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Origens Commentary On The Gospel Of Matthew - Origen

Title Page

Commentary on Matthew. Introduction.

From the First Book of the Commentary on Matthew.

From the Second Book of the Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew.

1. The Parable of the Tares: the House of Jesus.

2. Exposition of the Parable.

3. The Shining of the Righteous. Its Interpretation.

4. Concerning the Parable of the Treasure Hidden in the Field. The Parable Distinguished from the Similitude.

5. The Field and the Treasure Interpreted.

6. The Exposition Continued.

7. The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price. The Formation and Difference of Pearls.

8. The Parable Interpreted is the Light of These Views.

9. Christ the Pearl of Great Price.

10. The Pearl of the Gospel in Relation to the Old Testament.

11. The Parable of the Drag-Net.

12. The Divine Scriptures Compared to a Net.

13. Relation of Men to Angels.

14. The Disciples as Scribes.

15. The Householder and His Treasury.

16. Parables in Relation to Similitudes. Jesus in His Own Country.

17. The Brethren of Jesus.

18. Prophets in Their Country.

19. Relation of Faith and Unbelief to the Supernatural Powers of Jesus.

20. Different Conceptions of John the Baptist.

21. Herod and the Baptist.

22. The Dancing of Herodias. The Keeping of Oaths.

23. The Withdrawal of Jesus.

24. The Diverse Forms of Spiritual Sickness.

25. Healing Precedes Participation in the Loaves of Jesus.

1. Introduction to the Feeding of the Five Thousand.

2. Exposition of the Details of the Miracle.

3. The Exposition of Details Continued. The Sitting Down on the Grass. The Division into Companies.

4. The Multitudes and the Disciples Contrasted.

5. The Disciples in Conflict. Jesus Walks Upon the Waters.

6. Interpretation of the Details in the Narrative. Application Thereof to All Disciples.

7. The Healing of the Sick on the Other Side. The Method of Healing.

8. Concerning the Pharisees and Scribes Who Came and Inquired, Why Do Thy Disciples Transgress the Tradition of the Elders?

9. Explanation of |Corban.|

10. The Traditions of the Elders in Collision with Divine Law.

11. Exposition of the Prophecy of Isaiah Quoted by Jesus.

12. Things Clean and Unclean According to the Law and the Gospel.

13. The Offence of the Pharisees.

14. Why the Pharisees Were Not a Plant of God. Teaching of Origen on the |Bread of the Lord.|

15. Eating with Unwashed Heart Defiles the Man.

16. Concerning the Canaanitish Woman. Meaning of the |Borders of Tyre and Sidon.|

17. Exposition of the Details in the Narrative.

18. Concerning the Multitudes Who Were Healed. Comparison of the Mountain Where Jesus Sat to the Church.

19. Concerning the Seven Loaves. The Narrative of the Feeding of the Four Thousand Compared with that of the Five Thousand.

1. Concerning Those Who Asked Him to Show Them a Sign from Heaven.

2. Why the Pharisees Asked a Sign from Heaven.

3. The Answer of Jesus to Their Request.

4. Why Jesus Called Them an Adulterous Generation. The Law as Husband.

5. Concerning the Leaven of the Pharisees.

6. The Meaning of Leaven. Jesus' Knowledge of the Heart.

7. Relative Magnitude of Sins of the Heart and Actual Sins.

8. The Leaven Figurative Like the Water Spoken of by Jesus to the Woman of Samaria.

9. Concerning the Question of Jesus in Cæsarea, Who Do Men Say that I Am? Different Conceptions of Jesus.

10. The Answer of Peter.

11. The Promise Given to Peter Not Restricted to Him, But Applicable to All Disciples Like Him.

12. Every Sin--Every False Doctrine is a |Gate of Hades.|

13. The |Gates of Hades| And the |Gates of Zion| Contrasted.

14. In What Sense the |Keys| Are Given to Peter, and Every Peter. Limitations of This Power.

15. Relation of the Former Commission Given by Jesus to the Disciples, to His Present Injunction of Silence. Belief and Knowledge Contrasted.

16. Gradual Growth in Knowledge of the Disciples.

17. Reasons for that Gradual Knowledge.

18. Jesus Was at First Proclaimed by the Twelve as a Worker and a Teacher Only.

19. Importance of the Proclamation of Jesus as the Crucified.

20. Why Jesus Had to Go to Jerusalem.

21. The Rebuke of Peter and the Answer of Jesus.

22. Importance of the Expressions |Behind| And |Turned.|

23. Peter as a Stumbling-Block to Jesus.

24. Self-Denial and Cross-Bearing.

25. Reference to the Saying of Paul About Crucifixion with Christ.

26. The Less of Life; And the Saving of It.

27. Life Lost to the World is Saved.

28. The Exchange for One's Life.

29. The Coming of the Son of Man in Glory.

30. The Word Appears in Different Forms; The Time of His Coming in Glory.

31. The Simpler Interpretation of the Promise About Not Tasting of Death.

32. Standing by the Saviour.

33. Interpretation of |Tasting of Death.|

34. Meaning of |Until.| No Limitation of Promise.

35. Scriptural References to Death.

36. Concerning the Transfiguration of the Saviour.

37. Force of the Words |Before Them.|

38. The Garments White as the Light.

39. Jesus Was Transfigured--|As He Was Praying.|

40. Discussion of the Saying of Peter.

41. Figurative Interpretation of the Same.

42. The Meaning of the |Bright Cloud.|

43. Relation of Moses and Elijah to Jesus. The Injunction of Silence.

1. Relation of the Baptist to Elijah. The Theory of Transmigration

2. |The Spirit and Power of Elijah|--Not the Soul--Were in the Baptist.

3. Concerning the Epileptic.

4. Spiritual Epileptics.

5. The Deaf and Dumb Spirit.

6. Influence of the Moon and Stars on Men.

7. The Power of Faith.

8. Jesus' Prediction of His |Delivery| Into the Hands of Men.

9. Satan and the |Delivery| Of Jesus.

10. Concerning Those Who Demanded the Half-Shekel.

11. The Freedom of Sons.

12. The Stater Allegorized.

13. The Sacred Half-Shekel.

14. Concerning Those Who Said, Who is the Greatest? and Concerning the Child that Was Called by Jesus.

15. Greatness Varies in Degree.

16. Why the Great are Compared to Little Children.

17. The Little Ones and Their Stumbling-Blocks.

18. Who Was the Little Child Called by Jesus.

19. The Parallel Passages in Mark and Luke.

20. The World and Offences. Various Meanings of World.

21. The |Woe| Does Not Apply to the Disciples of Jesus.

22. What the |Occasions of Stumbling| Are.

23. In What Sense |Necessary.|

24. The Offending Hand, or Foot, or Eye.

25. The Eye or Hand Allegorized.

26. The Little Ones and Their Angels.

27. When the Little Ones are Assigned to Angels.

28. Close Relationship of Angels to Their |Little Ones.|

29. The Little Ones and the Perfect.

30. The Sinning Brother.

31. The Power to Bind on Earth and in Heaven.

1. The Power of Harmony in Relation to Prayer.

2. The Harmony of Husband and Wife.

3. The Harmony of Body, Soul, and Spirit.

4. Harmony of the Old and New Covenants.

5. The Limit of Forgiveness.

6. Concerning the King Who Made a Reckoning with His Own Servants, to Whom Was Brought a Man Who Owed Ten Thousand Talents.

7. Exposition Continued: the King and the Servants.

8. The Principle of the Reckoning.

9. The Time Occupied by the Reckoning.

10. The Man Who Owed Many Talents.

11. The Servant Who Owed a Hundred Pence.

12. The Time of the Reckoning.

13. No Forgiveness to the Unforgiving.

14. How Jesus Finished His Words.

15. How Men Followed Jesus.

16. Concerning the Pharisees and Scribes Tempting Jesus (by Asking) Whether Was Lawful for a Man to Put Away His Wife for Every Cause.

17. Union of Christ and the Church.

18. The Bill of Divorcement.

19. The Divorce of Israel.

20. Christ and the Gentiles.

21. Union of Angels and the Souls of Men.

22. The Marriage of Church Dignitaries.

23. Some Laws Given by Concession to Human Weakness.

24. Jewish Criticism of the Law of Christ.

25. Chastity and Prayer.

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