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ALL FOR CHRIST (biography)
      Over a hundred years ago, in February 1885, a group of young men set sail from England to become missionaries in China. They included graduates and ex-army officers and were known as the "Cambridge Seven" because they had felt called to the mission field ... read more

Christian's Delight
      Now Christ's command is simple, And meant to be obeyed, "Go ye and preach My Gospel In every land," He said. Christ hadn't any favourites; He lived and died for all! So all should know the Message, And hear His gracious call. So I'll g ... read more

      I want to be like Jesus, Who left His throne on high For hell-deserving sinners To live, and work, and die. Forsaking all His glory, His power He laid aside, His entrée—lo! a manger! His exit—crucified! We human fools rejected, And ... read more

Forward Ever, Backward Never! (biography)
      Charles T. Studd was a servant of Christ who faithfully served His Saviour in China, India, and Africa. As Alfred Buxton in the forward to the book intitled C.T. Studd: Cricketer & Pioneer by Norman Grubb states: "C.T.'s life stands as some rugged G ... read more

God's D. D.
      Old Daniel was a Dreadnought! If he was here to-day, He'd make it hot for the pious lot Who don't do as they say. He didn't speak behind folks' backs, But met them face to face; He called spades spades, and dubbed knaves knaves, And alwa ... read more

Jesus Only
      I'm going to live for Jesus, And fling the world away, I'm going to give to Jesus My life and all to-day. I've done it, Hallelujah! And now I pray the prayer That I may follow "Jesus Only," everywhere. I'm such a great big sinner, ... read more

Sayings of C.T. Studd
      C.T. Studd was an outstanding County and All-England Cricketer. He was a freshman at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1879-1880, and took a degree in law. By that time he had been challenged to a missionary career and, forsaking his cricketing fame and the ... read more

The Bible
      What could we do without the Book That God gave us to read? No more than any farmer Who hadn't any seed! No other tells us of our Lord, The God of grace and love, Who made the whole creation, This world and those above. What could we d ... read more

      Heroism is the lost chord, the missing note of present day Christianity! Every true soldier is a hero! A Soldier without heroism is a Chocolate Soldier! Who has not been stirred to scorn and mirth at the very thought of a Chocolate Soldier? In peace true ... read more

The Personal Testimony of C.T. Studd
      I was brought up in the Church of England and was pretty religious — so most people thought. I was taken to church and baptized the right day, and after a time I was confirmed and took communion. But I did not know anything about Jesus Christ personally. ... read more

Without Excuse
      Our Saviour has given commandment To such as believe, in their hearts, To publish the news of Salvation On earth, to its uttermost parts. The doors of the world lie wide open; Its lands have been duly explored; The sorrows and needs of the h ... read more


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