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The Gospel Of Pseudo-matthew - Unknown

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Chapter 1. In those days there was a man in Jerusalemà

Chapter 2. And it happened that, in the time of the feastà

Chapter 3. At the same time there appeared a young man on the mountains to Joachim whileà

Chapter 4. After these things, her nine months being fulfilled, Anna brought forth a daughterà

Chapter 5. Then Anna, filled with the Holy Spirit, said before them allà

Chapter 6. And Mary was held in admiration by all the people of Israelà

Chapter 7. Then Abiathar the priest offered gifts without end to the high priestsà

Chapter 8. Now it came to pass, when she was fourteen years oldà

Chapter 9. And on the second day, while Mary was at the fountain to fill her pitcherà

Chapter 10. While these things were doing, Joseph was occupied with his workà

Chapter 11. And when he was thinking of rising up and hiding himselfà

Chapter 12. After these things there arose a great report that Mary was with child.à

Chapter 13. And it came to pass some little time afterà

Chapter 14. And on the third day after the birth of our Lord Jesus Christà

Chapter 15. And on the sixth day they entered Bethlehem, where they spent the seventh day.à

Chapter 16. And when the second year was past, Magi came from the east to Jerusalemà

Chapter 17. And when Herod saw that he had been made sport of by the magià

Chapter 18. And having come to a certain cave, and wishing to rest in ità

Chapter 19. Lions and panthers adored Him likewise, and accompanied them in the desert.à

Chapter 20. And it came to pass on the third day of their journeyà

Chapter 21. And on the day after, when they were setting out thenceà

Chapter 22. After this, while they were going on their journeyà

Chapter 23. And it came to pass, when the most blessed Mary went into the temple withà

Chapter 24. Then Affrodosius, that governor of the city, when news of this was brought to himà

Chapter 25. After no long time the angel said to Josephà

Chapter 26. And it came to pass, after Jesus had returned out of Egyptà

Chapter 27. And it came to pass, after these things, that in the sight of all Jesusà

Chapter 28. And again the son of Annas, a priest of the templeà

Chapter 29. Then Joseph trembled, and took hold of Jesus, and went with Him to his ownà

Chapter 30. Now a certain Jewish schoolmaster named Zachyas heard Jesus thus speakingà

Chapter 31. A second time the master Zachyas, doctor of the lawà

Chapter 32. After these things, Joseph and Mary departed thence with Jesus into the city of Nazarethà

Chapter 33. Now Jesus was six years old, and His mother sent Him with a pitcher toà

Chapter 34. Again, on a certain day, He went forth into the fieldà

Chapter 35. There is a road going out of Jericho and leading to the river Jordanà

Chapter 36. After these things Jesus crossed the Jordan, in the sight of them allà

Chapter 37. Now Joseph was a carpenter, and used to make nothing else of wood but ox-yokesà

Chapter 38. And it came to pass a second time, that Joseph and Mary were asked byà

Chapter 39. Again the Jews asked Mary and Joseph a third time to coax Him to goà

Chapter 40. After these things Joseph departed thence with Mary and Jesus to go into Capernaum byà

Chapter 41. And they went away from Capernaum into the city which is called Bethlehemà

Chapter 42. And Joseph having come to a feast with his sonsà

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