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The Acts Of The Disputation With The Heresiarch Manes - Archelaus

Title Page

Introductory Notice to Archelaus.

1 The TRUE Thesaurus; to wit, the Disputation conducted in Carcharà

2 Marcellus, as might well be expected, was exceedingly gratified by these incidentsà

3 When Marcellus, the man of consummate piety, had heard this recitalà

4 Accordingly, as this man's fame was becoming always the more extensively diffused throughout different localitiesà

5 On receiving the epistle, then, Marcellus opened it, and read it in the presence ofà

6 On reading this epistle, Marcellus, with the kindest considerationà

8 But when the living Father perceived that the soul was in tribulation in the bodyà

9 I shall explain to you also how it is that the soul is transfused intoà

10 Now, with respect to paradise, it is not called a cosmos.à

11 He holds also that God has no part with the world itselfà

12 When Turbo had made this statement, Archelaus was intensely excitedà

13 My brethren, I indeed am a disciple of Christà

14 The judges said: If you have any clearer statement yet to makeà

15 The judges said: We need not inquire as to the manner in which that primitiveà

16 The judges said: Convertibility translates the person whom it befalls into anotherà

17 Manes said: Let it first be allowed on your side that there is an alienà

18 The judges said: We desire to have information from you on this pointà

19 But if it seems difficult for you to understand thisà

20 On hearing these argumentations, the multitudes who were present were exceedingly delightedà

21 But now, what it is necessary for me to say on the subject of theà

22 The judges said: We know that a light shines through the whole houseà

23 The judges said: If we consider that the light existed before the estate of theà

24 The judges said: Tell us, O Manes, who designated the boundaries for the kingdom ofà

25 Manes said: Not all receive the word of Godà

26 The judges said: If you allege that the shepherd exposed the kid or the lambà

27 We may give yet another illustration, if it seems good to you.à

28 Manes said: You are caught in the charge you yourself bring forward.à

29 Manes said: Is not that word also to the same effect which Jesus spake toà

30 The judges said: Speak to those points, Archelaus, which he has just now propounded.à

31 Listen also to what I have to say on this other expression which has beenà

32 Moreover, as to this word which is written in the Gospelà

33 The judges said: He has given demonstration enough of the origin of the devil.à

34 I think that you cannot fail to understand this tooà

35 These things, moreover, he has said with the view of showing us that all othersà

36 None of your party, O Manes, will you make a Galatianà

37 Archelaus said: Those sayings which are put forth by the blessed Paul were not utteredà

38 And, in good truth, I hold Marcion, and Valentinianà

39 On hearing these matters, those who were present gave great glory to Godà

40 I wish you to know, most pious father, that in these days there has arrivedà

41 On receiving this epistle, Archelaus was astonished at the man's boldness.à

42 But I shall also offer, to the best of my abilityà

43 I shall speak now with the utmost brevity of the veil of Moses and theà

44 Now this word also has the veil.à

45 On receipt of this letter, Diodorus made himself master of its contentsà

46 Next morning, however, Archelaus suddenly made his appearance at this residence in which Diodorus wasà

47 Then Manes, after silence had been secured among allà

48 On hearing these statements, the multitudes assembled were greatly movedà

49 But in addition to all that has been said alreadyà

50 Manes said: No one, certainly, who may be able to give a reply to whatà

51 When Archelaus had finished this speech, the crowds of people marvelled at the truth ofà

52 No one, however, has ever made such an unblushing advance in the promulgation of theseà

53 After this event all the effects which he had brought with him from Egypt remainedà

54 But after these events they returned to their masterà

55 On hearing this, the multitude wished to seize Manes and hand him over to theà


1 Archelaus said to Manes: Give us a statement now of the doctrines you promulgate.à

2 Then Manes made the following reply to him: And what manner of God now isà

3 But even although we should be under the necessity of accepting the exegesis advocated byà


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