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Sadhu Sundar Singh

Sadhu Sundar Singh (1889 - 1929)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Sadhu Sundar Singh in text and pdf format. Was an Indian Christian missionary. He is believed to have died in the foothills of the Himalayas in 1929. Sundar felt that his religious pursuits in Sikhism and the questioning of Christian and Hindu priests left him without ultimate meaning. Sundar resolved to kill himself by throwing himself upon a railroad track. He asked that whosoever is the 'True God' would appear before him, or else he would kill himself; that very night he had a vision of Jesus who opened Sundar's soul to the truth.

In October 1906, he set out on his journey as a new Christian, wearing a turban and the yellow robe of a Hindu sadhu, an ascetic devoted to spiritual practice. Singh viewed himself as a sadhu, albeit one within Christianity rather than Hinduism, because he realised Christianity could not penetrate India unless it was in an Indian way. "I am not worthy to follow in the steps of my Lord," he said, "but, like Him, I want no home, no possessions. Like Him I will belong to the road, sharing the suffering of my people, eating with those who will give me shelter, and telling all men of the love of God."

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      Dear Master, Thy varied blessings and gifts have filled my heart to overflowing with gratitude and praise. But the praise of heart and tongue do not suffice me until I prove by my deeds that my life is devoted to Thy service. Thanks and praise be to Thee ... read more

First Vision
      First Vision Once on a dark night I went alone into the forest to pray, and seating myself upon a rock I laid before God my deep necessities, and besought His help. After a short time, seeing a poor man coming towards me I thought he had come to ask me ... read more

      SECTION I The Disciple,¬óMaster, what are heaven and hell, and where are they? The Master,¬ó1. Heaven and hell are the two opposite states in the spiritual realm. They have their origin in the heart of man and it is in this world that their foundation ... read more

      SECTION I The Disciple,¬óSometimes this question is asked, ¬ďSince God is fully aware of our needs, and knows how to supply them in the best way, not for the good only but for the evil, how should we pray to Him about them? Whether our necessities be tem ... read more

      SECTION I The Disciple,¬óMaster, what is the real meaning of service? Is it that we serve the Creator and then His creatures for His sake? Is the help of man, who is after all but a mere worm, of any value to God in caring for His great family, or does ... read more

      SECTION I The Disciple,¬óMaster, it is clear to almost everyone that to disobey God and to cease to worship Him is sin, and the deadly result is seen in the present state of the world. But what sin really is is not absolutely clear. In the very presence ... read more

      SECTION I The Disciple,¬óWhat is the meaning and purpose of the cross, and why do pain and suffering exist in the world? The Master,¬ó1. The cross is the key to heaven. At the moment when by My baptism I took the cross upon My shoulders for the sake o ... read more

      SECTION I The Disciple,¬óO Master, Fountain of life! Why dost Thou hide Thyself from those that adore Thee, and dost not rejoice the eyes of them that long to gaze upon Thee? The Master,¬ó1. My true child, true happiness depends not upon the sight of ... read more

The Visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh of India
      PUBLISHERS' PREFACE The life of Sadhu Sundar Singh was most remarkable in it's Christ-likeness. He was born amidst the depths of Indian culture and religion, and into a Sikh family. During the early part of his life, Sundar's mother would take him week b ... read more


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