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D.S. Warner

D.S. Warner (1842 - 1895)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker D.S. Warner in text and pdf format. Daniel Sydney Warner is known primarily as a church reformer and one of the founders [1] of the Church of God (Anderson) and other similar church groups. He is also known for some of his songs which other church groups have incorporated into their hymnody. He is mostly known by only the initials of his given and middle name, D. S. Warner, which was typical for his time period.

On April 22, 1881, Warner "came out" of all holiness associations, saying, "We were positively denied membership [in any holiness association] on the ground of not adhering to any sect. And now we wish to announce to all that we wish to cooperate with all Christians, as such, in saving souls—but forever withdraw from all organisms that uphold and endorse sects and denominations in the body of Christ." "Anti-sectarianism" would become a watchword for his followers for many years afterward. His detractors would call his movement, the "come-outers".

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(The Sanctuary) 3. The Primitive Church
       The Primitive Church. Before we pass on to the cleansing and reappearance of the divine ecclesia, let us stand on the summit of present truth and point our telescope back over the mists and clouds that move along at our feet, and over the 1,260 y ... read more

Entire Sanctification - What Is It and Can It Be Obtained In This Life?
      Can it be attained in this life? I need but observe that the Bible commands us in the present tense to "be holy," to "be perfect," and teaches that many have attained that state. This perfection, however, is not absolute, in which sense "there is none goo ... read more

Entire Sanctification: A Second Work of Grace in the Life of a Believer
      Being born again is not all that there is! God's Word calls us to a "higher state of grace," "a higher plane of Christian experience" that cannot be attained by our works and efforts, but simply is to be received by faith through the Holy Spirit The ch ... read more

Faith Healing - an Important Factor in Soul Saving
      It has been a mystery to our mind how men can write articles on scriptural subjects, and give their own notions without giving a particle of scripture from beginning to end. The Highway editor shuts up his bible, picks up his pen, and says, "You may ch ... read more

Hebrews 12:25-29
       On the 30th of August 1879, the Holy Spirit in a special manner gave me the foregoing scripture. I had never clearly comprehended its meaning and I felt impressed that the Lord was about to lead me into a new vein of truth. I shut myself up with God a ... read more

Hymn: Gone to Bloom Above
      1 A gentle hand unseen by us Has plucked our tender bud; By this alone our grief is blest— It was the hand of God. Refrain: O gentle one, we miss thee here, Sweet form we love so well; But in our Father’s better care, We know the child is w ... read more

Hymn: My Soul Is Satisfied
      1 All this world, its wealth and honor, Cannot sate the human breast; But when filled with God, our Father, Every want is fully blest. Refrain: My soul is satisfied, My soul is satisfied; I am complete in Jesus love, And my soul is satisfied. ... read more

Hymn: The Holy Remnant
      1 Are you of the holy remnant, Gathered to the King of Peace? Have you found a full atonement, And abundance of His grace? Yes, my soul has come to Zion, On the high and holy way, And I’ve seen the darkness flying, Driven by the light of day. ... read more

Marriage and Divorce
      Introduction We have received frequent requests to set forth this matter in the light of Divine Truth, and feel that we should do so. We have been looking to God for light and wisdom, and hope we shall be able to draw the lines where the Word does. ... read more

No Unity Without Holiness
      It is sin that divides, it is holiness that brings unity and harmony. One of the Reformation Movement pioneers presents the doctrine of entire sanctification as the basis for achieving true unity among God's people In connection with His prayer for one ... read more

Outline of the Life and Labors of D. S. Warner
       Events in the Life of D. S. Warner are in black print. Interesting events in history given to provide a perspective in time are highlighted in red print. June 25, 1842 Daniel Sidney Warner born in Ohio to David and Leah Warner, the 5th of 6 chi ... read more

      [Editor's note: In the Churches of God magazine, The Church Advocate, of August 8, 1877, a question was asked concerning the doctrine of sanctification. The query was answered by D. S. Warner in the very next issue, May 30, 1877.] "Sanctificatio ... read more

      A covenant is an agreement of two parties in which both voluntarily bind themselves to fill certain conditions and receive certain benefits. God is the party of the first part of the contract and has bound himself. Heb. 8; Jer. 31. 1. "I will put my ... read more

The Opposition Paper
      No person that has the real cause of God at heart can fail to deplore the fact that in this city two papers are now being published, both claiming to be holiness papers, having of course conflicting interests. That this state of affairs must weaken and w ... read more

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