, and he had not the money for horses.à

Chapter 48 THIS was the visit of Mitya of which Grushenka had spoken to Rakitin with suchà

Chapter 49 WHERE was he running? |Where could she be except at Fyodor Pavlovitch's? She must haveà

Chapter 50 SHE was sitting in the kitchen with her grandmotherà

Chapter 51 BUT Dmitri Fyodorovitch was speeding along the road.à

Chapter 52 WITH his long, rapid strides, Mitya walked straight up to the table.à

Chapter 53 WHAT followed was almost an orgy, a feast to which all were welcome.à

Chapter 54 PYOTR ILYITCH PERHOTIN, whom we left knocking at the strong locked gates of the widowà

Chapter 55 OUR police captain, Mihail Makarovitch Makarov, a retired lieutenant-colonelà

Chapter 56 The First Ordealà

Chapter 57 |YOU don't know how you encourage us, Dmitri Fyodorovitchà

Chapter 58 THOUGH Mitya spoke sullenly, it was evident that he was trying more than ever notà

Chapter 59 SOMETHING utterly unexpected and amazing to Mitya followed.à

Chapter 60 |GENTLEMEN,| he began, still in the same agitation, |I want to make a full confessionà

Chapter 61 THE examination of the witnesses began.à

Chapter 62 WHEN the protocol had been signed, Nikolay Parfenovitch turned solemnly to the prisoner and readà

Chapter 63 IT was the beginning of November.à

Chapter 64 AND so on that frosty, snowy, and windy day in Novemberà

Chapter 65 BUT Kolya did not hear her.à

Chapter 66 KOLYA leaned against the fence with an air of dignityà

Chapter 67 THE room inhabited by the family of the retired captain Snegiryov is already familiar toà

Chapter 68 |WHAT do you think the doctor will say to him?| Kolya asked quickly.à

Chapter 69 THE doctor came out of the room again, muffled in his fur coat and withà

Chapter 70 ALYOSHA went towards the cathedral square to the widow Morozov's house to see Grushenkaà

Chapter 71 THE first of these things was at the house of Madame Hohlakovà

Chapter 72 GOING in to Lise, he found her half reclining in the invalid-chairà

Chapter 73 IT was quite late days are short in November when Alyosha rang at the prisonà

Chapter 74 ON the way to Ivan he had to pass the house where Katerina Ivanovna wasà

Chapter 75 THIS was the third time that Ivan had been to see Smerdyakov since his returnà

Chapter 76 BY that time Smerdyakov had been discharged from the hospital.à

Chapter 77 WHEN he was half-way there, the keen dry wind that had been blowing early thatà

Chapter 78 I AM NOT a doctor, but yet I feel that the moment has come whenà

Chapter 79 ALYOSHA coming in told Ivan that a little over an hour ago Marya Kondratyevna hadà

Chapter 80 AT ten o'clock in the morning of the day following the events I have describedà

Chapter 81 I DO NOT know whether the witnesses for the defence and for the prosecution wereà

Chapter 82 THE evidence of the medical experts, too, was of little use to the prisoner.à

Chapter 83 IT came quite as a surprise even to Alyosha himself.à

Chapter 84 I MAY note that he had been called before Alyosha.à

Chapter 85 IPPOLIT KIRILLOVITCH began his speech, trembling with nervousness, with cold sweat on his foreheadà

Chapter 86 |THE medical experts have striven to convince us that the prisoner is out of hisà

Chapter 87 |TO begin with, what was the source of this suspicion?| Ippolit Kirillovitch began.à

Chapter 88 IPPOLIT KIRILLOVITCH had chosen the historial method of expositionà

Chapter 89 ALL was hushed as the first words of the famous orator rang out.à

Chapter 90 THERE was one point that struck everyone in Fetyukovitch's speech.à

Chapter 91 |ALLOW me, gentlemen of the jury, to remind you that a man's life is atà

Chapter 92 |IT'S not only the accumulation of facts that threatens my client with ruinà

Chapter 93 THIS was how Fetyukovitch concluded his speech, and the enthusiasm of the audience burst likeà

Chapter 94 VERY early, at nine o'clock in the morning, five days after the trialà

Chapter 95 HE hurried to the hospital where Mitya was lying now.à

Chapter 96 HE really was late.à

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