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Creatures' comfort is only on the surface
       It is only in God that are collected and united all the perfections, which in the creatures are sundered and divided. If I had everything that I could desire, and my finger ached, I should not have everything, for I should have a pain in my finger, a ... read more

God is above all understanding
      The masters say: That is young, which is near its beginning. Intelligence is the youngest faculty in man: the first thing to break out from the soul is intelligence, the next is will, the other faculties follow. Now he saith: Young man, I say unto thee, a ... read more

God's only gift
      Yea, since God has never given any gift, in order that man might rest in the possession of the gift, but gives every gift that He has given in heaven and on earth, in order that He might be able to give one gift, which is Himself, so with this gift of gra ... read more

In the beginning was the Word
      1. "In the beginning was the Word." "A large eagle with great wings, long-limbed, full of feathers and dappled plumage, came to Lebanon and took away the marrow of the cedar. He cropped off the top of its foliage and carried it away to the land of Chan ... read more

Meister Eckhart Genuine Quotes
      “ Infidels and some ignorant Christians wonder about that, and even some priests have about that such a small knowledge as a stone's. They think of the Trinity as of three cows or three stones. But he who can make distinction in God without number or qua ... read more

On prayer
      Good and earnest prayer is a golden ladder which reaches up to heaven, and by which man ascends to God. The man who will pray aright should ask for nothing except what may promote God's honour and glory, his own profit and the advantage of his neighbo ... read more

On suffering
      Men who love God are so far from complaining of their sufferings, that their complaint and their suffering is rather because the suffering which God's will has assigned them is so small. All their blessedness is to suffer by God's will, and not to have ... read more

The very best happens to us!
      You should know, that that which God gives to those men who seek to do His will with all their might, is the best. Of this thou mayest be as sure, as thou art sure that God lives, that the very best must necessarily be, and that in no other way could anyt ... read more


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