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The Clementine Homilies - Unknown

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Chapter I.--Boyish Questionings.

Chapter II.--Good Out of Evil.

Chapter III.--Perplexity.

Chapter IV.--More Perplexity.

Chapter V.--A Resolution.

Chapter VI.--Tidings from Judæa.

Chapter VII.--The Gospel in Rome.

Chapter VIII.--Departure from Rome.

Chapter IX.--Preaching of Barnabas.

Chapter X.--Cavils of the Philosophers.

Chapter XI.--Clement's Zeal.

Chapter XII.--Clement's Rebuke of the People.

Chapter XIII.--Clement Instructed by Barnabas.

Chapter XIV.--Departure of Barnabas.

Chapter XV.--Introduction to Peter.

Chapter XVI.--Peter's Salutation.

Chapter XVII.--Questions Propounded.

Chapter XVIII.--Causes of Ignorance.

Chapter XIX.--The True Prophet.

Chapter XX.--Peter's Satisfaction with Clement.

Chapter XXI.--Unalterable Conviction.

Chapter XXII.--Thanksgiving.

Chapter I.--Peter's Attendants.

Chapter II.--A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

Chapter III.--Forewarned is Forearmed.

Chapter IV.--A Request.

Chapter V.--Excellence of the Knowledge of the True Prophet.

Chapter VI.--The True Prophet.

Chapter VII.--Unaided Quest of Truth Profitless.

Chapter VIII.--Test of Truth.

Chapter IX.--|The Weak Things of the World.|

Chapter X.--Test of the Prophet.

Chapter XI.--Ignorance, Knowledge, Foreknowledge.

Chapter XII.--Doctrine of the True Prophet.

Chapter XIII.--Future Rewards and Punishments.

Chapter XIV.--Righteousness and Unrighteousness.

Chapter XV.--Pairs.

Chapter XVI.--Man's Ways Opposite to God's.

Chapter XVII.--First the Worse, Then the Better.

Chapter XVIII.--Mistake About Simon Magus.

Chapter XIX.--Justa, a Proselyte.

Chapter XX.--Divorced for the Faith.

Chapter XXI.--Justa's Adopted Sons, Associates with Simon.

Chapter XXII.--Doctrines of Simon.

Chapter XXIII.--Simon a Disciple of the Baptist.

Chapter XXIV.--Electioneering Stratagems.

Chapter XXV.--Simon's Deceit.

Chapter XXVI.--His Wickedness.

Chapter XXVII.--His Promises.

Chapter XXVIII.--Fruitless Counsel.

Chapter XXIX.--Immortality of the Soul.

Chapter XXX.--An Argument.

Chapter XXXI.--A Dilemma.

Chapter XXXII.--Simon's Prodigies.

Chapter XXXIII.--Doctrine of Pairs.

Chapter XXXIV.--Useless and Philanthropic Miracles.

Chapter XXXV.--Discussion Postponed.

Chapter XXXVI.--All for the Best.

Chapter XXXVII.--Spies in the Enemy's Camp.

Chapter XXXVIII.--Corruption of the Law.

Chapter XXXIX.--Tactics.

Chapter XL.--Preliminary Instruction.

Chapter XLI.--Asking for Information, Not Contradiction.

Chapter XLII.--Right Notions of God Essential to Holiness.

Chapter XLIII.--A Priori Argument on the Divine Attributes.

Chapter XLIV.--The Same Continued.

Chapter XLV.--How God is to Be Thought of.

Chapter XLVI.--Judgment to Come.

Chapter XLVII.--A Pertinent Question.

Chapter XLVIII.--A Particular Case.

Chapter XLIX.--Reductio a.d. Absurdum.

Chapter L.--A Satisfactory Answer.

Chapter LI.--Weigh in the Balance.

Chapter LII.--Sins of the Saints Denied.

Chapter LIII.--Close of the Conference.

Chapter I.--The Morning of the Discussion.

Chapter II.--Simon's Design.

Chapter III.--His Object.

Chapter IV.--Snares Laid for the Gentiles.

Chapter V.--Use of Errors.

Chapter VI.--Purgatory and Hell.

Chapter VII.--What is Impiety?

Chapter VIII.--Wiles of the Devil.

Chapter IX.--Uncertainty of the Scriptures.

Chapter X.--Simon's Intention.

Chapter XI.--Distinction Between Prediction and Prophecy.

Chapter XII.--The Same.

Chapter XIII.--Prophetic Knowledge Constant.

Chapter XIV.--Prophetic Spirit Constant.

Chapter XV.--Christ's Prophecies.

Chapter XVI.--Doctrine of Conjunction.

Chapter XVII.--Whether Adam Had the Spirit.

Chapter XVIII.--Adam Not Ignorant.

Chapter XIX.--Reign of Christ.

Chapter XX.--Christ the Only Prophet Has Appeared in Different Ages.

Chapter XXI.--The Eating of the Forbidden Fruit Denied.

Chapter XXII.--Male and Female.

Chapter XXIII.--Two Kinds of Prophecy.

Chapter XXIV.--The Prophetess a Misleader.

Chapter XXV.--Cain's Name and Nature.

Chapter XXVI.--Abel's Name and Nature.

Chapter XXVII.--The Prophet and the Prophetess.

Chapter XXVIII.--Spiritual Adultery.

Chapter XXIX.--The Signal Given.

Chapter XXX.--Apostolic Salutation.

Chapter XXXI.--Faith in God.

Chapter XXXII.--Invitation.

Chapter XXXIII.--Works of Creation.

Chapter XXXIV.--Extent of Creation.

Chapter XXXV.--|These are a Part of His Ways.|

Chapter XXXVI.--Dominion Over the Creatures.

Chapter XXXVII.--|Whom to Know is Life Eternal.|

Chapter XXXVIII.--Simon's Challenge.

Chapter XXXIX.--Defects Ascribed to God.

Chapter XL.--Peter's Answer.

Chapter XLI.--|Status Quæstionis.|

Chapter XLII.--Was Adam Blind?

Chapter XLIII.--God's Foreknowledge.

Chapter XLIV.--God's Decrees.

Chapter XLV.--Sacrifices.

Chapter XLVI.--Disparagements of God.

Chapter XLVII.--Foreknowledge of Moses.

Chapter XLVIII.--Test of Truth.

Chapter XLIX.--The True Prophet.

Chapter L.--His Teaching Concerning the Scriptures.

Chapter LI.--His Teaching Concerning the Law.

Chapter LII.--Other Sayings of Christ.

Chapter LIII.--Other Sayings of Christ.

Chapter LIV.--Other Sayings.

Chapter LV.--Teaching of Christ.

Chapter LVI.--Teaching of Christ.

Chapter LVII.--Teaching of Christ.

Chapter LVIII.--Flight of Simon.

Chapter LIX.--Peter's Resolution to Follow.

Chapter LX.--Successor to Be Appointed.

Chapter LXI.--Monarchy.

Chapter LXII.--Obedience Leads to Peace.

Chapter LXIII.--Zacchæus Appointed.

Chapter LXIV.--The Bishopric.

Chapter LXV.--Nolo Episcopari

Chapter LXVI.--Danger of Disobedience.

Chapter LXVII.--Duties of Church Office-Bearers.

Chapter LXVIII.--|Marriage Always Honourable.|

Chapter LXIX.--|Not Forsaking the Assembling of Yourselves Together.|

Chapter LXX.--|Hear the Bishop.|

Chapter LXXI.--Various Duties of Christians.

Chapter LXXII.--Ordination.

Chapter LXXIII.--Baptisms.

Chapter I.--Bernice's Hospitality.

Chapter II.--Simon's Practices.

Chapter III.--Object of the Mission.

Chapter IV.--Simon's Doings.

Chapter V.--Discretion the Better Part of Valour.

Chapter VI.--Simon's Departure.

Chapter VII.--Appion's Salutation.

Chapter VIII.--A Challenge.

Chapter IX.--Unworthy Ends of Philosophers.

Chapter X.--A Cool Retreat.

Chapter XI.--Truth and Custom.

Chapter XII.--Genesis.

Chapter XIII.--Destiny.

Chapter XIV.--|Doctrine According to Godliness.|

Chapter XV.--Wickedness of the Gods.

Chapter XVI.--Wickedness of Jupiter.

Chapter XVII.--|Their Makers are Like Unto Them.|

Chapter XVIII.--Second Nature.

Chapter XIX.--|Where Ignorance is Bliss.|

Chapter XX.--False Theories of Philosophers.

Chapter XXI.--Evils of Adultery.

Chapter XXII.--A More Excellent Way.

Chapter XXIII.--|Whither Shall I Go from Thy Presence?|

Chapter XXIV.--Allegory.

Chapter XXV.--An Engagement for To-Morrow.

Chapter I.--Appion Does Not Appear.

Chapter II.--Clement's Previous Knowledge of Appion.

Chapter III.--Clement's Trick.

Chapter IV.--Appion's Undertaking.

Chapter V.--Theory of Magic.

Chapter VI.--Scruples.

Chapter VII.--A Distinction with a Difference.

Chapter VIII.--Flattery or Magic.

Chapter IX.--A Love-Letter.

Chapter X.--The Lover to the Beloved One.

Chapter XI.--|All Uncleanness with Greediness.|

Chapter XII.--Jupiter's Amours.

Chapter XIII.--Jupiter's Amours Continued.

Chapter XIV.--Jupiter's Undisguised Amours.

Chapter XV.--Unnatural Lusts.

Chapter XVI.--Praise of Unchastity.

Chapter XVII.--The Constellations.

Chapter XVIII.--The Philosophers Advocates of Adultery.

Chapter XIX.--Close of the Love-Letter.

Chapter XX.--The Use Made of It.

Chapter XXI.--Answer to Appion's Letter.

Chapter XXII.--Lying Fables.

Chapter XXIII.--The Gods No Gods.

Chapter XXIV.--If a Principle Be Good, Carry It Out.

Chapter XXV.--Better to Marry Than to Burn.

Chapter XXVI.--Close of the Answer.

Chapter XXVII.--A Reason for Hatred.

Chapter XXVIII.--The Hoax Confessed.

Chapter XXIX.--Appion's Resentment.

Chapter XXX.--A Discussion Promised.

Chapter I.--Clement Meets Appion.

Chapter II.--The Myths are Not to Be Taken Literally.

Chapter III.--Appion Proceeds to Interpret the Myths.

Chapter IV.--Origin of Chaos.

Chapter V.--Kronos and Rhea Explained.

Chapter VI.--Phanes and Pluto.

Chapter VII.--Poseidon, Zeus, and Metis.

Chapter VIII.--Pallas and Hera.

Chapter IX.--Artemis.

Chapter X.--All Such Stories are Allegorical.

Chapter XI.--Clement Has Heard All This Before.

Chapter XII.--Epitome of Appion's Explanation.

Chapter XIII.--Kronos and Aphrodite.

Chapter XIV.--Peleus and Thetis, Prometheus, Achilles, and Polyxena.

Chapter XV.--The Judgment of Paris.

Chapter XVI.--Hercules.

Chapter XVII.--They are Blameworthy Who Invented Such Stories.

Chapter XVIII.--The Same.

Chapter XIX.--None of These Allegories are Consistent.

Chapter XX.--These Gods Were Really Wicked Magicians.

Chapter XXI.--Their Graves are Still to Be Seen.

Chapter XXII.--Their Contemporaries, Therefore, Did Not Look on Them as Gods.

Chapter XXIII.--The Egyptians Pay Divine Honours to a Man.

Chapter XXIV.--What is Not God.

Chapter XXV.--The Universe is the Product of Mind.

Chapter XXVI.--Peter Arrives from Cæsarea.

Chapter I.--Peter Addresses the People.

Chapter II.--Reason of Simon's Power.

Chapter III.--The Remedy.

Chapter IV.--The Golden Rule.

Chapter V.--Peter Departs for Sidon.

Chapter VI.--Peter in Sidon.

Chapter VII.--The Two Paths.

Chapter VIII.--The Service of God's Appointment.

Chapter IX.--Simon Attacks Peter.

Chapter X.--Simon is Driven Away.

Chapter XI.--The Way of Salvation.

Chapter XII.--Peter Goes to Byblus and Tripolis.

Chapter I.--Peter's Arrival at Tripolis.

Chapter II.--Peter's Thoughtfulness.

Chapter III.--A Conversation Interrupted.

Chapter IV.--Many Called.

Chapter V.--Faith the Gift of God.

Chapter VI.--Concealment and Revelation.

Chapter VII.--Moses and Christ.

Chapter VIII.--A Large Congregation.

Chapter IX.--|Vindicate the Ways of God to Men.|

Chapter X.--The Original Law.

Chapter XI.--Cause of the Fall of Man.

Chapter XII.--Metamorphoses of the Angels.

Chapter XIII.--The Fall of the Angels.

Chapter XIV.--Their Discoveries.

Chapter XV.--The Giants.

Chapter XVI.--Cannibalism.

Chapter XVII.--The Flood.

Chapter XVIII.--The Law to the Survivors.

Chapter XIX.--The Law to the Giants or Demons.

Chapter XX.--Willing Captives.

Chapter XXI.--Temptation of Christ.

Chapter XXII.--The Marriage Supper.

Chapter XXIII.--The Assembly Dismissed.

Chapter XXIV.--The Sick Healed.

cHomily IX.

Chapter II.--Monarchy and Polyarchy.

Chapter III.--Family of Noe.

Chapter IV.--Zoroaster.

Chapter V.--Hero-Worship.

Chapter VI.--Fire-Worship.

Chapter VII.--Sacrificial Orgies.

Chapter VIII.--The Best Merchandise.

Chapter IX.--How Demons Get Power Over Men.

Chapter X.--How They are to Be Expelled.

Chapter XI.--Unbelief the Demon's Stronghold.

Chapter XII.--Theory of Disease.

Chapter XIII.--Deceits of the Demons.

Chapter XIV.--More Tricks.

Chapter XV.--Test of Idols.

Chapter XVI.--Powers of the Demons.

Chapter XVII.--Reasons Why Their Deceits are Not Detected.

Chapter XVIII.--Props of the System.

Chapter XIX.--Privileges of the Baptized.

Chapter XX.--|Not Almost, But Altogether Such as I Am.|

Chapter XXI.--The Demons Subject to the Believer.

Chapter XXII.--|Rather Rejoice.|

Chapter XXIII.--The Sick Healed.

Chapter I.--The Third Day in Tripolis.

Chapter II.--Ignorance and Error.

Chapter III.--Man the Lord of All.

Chapter IV.--Faith and Duty.

Chapter V.--The Fear of God.

Chapter VI.--Restoration of the Divine Image.

Chapter VII.--Unprofitableness of Idols.

Chapter VIII.--No Gods Which are Made with Hands.

Chapter IX.--|Eyes Have They, But They See Not.|

Chapter X.--Idolatry a Delusion of the Serpent.

Chapter XI.--Why the Serpent Tempts to Sin.

Chapter XII.--Ignorantia Neminem Excusat

Chapter XIII.--Condemnation of the Ignorant.

Chapter XIV.--Polytheistic Illustration.

Chapter XV.--Its Inconclusiveness.

Chapter XVI.--Gods of the Egyptians.

Chapter XVII.--The Egyptians' Defence of Their System.

Chapter XVIII.--Answer to the Egyptians.

Chapter XIX.--God's Peculiar Attribute.

Chapter XX.--Neither the World Nor Any of Its Parts Can Be God.

Chapter XXI.--Idols Not Animated by the Divine Spirit.

Chapter XXII.--Confutation of Idol-Worship.

Chapter XXIII.--Folly of Idolatry.

Chapter XXIV.--Impotence of Idols.

Chapter XXV.--Servants Become Masters.

Chapter XXVI.--The Sick Healed.

Chapter I.--Morning Exercises.

Chapter II.--|Giving All Diligence.|

Chapter III.--|Behold What Indignation.|

Chapter IV.--The Golden Rule.

Chapter V.--Forasmuch as Ye Did It Unto One of These.

Chapter VI.--Why God Suffers Objects of Idolatry to Subsist.

Chapter VII.--|Let Both Grow Together Till the Harvest.|

Chapter VIII.--Liberty and Necessity.

Chapter IX.--God a Jealous God.

Chapter X.--The Creatures Avenge God's Cause.

Chapter XI.--Immortality of the Soul.

Chapter XII.--Idols Unprofitable.

Chapter XIII.--Arguments in Favour of Idolatry Answered.

Chapter XIV.--Heathen Orgies.

Chapter XV.--Heathen Worshippers Under the Power of the Demon.

Chapter XVI.--All Things Work for Good to Them that Love God.

Chapter XVII.--Speaking the Truth in Love.

Chapter XVIII.--Charming of the Serpent.

Chapter XIX.--Not Peace, But a Sword.

Chapter XX.--What If It Be Already Kindled?

Chapter XXI.--|If I Be a Father, Where is My Fear?|

Chapter XXII.--|The Gods that Have Not Made the Heavens.|

Chapter XXIII.--|To Whom Much is Given.|

Chapter XXIV.--|Born of Water.|

Chapter XXV.--Good Works to Be Well Done.

Chapter XXVI.--Baptism.

Chapter XXVII.--All Need Baptism.

Chapter XXVIII.--Purification.

Chapter XIX.--Outward and Inward Purity.

Chapter XXX.--|Whatsoever Things are Pure.|

Chapter XXXI.--|What Do Ye More Than Others?|

Chapter XXXII.--|To Whom Much is Given.|

Chapter XXXIII.--The Queen of the South and the Men of Nineveh.

Chapter XXXIV.--Peter's Daily Work.

Chapter XXXV.--|Beware of False Prophets.|

Chapter XXXVI.--Farewell to Tripolis.

Chapter I.--Two Bands.

Chapter II.--Love of Preachers and Their Converts.

Chapter III.--Submission.

Chapter IV.--Clement's Joy.

Chapter V.--Clement's Office of Service.

Chapter VI.--Peter's Frugality.

Chapter VII.--|Not to Be Ministered Unto, But to Minister.|

Chapter VIII.--Family History.

Chapter IX.--The Lost Ones.

Chapter X.--The Seeker Lost.

Chapter XI.--The Afflictions of the Righteous.

Chapter XII.--A Pleasure Trip.

Chapter XIII.--A Woman of a Sorrowful Spirit.

Chapter XIV.--Balm in Gilead.

Chapter XV.--The Woman's Story.

Chapter XVI.--The Shipwreck.

Chapter XVII.--The Fruitless Search.

Chapter XVIII.--Trouble Upon Trouble.

Chapter XIX.--Evasions.

Chapter XX.--Peter's Account of the Matter.

Chapter XXI.--A Disclosure.

Chapter XXII.--The Lost Found.

Chapter XXIII.--Reward of Hospitality.

Chapter XXIV.--All Well Arranged.

Chapter XXV.--Philanthropy and Friendship.

Chapter XXVI.--What is Philanthropy.

Chapter XXVII.--Who Can Judge.

Chapter XXVIII.--Difficulty of Judging.

Chapter XXIX.--Sufferings of the Good.

Chapter XXX.--Offences Must Come.

Chapter XXXI.--|Howbeit, They Meant It Not.|

Chapter XXXII.--The Golden Rule.

Chapter XXXIII.--Fear and Love.

Chapter I.--Journey to Laodicea.

Chapter II.--Peter Relates to Nicetas and Aquila the History of Clement and His Family.

Chapter III.--Recognition of Nicetas and Aquila.

Chapter IV.--The Mother Must Not Take Food with Her Son. The Reason Stated.

Chapter V.--Mattidia Wishes to Be Baptized.

Chapter VI.--The Sons Reveal Themselves to the Mother.

Chapter VII.--Nicetas Tells What Befell Him.

Chapter VIII.--Nicetas Like to Be Deceived by Simon Magus.

Chapter IX.--The Mother Begs Baptism for Herself and Her Hostess.

Chapter X.--Mattidia Values Baptism Aright.

Chapter XI.--Mattidia Has Unintentionally Fasted One Day.

Chapter XII.--The Difficulty Solved.

Chapter XIII.--Peter on Chastity.

Chapter XIV.--Peter's Speech Continued.

Chapter XV.--Peter's Speech Continued.

Chapter XVI.--Peter's Speech Continued.

Chapter XVII.--Peter's Speech Continued.

Chapter XVIII.--Peter's Speech Continued.

Chapter XIX.--Peter's Speech Ended.

Chapter XX.--Peter Addresses Mattidia.

Chapter XXI.--The Same Subject Continued.

Chapter I.--Mattidia is Baptized in the Sea.

Chapter II.--The Reason of Peter's Lateness.

Chapter III.--The Old Man Does Not Believe in God or Providence.

Chapter IV.--Peter's Arguments Against Genesis.

Chapter V.--Practical Refutation of Genesis.

Chapter VI.--The Old Man Opposes His Personal Experience to the Argument of Peter.

Chapter VII.--The Old Man Tells His Story.

Chapter VIII.--The Old Man Gives Information in Regard to Faustus the Father of Clement.

Chapter IX.--Faustus Himself Appears.

Chapter X.--Faustus Explains His Narrative to Peter.

Chapter XI.--Discussion on Genesis.

Chapter XII.--Clement Undertakes the Discussion.

Chapter I.--Peter Wishes to Convert Faustus.

Chapter II.--Reason for Listening to Peter's Arguments.

Chapter III.--Obstacles to Faith.

Chapter IV.--Providence Seen in the Events of the Life of Faustus and His Family.

Chapter V.--Difference Between the True Religion and Philosophy.

Chapter VI.--The Love of Man.

Chapter VII.--The Explanation of a Parable; The Present and the Future Life.

Chapter VIII.--The Present and the Future.

Chapter IX.--Possessions are Transgressions.

Chapter X.--Poverty Not Necessarily Righteous.

Chapter XI.--Exposition of the True Religion Promised.

Chapter I.--Simon Wishes to Discuss with Peter the Unity of God.

Chapter II.--The Same Subject Continued.

Chapter III.--The Mode of the Discussion.

Chapter IV.--The Prejudices of Faustus Rather on the Side of Simon Than on that of Peter.

Chapter V.--Peter Commences the Discussion.

Chapter VI.--Simon Appeals to the Old Testament to Prove that There are Many Gods.

Chapter VII.--Peter Appeals to the Old Testament to Prove the Unity of God.

Chapter VIII.--Simon and Peter Continue the Discussion.

Chapter IX.--Simon Tries to Show that the Scriptures Contradict Themselves.

Chapter X.--Peter's Explanation of the Apparent Contradictions of Scripture.

Chapter XI.--Gen. I. 26 Appealed to by Simon.

Chapter XII.--Peter's Explanation of the Passage.

Chapter XIII.--The Contradictions of the Scriptures Intended to Try Those Who Read Them.

Chapter XIV.--Other Beings Called Gods.

Chapter XV.--Christ Not God, But the Son of God.

Chapter XVI.--The Unbegotten and the Begotten Necessarily Different from Each Other.

Chapter XVII.--The Nature of God.

Chapter XVIII.--The Name of God.

Chapter XIX.--The Shape of God in Man.

Chapter XX.--The Character of God.

Chapter XXI.--Simon Promises to Appeal to the Teaching of Christ. Peter Dismisses the Multitudes.

Chapter I.--Simon Comes to Peter.

Chapter II.--Simon's Speech Against Peter.

Chapter III.--Simon's Accusation of Peter.

Chapter IV.--It is Asserted that Christ's Teaching is Different from Peter's.

Chapter V.--Jesus Inconsistent in His Teaching.

Chapter VI.--Peter Goes Out to Answer Simon.

Chapter VII.--Man in the Shape of God.

Chapter VIII.--God's Figure: Simon's Objection Therefrom Refuted.

Chapter IX.--God the Centre or Heart of the Universe.

Chapter X.--The Nature and Shape of God.

Chapter XI.--The Fear of God.

Chapter XII.--The Fear and Love of God.

Chapter XIII.--The Evidence of the Senses Contrasted with that from Supernatural Vision.

Chapter XIV.--The Evidence of the Senses More Trustworthy Than that of Supernatural Vision.

Chapter XV.--The Evidence from Dreams Discussed.

Chapter XVI.--None But Evil Demons Appear to the Impious.

Chapter XVII.--The Impious See True Dreams and Visions.

Chapter XVIII.--The Nature of Revelation.

Chapter XIX.--Opposition to Peter Unreasonable.

Chapter XX.--Another Subject for Discussion Proposed.

Chapter I.--Simon Maintains that the Framer of the World is Not the

Chapter II.--Definition of Goodness and Justice.

Chapter III.--God Both Good and Just.

Chapter IV.--The Unrevealed God.

Chapter V.--Peter Doubts Simon's Honesty.

Chapter VI.--The Nature of Revelation.

Chapter VII.--Simon Confesses His Ignorance.

Chapter VIII.--The Work of Revelation Belongs to the Son Alone.

Chapter IX.--How Simon Bears His Exposure.

Chapter X.--Peter's Reply to Simon.

Chapter XI.--Simon Professes to Utter His Real Sentiments.

Chapter XII.--Simon's Opinions Expounded by Peter.

Chapter XIII.--Peter's Explanation of the Passage.

Chapter XIV.--Simon Refuted.

Chapter XV.--Matthew XI. 25 Discussed.

Chapter XVI.--These Things Hidden Justly from the Wise.

Chapter XVII.--The Way to the Kingdom Not Concealed from the Israelites.

Chapter XVIII.--Isaiah I. 3 Explained.

Chapter XIX.--Misconception of God in the Old Testament.

Chapter XX.--Some Parts of the Old Testament Written to Try Us.

Chapter XXI.--Simon's Astonishment at Peter's Treatment of the Scriptures.

Chapter XXII.--Peter Worships One God.

Chapter XXIII.--Simon Retires.

Chapter I.--Simon Undertakes to Prove that the Creator of the World is

Chapter II.--The Existence of the Devil Affirmed.

Chapter III.--Peter Refuses to Discuss Certain Questions in Regard to the Devil.

Chapter IV.--Suppositions in Regard to the Devil's Origin.

Chapter V.--God Not Deserving of Blame in Permitting the Existence of the Devil.

Chapter VI.--Peter Accuses Simon of Being Worse Than the Devil.

Chapter VII.--Peter Suspects Simon of Not Believing Even in a God.

Chapter VIII.--Peter Undertakes to Discuss the Devil's Origin.

Chapter IX.--Theories in Regard to the Origin of the Devil.

Chapter X.--The Absolute God Entirely Incomprehensible by Man.

Chapter XI.--The Application of the Attributes of Man to God.

Chapter XII.--God Produced the Wicked One, But Not Evil.

Chapter XIII.--God the Maker of the Devil.

Chapter XIV.--Is Matter Eternal?

Chapter XV.--Sin the Cause of Evil.

Chapter XVI.--Why the Wicked One is Entrusted with Power.

Chapter XVII.--The Devil Has Not Equal Power with God.

Chapter XVIII.--Is the Devil a Relation?

Chapter XIX.--Some Actions Really Wicked.

Chapter XX.--Pain and Death the Result of Sin.

Chapter XXI.--The Uses of Lust, Anger, Grief.

Chapter XXII.--Sins of Ignorance.

Chapter XXIII.--The Inequalities of Lot in Human Life.

Chapter XXIV.--Simon Rebuked by Faustus.

Chapter XXV.--Simon Retires. Sophonias Asks Peter to State His Real Opinions in Regard to Evil.

Chapter I.--Peter is Willing to Gratify Sophonias.

Chapter II.--The Two Ages.

Chapter III.--The Work of the Good One and of the Evil One.

Chapter IV.--Men Sin Through Ignorance.

Chapter V.--Sophonias Maintains that God Cannot Produce What is Unlike Himself.

Chapter VI.--God's Power of Changing Himself.

Chapter VII.--The Objection Answered, that One Cannot Change Himself.

Chapter VIII.--The Origin of the Good One Different from that of the Evil One.

Chapter IX.--Why the Wicked One is Appointed Over the Wicked by the Righteous God.

Chapter X.--Why Some Believe, and Others Do Not.

Chapter XI.--Arrival of Appion and Annubion.

Chapter XII.--Faustus Appears to His Friends with the Face of Simon.

Chapter XIII.--The Flight of Simon.

Chapter XIV.--The Change in the Form of Faustus Caused by Simon.

Chapter XV.--The Repentance of Faustus.

Chapter XVI.--Why Simon Gave to Faustus His Own Shape.

Chapter XVII.--Annubion's Services to Faustus.

Chapter XVIII.--Peter Promises to Restore to Faustus His Own Shape.

Chapter XIX.--Peter's Instructions to Faustus.

Chapter XX.--Faustus, His Wife, and Sons, Prepare to Go to Antioch.

Chapter XXI.--Appion and Athenodorus Return in Quest of Faustus.

Chapter XXII.--Appion and Athenodorus Return to Simon.

Chapter XXIII.--Peter Goes to Antioch.

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