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The Writings Of Peter Of Alexandria - Peter, Bishop of Alexandria

Title Page

Introductory Notice to Peter, Bishop of Alexandria.

The Genuine Acts of Peter.

The Canonical Epistle,

Canon I. But since the fourth passover of the persecution has arrivedà

Canon II. But in the case of those who, after that they were thrown into prisonà

Canon III. But as for those who have suffered none of these thingsà

Canon IV. To those who are altogether reprobate, and unrepentant, who possess the Ethiopian's unchanging skinà

Canon V. But upon those who have used dissimulation like Davidà

Canon VI. In the case of those who have sent Christian slaves to offer sacrifice for themà

Canon VII. But the freemen shall be tried by penance for three yearsà

Canon VIII. But to those who have been delivered up, and have fallenà

Canon IX. With those also who, as it were from sleepà

Canon X. Whence it is not right either that those of the clergy who have deserted ofà

Canon XI. For those who first, when the persecution waxed warmà

Canon XII. Against those who have given money that they might be entirely undisturbed by evilà

Canon XIII. Hence neither is it lawful to accuse those who have left allà

Canon XIV. But if any have endured much violence and the strong pressure of necessityà

Canon XV. No one shall find fault with us for observing the fourth day of the weekà

Note by the American Editor.

Fragment I.--Letter to the Church at Alexandria.

Fragment II.--On the Godhead.

Fragment III.--On the Advent of Our Saviour.

Fragment IV.--On the Sojourning of Christ with Us.

Fragment V.--That Up to the Time of the Destruction of Jerusalem, the Jews Rightly Appointed the Fourteenth Day of the First Lunar Month.

Fragment VI.--Of the Soul and Body.

Fragment VII.--Fragment.

Fragment VIII.--On St. Matthew.

Fragment IX.--From a Sermon.


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