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At The Back Of The North Wind - George MacDonald

Title Page

Chapter 1 I have been asked to tell you about the back of the north wind.à

Chapter 2 When Diamond got round the corner of the hayà

Chapter 3 Diamond woke very early in the morning, and thought what a curious dream he hadà

Chapter 4 And as she stood looking towards London, Diamond saw that she was trembling.à

Chapter 5 Diamond said nothing to his mother about his adventures.à

Chapter 6 The hand felt its way up his arm, andà

Chapter 7 I must not go on describing what cannot be describedà

Chapter 8 That Diamond had fallen fast asleep is very evident from the strange things he nowà

Chapter 9 When Diamond went home to breakfast, he found his father and mother already seated atà

Chapter 10 I have now come to the most difficult part of my story.à

Chapter 11 When one at the back of the north wind wanted to know how things wereà

Chapter 12 As they flew, so fast they went that the sea slid away from under themà

Chapter 13 Diamond and his mother sat down upon the edge of the rough grass that borderedà

Chapter 14 After this Diamond recovered so fast, that in a few days he was quite ableà

Chapter 15 It was late in the afternoon when Diamond and his mother and the baby reachedà

Chapter 16 The wind blew loud, but Diamond slept a deep sleepà

Chapter 17 Diamond became a great favourite with all the men about the mews.à

Chapter 18 A few nights after this, Diamond woke up suddenlyà

Chapter 19 One day when old Diamond was standing with his nose in his bag between Pallà

Chapter 20 The question of the tall gentleman as to whether Diamond could read or not setà

Chapter 21 Diamond managed with many blunders to read this rhyme to his mother.à

Chapter 22 Mr.à

Chapter 23 When Diamond got home he found his father at home alreadyà

Chapter 24 He got up in the morning as soon as he heard the men moving inà

Chapter 25 |There, baby!| said Diamond; |I'm so happy that I can only sing nonsense.à

Chapter 26 The next morning Diamond was up almost as early as before.à

Chapter 27 The first day his father resumed his work, Diamond went with him as usual.à

Chapter 28 No house of any pretension to be called a palace is in the least worthyà

Chapter 29 The children were delighted with the story, and made many amusing remarks upon it.à

Chapter 30 Nanny was not fit to be moved for some time yetà

Chapter 31 It was a great delight to Diamond when at length Nanny was well enough toà

Chapter 32 It was Friday night, and Diamond, like the rest of the householdà

Chapter 33 The next morning, Diamond's mother said to his fatherà

Chapter 34 Before the end of the month, Ruby had got respectably thinà

Chapter 35 Mr.à

Chapter 36 My readers will not wonder that, after this, I did my very best to gainà

Chapter 37 The next night Diamond was seated by his open windowà

Chapter 38 I did not see Diamond for a week or so after thisà

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